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  1. Anyone seen the away shirt?
  2. JJ made 2 and Larson 0. Are you disappointed? Because i arent in their efforts
  3. Good workout for the lads on show today, got plenty of defending in due to ridiculous amount of penalties given away and dropped ball!! Thought the signings DP has made that were on show look decent, thought Allen was the quietest of the lot though. The PNG boys went well especially Larson IMO will look good on the wing making tackles like that every week! JJN showed some good flair for his try. Overall a good workout which was the main aim, Blackpool will do alright in their league, they dont look a bad outfit I know there was a lot of dropped ball but being the first hit out think its only fair to give the lads the benefit of the doubt
  4. think whitehaven will be the strugglers this season
  5. whilst we should make every effort to get the game on here, there is some sense in moving it to Backpool if we are facing a loosing battle, maybe not for the fan point of view but certainly a benefit for the playing point of view I go to Blackpool with work and there is practically no snow there, the sea air has blown the sand inland and helped clear it quicker, this is a similar story for parts of the east coast like brid and scarboro where i also go to work. It is an avenue worth considering and shouldnt be laughed at, however the temps have been good so far and helped melt it a bit so remain hopeful
  6. the mining wheel and general mining setup isnt there anymore
  7. Lets not forget, huzo was still at the club and was there at least a month when Tommy got released I assume the contract offer to huzo was made before the end of the season and Daryl assumed he would want to stay and accept it. When he didnt im sure everyone all round was suprised. When he left, it freed up a forward space so i dont buy into the arguement that Tommy will be 'hard done to' if we get another forward because it appears Daryl already had the forwards he wanted in place and didnt expect Huzo to leave
  8. Big Fellas is the nightclub in Pontefract, it used to be called 'Shadows' for the older people amongst us, and 'Big Sweats' before they fitted air con
  9. i doubt it will be, we have friendlies lined up every week till the NRC campaign starts
  10. We having them this season? If theyve been announced the club kept that one quiet
  11. not as good as last seasons in terms of design seems to be the whispers im hearing
  12. Steel Morrison Hardman Dale are four of them
  13. a few teams havent got games at easter
  14. Given by a mate this link, cant really see it too well but youll get an idea Dont click link if you want to be suprised at shirt launch day http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_league/8412213.stm
  15. Think its important to make a decent start Do we have some sort of agreement with Batley in regards to playing them? we always seem to get them at the beginning and the end of season, it happened last year but the other way round and history has repeated itself Nice to see weve dropped on toulouse wise again, maybe a bit earlier this season but possible cheaper flights
  16. Keighleys local paper have somehow released their fixtures before everyone else so two confirmed fixtures May 16th Keighley H July 4th Keighley A
  17. Apologies for thread title! Taken from Dews forum Here are the Northern Rail Cup groups: Pool A: Barrow, Batley, Blackpool, Doncaster, Keighley, Swinton, Whitehaven, Widnes, Workington, Gateshead. Pool B: London Skolars, York, Sheffield Eagles, Leigh, Oldham, Rochdale, Featherstone, Halifax, Hunslet, Dewsbury. Treat this as a rumour for the minute, but does tie in with what other have been saying in regards we are away at Hunslet for first NR game as we are in the same group Dews apparently are the first team at Toulouse also
  18. I dont mind reading the threads and like reading the debate, but when its week on week about the same thing which often ends up going round in circles an arguement and closed threads it does start to get tiresome I saw the fixture list thread and understand it, but people were moaning about the RFL in that thread, then another thread starts up moaning about the RFL, why dont people moan about it in the same thread that is my annoyance When you compare us to to SL which is what the RFL are bothered about we are small fish because we are nowhere near that level at the minute. In the rugby league world however we arent.
  19. Anyone else sick of these threads attacking the rfl body and the heirarchy all the time? Yeah fair enough they might not be doing their jobs right in our opinion (and other championship clubs opinion) but we are starting to sound pathetic now in my opinion with all the moaning and complaining and whinging every few weeks when something the RFL does doesnt benefit or goes against us In fact after the bed request thread which got removed a few days ago there isnt any wonder things goes against us when we make silly requests like that as that was just as laughable as the RFL Theres nothing we, the small fish can do about it, so lets just get on with it through gritted teeth, face up to the adversity and look towards the future and fevs next championship campaign and what could be, rather than what couldve been
  20. hunslet away in the NR cup then?
  21. pretty sure toulouse had two away games over easter period so they stayed in UK, i would assume something simialr would happen this year
  22. If you think the main issue is the lack of access to Workingtons RL ground then you need to re align your priorities in life. I think your post is in very poor taste and very poorly timed. I dont think no one is particularly bothered in the RL world about how they are going to get to workingtons ground in the future Most decent individuals will probably hope for the safe well being of loved ones, property and posessions up there
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