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  1. Didn't see the game, but two questions for those who did. 1. Is Farrell below par in recent games? 2. How influential was M. Lewis?
  2. If you are going to win, win "big". Well done, Leigh. (I've no emoji for "gritted teeth")
  3. Unable to watch or listen tonight. From the score, it reads like a comprehensive and deserved victory for Hull KR.
  4. I'll make my 100% correct prediction later on, around 10 pm.
  5. And do they make/sell/eat/throw hotpot. I think we should be told.
  6. Do you think you being a Giants fan is colouring your view of referees neutrality in Giants games?
  7. Taking the urine from Leigh is an enjoyable pastime - when justified, obviously. This is not one of those occasions. I reckon The Hotpots will appeal to many fans and potential fans. At least Leigh are doing something!
  8. Watched five mins of this, five mins in which Connor behaved like....well, Connor. One step forward, two steps back. Is he really worth persisting with? After all, screaming at the ref because of some perceived refs mistake is exclusive forum territory.
  9. You'vr missed your calling as a moderator. "Would like to hear what others think on this subject. Thanks." It's a forum. He asked for views. I have posted them. So, keeping on topic: It's a forum. He asked for views. I have posted them. if you don't like it, remember it's a forum. Good-bye.
  10. My views? 1. It's your opinion and you are free to exercise your choice. 2. I really don't think that Sky will change anything just to retain your subscription. 3. You wouldn't be trying to recruit others to your cause, would you?
  11. "I would have bellowed knock on at the PTB and get the ref to look at the whole tackle." Since when have the players been allowed to act as match officials?
  12. Yes but..... how roughly? All we know for certain is that we don't know anything for certain, not even if it will take place, based on the story so far.
  13. I don't think those are reasons enough not to have it. If VRs are taking too long, then fix that issue. In any case, it only adds a few stoppages.
  14. I'd support the introduction of Captains Challenge here. It seems to work well in NRL games.
  15. Dirty, niggly expletive deleted. But yes, we need personalities who can speak whole sentences without hesitation, repetition or deviation.
  16. Ambition, eh? Why not Sam Allardyce or Jose Mourinho? United will loan their manager, I'm sure. Seriously, though, and I know they've had Smith in charge, I think they need somehow to find a big-hitter, though finding one who'd work alongside or under Myler would seem a difficult task. Wain?
  17. Well said. There are some in here who are in perpetuum mobile when it comes implying refs are prejudiced or biased depending on the teams or decisions. It's those who I'm sure will be keen to train as match officials. I would do it, but I'm too old and too useless, and not licenced to carry a side-arm.
  18. True...but I'm sure there are some posters on here who can make good refs and touch judges.
  19. Exactly. Andy Farrell, Joe Lyndon, Shaun Edwards.....
  20. A credit to the whole sport and good to see that he won't be lost to it. In my view, far too many are lost owing to limited opportunities. Marks out one difference between union and League....there seems to be more opportunities open to ex union players in union than to ex league players in league. "As I come towards the end of my career, I’ve got to think about my next career steps and what’s best for me and my family".
  21. Who is going to pay for all this RL journalism?
  22. Agreed. The only point for me would be to set up a fixture that has some competitive meaning to media, players, fans and prospective fans. Not a pointless friendly played in a carnival spirit, but a fixture between two sides with something to prove and that the wider prospective fan base can get behind at a national level. so Lancs v Yorks? No.
  23. I don't have Internet access at present and there's no terrestrial TV signal, either.
  24. Need jeopardy, antagonism, need scores to settle, desire to be top dog, a cause to espouse, something meaningful that potential fans can get behind. Get a good crowd screaming for sucess, creating an atmosphere that motivates the teams. Globally, we've the World Cup. At club level were covered by the WCC, Challenge Cup, Grand Final. We're covered at international level: one thing and one thing only: GB Vs Aus. So at national level, what could match any of these?
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