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  1. Featherstone's line-up is: Hardaker; Marabe, Allan, Saxton, Smeaton; Parker, Dobek; Morrison, Kaye, Sheriffe, Dale, Manning, Lee. Substitutes: Divorty, Tonks, Williamson, Carr, Welham.
  2. Great signing, don't think he's ever had the confidence since his leg break. Shame really.
  3. where are we getting our money from more to the point!
  4. Thanks Guys, they are ok, can be so much better though.
  5. But he raises a fair point though, the Huddersfield shirt is quality material and looks pretty good too. If this season design was done by Kooga it would be fantastic.
  6. A few pictures from this weeks game, not put the full collection on yet though. Cheers, Chris
  7. There is more too it than 'money'
  8. Terry, agree with you here, the clubs need to get together and show some bottle.
  9. Isn't it Wood in 'charge' at the moment?
  10. Use the contact form on the website http://www.jmsports.co.uk/store/contact_us-lang-1.html
  11. Just got a good deal with them, would buy from them again.
  12. Do they have an official twitter account? But before they do social media they should make sure that the basics are in order.
  13. What does the design look like? Is the quality as good as the home shirt? Shame I couldn't go, but hey! it's how it goes.
  14. Where is everybody staying? Thought i'd wait out see if there was an 'official' one, obviously not.
  15. Is there going to be an official Fev trip to France?
  16. I take it there will be a pitch inspection? If so what time?
  17. You won't miss much, game will be off due to a frozen pitch.
  18. Is that an offer in doing them? If you need pictures i'll gladly send some over.
  19. The standard of rugby was much better and far more entertaining, yes the atmosphere was much better, but there just felt a massive buzz around the grounds, just like what I felt in the play offs. Won't stop me cheering on Fev though, will be there at every game, win lose or draw. If you had the chance to shoot for the press at a super league for your own company, would you reject it? To increase the crowds, they have done a fair bit in recent years, but nothing has got them in, even after we got promoted. Got to feel sorry for the people who pump serious cash into the club to keep it a float.
  20. I've covered two Super League games this season and they've been more exciting than 3/4 of Featherstone games. A new supporter will go and watch a local Super League team over than Fev, unless there family members are fev fans.
  21. From what I've seen not many have been updated. Maybe worth contacting Andy Prout offering to help for the ones you can do?
  22. Some pictures from the first half will be online this evening. Good effort, with plenty of skill levels on show so early in the season.
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