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  1. 1. Moors 2. Brown 3. Gale Special mention to all 17 who each played their part. Big minutes from Kopczak and Locky.
  2. 1. James Harrison 2. Dean Parata 3. Jack Bussey
  3. Some great pictures there Gary. They really capture the day perfectly. Thanks.
  4. One of the truly great scrum halves of his era - fantastic player in my eyes. RIP Carl.
  5. 1 Smeaton - played out of his skin 2 Kain - pace of game changed when he came on 3 Tonks - massive effort please keep hime on for longer or let him have more game time at least Big thanks to rest of the suad and the coaching staff - still pinching kmyself when I read the league table. Keep it going lads.
  6. 1. Kain - not perfect, but turned the game in 2nd half 2. Briggs - mpoments of individual brillance at creucial times 3 Tonks - needs to be on the field more, what a brute!!!
  7. Very very difficult to single anyone out of the whole 17, but here goes. 1 Dickens - I had thought in other matches we had left him on the field for just a few minutes too long, but last night there was only one word - AWESOME 2 Welham - this kid does a lot of unnoticed work and is developing into a real potent force. 3 Spears - TIRELESS WORKER!!!! All 17 deserve congratulations.
  8. Sounded like Gareth Hanby to me but I could be wrong.
  9. I think we should be worried by the nature of todays game. It was difficult to tell which team was at the top of the table and which one was at the bottom. Yes, I'll take a win no matter how ugly, but Dewsbury deserved to win for their strong running, well organised defence and willingness to throw the ball around - something we failed to do for most of the match. Thank goodness for a win but we need to identify the frailties and work hard to eradicate them.
  10. Thanks Alan, we all make mistakes - I'm sure none of us took offence. I, too, am just a fan, but I appreciate you making this posting.
  11. I agree - many comments ae complimentary to us.
  12. Great result!! Just wish we had been able to get there. Can't wait to buy the DVD.
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