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  1. Dog bites man= no news. Man bites dog= national headline news. No "Man bites dog" stories = no media coverage.
  2. Good choices Look also at the Lyke Wake Walk - 42 miles across the North Yorks Moors. ( Closed now? It's 40 odd years since I did it in one go.) GR5 Alpine section: Geneva to Modane. ( Again 40 odd years ago) http://grfive.com/ IVe done some walks on my own but mainly with like-minded mates and colleagues male and female from diverse backgrounds. Much more enjoyable with mates and colleagues than on my own. I've also had great times having done a modest 80-something Munros (so way short of all of them) over weekend trips, consuming notable quantities of Rusty Nails. Don't put things off, though. Get them done when you can, before age catxhes up in you.
  3. I agree. Results on the field are only achieved by the judicious acquiring earning and spending of money.
  4. The World Vs Yorkshire. There has to be some niggle between the two parties to stoke the thing up in the weeks leading up to the game. Lancs Vs Yorks, Red Roses has lost all its sting.
  5. In my view, there has to be some sort of link to controversy, current rivalry etc. So more like The Rivals ( yes, I know it's been used already) or The Upstarts Trophy Yorkshire Vs The Challengers.
  6. Club of Origin. Or Wigan versus the World. One team selected from current players who started their careers in the Wigan area Vs the rest, if the rest can put a team together, that is.
  7. That's the second post from you containing an implied insult. You are now on ignore.
  8. You are perfectly entitled to your view, expressed frequently and regularly. I've now answered your question in full, as you requested . Your turn now: do you want the Reimagining Rugby League project to succeed? (For clarity, not "do you think it will succeed " but " do you want it to succeed" ) 1. Yes? 2. No?
  9. Despite all the urine extraction, I trust it will all work out for the best. If he brings the new f - I -l money in, all to the good, too.
  10. In my view and experience, this is how it works, simplified and serialised, or rather, circularised. Identify the successful sustainable clubs. Identify the factors that determine this success and build a model for all clubs to adopt. Incentivise clubs to adopt best practice. Success on the field depends on a number of things, including but not limited to: 1. The quality of the individual players. 2. The quality of the team. 3. The quality of the coach, the coaching, the training. 4 Quality in this context is skill, ability, attitude, personality, fitness, stamina. 5. The ability to attract such players and coaches depends on the money available as well as the quality of club leadership.. The attractiveness of the club to players, coaches depends on the money available to pay them and to provide attractive facilities, too. 6. The money available depends on owners and directors input, sponsorship, central funding, income from fans. 7. Money from fans depends on a range of factors ranging from quality of stadium and facilities, media activities, RFL/SL activities directly and indirectly through social media. It also depends on the penetration rate into the local population. 8. Money from fans also depends on success on the field. And so the perpetual motion machine is operating. So all that is happening is that the model is being brought into play and clubs are being incentivised to adopt the model of the successful clubs.
  11. Moving, for a moment, from the specific to the general, here is a refresher of the Reimagining Rugby League presentation . https://www.rugby-league.com/article/60992/reimagining-rugby-league-–-img-presents-recommendations
  12. The multiple-choice question remains unanswered. Q: Do you want the Reimagining project to succeed? 1.Yes? 2. No?
  13. From Collins English Dictionary: "If you say 'He who pays the piper' or 'He who pays the piper calls the tune', you mean that the person who provides the money for something decides what will be done, or has a right to decide what will be done"
  14. JonM not JohnM, though those who know me would agree on my appearance.
  15. Yes. I've explained how and why in previous posts. Q. Do you want the Reimagining project to work or to fail?
  16. So he didn't bankrupt the club and he didn't have to sell those very same players to stave off bankruptcy. Instead , he laid the foundations of the club as it is today?
  17. ...and look what happened to baseball. We don't want any of that there here. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/rankings/
  18. Headline news: Joey Many dons the cloak of invisibility.
  19. In the mid-1980s, Tour du Mont Blanc with three mates. It's a circular walk around Mont Blanc taking in a number of passes, the most spectacular of which, The Fenetre d' Arpette, is worth the trek alone. We did it in two chunks , staying in mountain refuges mainly. Great nights in hostels with other walkers from all over the world. The cable car ride back from Courmayeur to Chamonix at the end of the first half was unbelievable. Brilliant! https://www.autourdumontblanc.com/en/
  20. Ask or read Tony Collins, who I believe is now emeritus professor of history at De Montfort University.
  21. ... But.....but....graveyard johnny would prefer Laughton's golden touch .
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