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  1. I think it's difficult to do this because of the self interest at certain Super League clubs. For me, both the IRL, NRL & SL should be trying ot push Toronto, Ottowa, NY into a NA league and actively touring there.
  2. This is great news, and I hope they spearhead a strategy around North America, with New York, Ottawa, etc involved. The concept of Toronto playing ERL teams is good in touring matches.
  3. In addition to this, what about Etu The way Poskitt built him up, he crashed so quickly.
  4. If this helps @jamescolin, according to the Rovers Podcast, we are top of the clubs in C & C1 for financials.
  5. That's good news Ox. Good club are Fax, so much potential.
  6. It's about a week on since the brand was launched, what else has happened? How have they followed it up? New signings? Match Day Experience changes?
  7. Davide Longo spoke about branding on the podcast and he's bang on, what we have now is spot on. How does the new logo connect with people from Halifax, it doesn't. There's more that goes into the brand and the image than just a logo. See what Halifax do, I doubt very much.
  8. I reckon he'll get a fine for the social media outburst aswell.
  9. Whether you like the new brand identity or not, this is a key moment for Halifax and they need to continue pushing hard with getting positive news stories out there. If they are going to attract more kids - they need to provide a matchday experience that actually targets them and continues this - not stopping half way through. I hope it works for them, they have some very good people involved with the club.
  10. What's to say, we don't have relegation for the next 4 years, but just have promotion and slowly increase the teams in the top division by 1 each year. This would allow for SL teams to be happy as there's no fear of relegation. Championship clubs have "promotion" and so do L1. It gives the French clubs who want to join the ability to do so. Whilst it exapnds the leagues and gives teams different matches again. Over the next 4 years, you could see London, Toulouse, York & Newcastle in - if you like your expansion teams. Possibly Ottawa, NY (maybe Toronto if they continue - doubtful). Whilst it gives the traditional clubs with ambition Leigh, Fev, Halifax, Bradford a shot too. By the time the end of the next TV deal you'd have a 16 team SL - no loop fixtures and some new teams chomping at the bit.
  11. There was a period of how many years that had licensing? Where Wakefield & Castleford were confirmed to be in the top division.
  12. I don't disagree with that. I would hate to see him as one of those players that we talk about in the future who had all the talent in the world and fall short.
  13. One of the most talented players I've seen come through the system at Fev. Saw him score 10 tries in 2 games in the reserves, then a hattrick on his first team debut. I hope he can put his critics wrong and be a winner this weekend.
  14. Jon Wilkin spoke on MCR Radio saying Leigh add no value to Super League. I'm genuinely getting bored of this my team is better than your team, it is incredibly negative and does so much more harm than good. It's been around pre-licensing and detracts from people talking about the game. We have the biggest game of the year on Friday and there's barely any chatter about it. When we start to talk positive about the game, players and facilities it adds so much more value to the overall image & brand of the sport. York do this very well, especially in the community and social media. They can really sell the sport to the community and in my opinion have been a breath of fresh air to the sport.
  15. I'd be interested to understand what the difference of the attendances are between week day fixtures (thurs & friday) to sat & sun. I'm sure I read a few years ago, that Leeds love the Friday night games, because of the increase in commercial revenue in the commercial area. It did mean they would get less fans through the gate. I remember years ago, speaking to a Saints fan pre challenge cup match who noticed my Featherstone shirt and ask why bother supporting them, but he then went on to say they only go to the finals because they always get there. Take the attitude away and be to the point - is that the case with Wigan & Saints fans? In my opinion the game is less attractive now than it once was late 90's early 00's - there's been too much structure change, but also the game feels very robotic. Compare the Grand Final that's coming on Friday to the Grand FInal in 2003 - it;s a completley different game. Less risk Vs High Risk. When the 2013 world cup was on, there was an incredible buzz and the positivity from the atmosphere / tv, etc really came to light and it drew much bigger crowds. There was a positive experience amongst these games. Is that the same for general fixtures? It' not an experience, a lot of the time it's flat. Personally, I love what Toronto brought to the game, it was something new & fresh. When they came to Featherstone the first time, it was an evening game and around 3,500 turned up - It had that "feel" about it. The game IMO is missing a spark / flair, etc and it certainly doesn't lack the amount of kicks to the corners.
  16. Dave Woods interviewed Robert Elstone in a bit more detail about next year, Toronto, amongst other subjects. https://open.spotify.com/episode/4SeZQQe0xLM5RlFZ9HYaKR?si=o_6X__NkSfqjFPWnFUgH5w
  17. What is the long term strategy of the French game? Shouldn't they be looking to make the game full-time?
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