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  1. Maybe Mr Mathers should try being a bit more professional by not having a slanging match with some nobody Warrington fan on the internet? Players have choices and should always have choices. But they are defined by them choices at the end of the day. If you take them choices away from them, then what do they learn from it?
  2. What a stupid criteria. Panoramic views?! They're available at every ground in SL you idiot. Tell me one ground that doesn't offer a panoramic view... Or extensive urinals and multiple sit down enclosed cubicles for that matter...
  3. Not necessarily. You yourself have just said they lacked the experience. Sometimes you need these imports in to lend experience to those around them to aid their development. Take away all the experienced Aussies and we'd have a much worse England team. That doesn't mean I think we should fill SL with imports either. There just needs to be a good balance.
  4. Forgot about the Magic Weekend! Although, I only did three stands at both grounds (one was shut at Millennium Stadium), I sat in that stand for the Challenge Cup Final in 2005, so I can add that one!
  5. I assume it will be the first game of the season, why else would they move it to February? Although this is the RFL, who don't have a very good track record of event organising and management! I'd assume the first weekend of February (5th/6th).
  6. Just a bit of a twist on the old "how many grounds have you been to?" topics we've had in the past. How many have you been in every stand of to watch a rugby game? Only 6 for me I think: Boulevard KC Stadium Galpharm Stadium Millennium Stadium New Craven Park Headingley Carnegie Odsal/Grattan Stadium
  7. Come on, Lobby. Where's the answer? Why is Belle Vue and The Willows better? What is it about these two grounds that make them better than Odsal? They being a rectangular-shape doesn't count!
  8. Totally agree. And on the flip-side, if we win and Wigan beat Leeds tonight, we're back to the all important 4th place. Leeds (29pts) - Wigan (h), Cas (a), Catalans (h), Hull (a). Hull FC (28pts) - Quins (a), Crusaders (h), Wire (a), Leeds (h). Hudds (25pts) - Wakey (h), Wigan (a), Salford (h), Catalans (a). Hull KR (25pts) - Cas (h), Salford (a), Wigan (h), Crusaders (h). I can see Leeds losing tonight, and Hull losing against Wire, and most likely both "should" win the other two games on paper, meaning it could come down to the last game of the season for 4th. Alternatively, Hull have been beaten by all of the teams remaining already this year. Both Hudds and Rovers have got 3 very winnable games, with a difficult game against the league leaders. If they were to win 3 out of the 4, then Hull will need to win 2 out of 4 at most to keep 5th. So these games are "must wins". Nothing's decided yet!
  9. Exactly what I was thinking. If it's not an "if something happens", it's just a lie! Wakefield's away support being as good as Leeds' and Wigan's is laughable! They don't give out franchises for that, anyway. And as for youth development... how many of these young players have gone on to be SL regulars at Wakefield? 11 overseas players this last weekend. If they were that good, surely they'd figure more in your squad?
  10. Which, again, wasn't my question. the question was why is Belle Vue and The Willows better? I'll explain my point as I go through yours... Same as at Belle Vue, and to some extent The Willows (the away stand only has cover for the seats IIRC, not the terrace in front of it). And, on top of this, if folks were bothered about getting wet, then there is probably enough seating to cover 3/4 of their average crowd this year at Odsal. Could the same be done at Belle Vue? Not a chance. As opposed to Belle Vue, which has awful terracing at pitch-side. If you're at the front, you're actually below pitch level. The terracing isn't steep enough, so you can't really see very well above the people in front of you. I'd rather be too far away and be able to see the whole pitch than too low down and see nothing. As opposed to Belle Vue's block of flats? Or The Willows' club house? They make that "blob" look like Buckingham Palace! My stats do say it all. Your points before about their crowds only being good a decade ago were way off. I agree about the dip being alarming though. I've started threads about it in the past and been told to shush by Bradford fans in the past. But then again, I'm a Bradford Sympathiser apparently... So, to sum up... every point you made can be attributed to Belle Vue and the Willows. And in fact, they're probably worse at those places...
  11. I sympathise not. I just don't like illogical arguments that have been proven so time and time again. You just spouting rubbish again. Define good crowds? 2003 (when they moved back to Odsal) was 7 years ago, not 10. Not that that was the last time they got "good crowds". Let's have a look since they moved back to Odsal... 2003 - 14,936 (best in SL) 2004 - 13,500 (2nd best) 2005 - 13,367 (3rd best) 2006 - 11,263 (3rd best) 2007 - 12,084 (4th best) 2008 - 10,287 (5th best) 2009 - 9,677 (5th best) 2010 - 8,642 (6th best) They still posted five-figure crowds 2 years ago, which I would consider the benchmark for "good crowds". They're still in the top 6 of SL crowd averages despite a HUGE drop in attendances over the last 7 years. So if they have poor crowds, then most of SL is in a worse state. That doesn't answer the question. How is Odsal "much WORSE" than the two grounds I mentioned? "I would rather watch RL in these grounds" isn't an answer. Why would you? So Bradford have to get 20k crowds (more than any SL club has achieved on more than 3 occasions in a single season)? That's a ridiculous benchmark for a poor argument.
  12. When I get bored, I read this forum on my phone. The screen isn't big enough to fit the whole page on, so I just browse through the posts and can't see which users are posting what unless I scroll to the side. Incidentally, I can tell every time it's a "Lobbygobbler" post, simply because it includes some illogic about how Bradford have the worst ground in the SL or shouldn't be in the SL, etc. Wakefield and Salford are city clubs. They were warned. So that's that weird theory out of the way. But it won't stop you arguing it. The club doesn't own its stadium is a pretty new one for you. How many clubs in the SL do? Why does it matter?And, according to Wikipedia (not the best source of knowledge, I know), the Bulls have controlling rights of the stadium after taking them back from the council after they left Valley Parade. Odsal wasn't inapproporiate when they used to get good crowds there. It wasn't THAT long ago. What do you expect clubs to do? Just knock down parts of the stadium if the crowds dip? It's a much better ground than Belle Vue and the Willows. You know this. I know this. Everyone knows this. But you will still argue that it isn't. So let's change the question from "Why is Odsal the worst ground" to "How are Belle Vue and The Willows better than Odsal?" Change the record. Why am I wasting my time?
  13. Surely development is only when they translate into SL players? If all of them youngsters end up going off into the Championship because they aren't getting SL games, then there is a flaw in the development, surely?
  14. Replaces some clubs' home fixtures. Probably Leeds and closest team to Elland Road out of Hudds/Wakey/Cas (whoever plays that game) and Saints and Widnes at Anfield (as they are both plastic scousers!). An absolute must. And I can't believe it hasn't happened for 5 years.
  15. Double headers in January/February I aren't too sure about. Too cold, and it's the main part of the football season so we'll struggle to get grounds. If we're going to restructure the season, I'd like to see it come in the season we have the new franchises. What about double headers at Easter? Thursday - Hull FC vs Hull KR. Friday Afternoon - Leeds vs Bradford and Huddersfield vs Cas/Wakey/Salford (whoever is left after 2012) at Elland Road Friday Evening - Saints vs Wigan and Widnes vs Warrington at Anfield. Would love to see England vs France and Wales as we have now (during regular SL round), as well as England vs ANZACs on a free weekend. Magic Weekend at Newcastle on the 2nd BH Weekend in May. Challenge Cup semis a double header.
  16. No they haven't. They have been the best in the Southern Hemisphere every time they won the NRL. Get over it. Australian team straight off the plane? You mean they don't come a 2 weeks before the game and play a warm up game against a SL side before it? Oh they do? Not straight off the plane then, is it? And your local ref comment is laughable. This year's ref was English. The 3 years before that were Australian. So the last time it was fair was the time you pick in history that you conveniently won most of the time? Yes, that's a really fair indication! Super League club after Super League club have stated they would love to play the NRL champions in Australia. It's just that the NRL clubs are so bottleless they'd hate to risk humiliation on their home turf. Every year the champs of SL say they'll go over there, and every year nothing happens. Another "Australia are amazing, England are useless" boring rant. Peacock would walk into an NRL side. Burrow and McGuire would get in. Senior would have in his day. Ellis has already made it in the NRL from Leeds. I reckon Sinfield would get in also. There are some absolutely garbage players in the NRL. They aren't all amazing. Plenty of players that are "amazing" in the NRL end up coming here and being terrible. Why send Leeds (who are 5th) to play St George (who are 1st)? A bit favourable conditions again from the person who wants "all things fair". How about we send Wigan? Is this the same side that cheated to win the NRL? And they deserved to win. Leeds were terrible. The ref was Australian. And again, the same Melbourne side that won the NRL by cheating. I declare you a typical whinging Aussie. We've got enough of them on these forums, thanks. You bring nothing new.
  17. That has to be the worst article ever! Four lines! And they still managed to feck up the picture caption... "TEMPORARY MOVE ... Saints coach Mick Potter might take charge at Goodison" Err... no he won't. He'll be coaching Bradford that year!
  18. That's not what I meant. I meant that there were more camera angles on the normal broadcast compared to the 3D broadcast, not that the 3D broadcast was broadcasting standard angles. We had our 3D screen near the normal broadcast, and you could see them using far more angles on that broadcast than you could on the 3D broadcast. It was a bit irritating that they were talking about replays that weren't being showed in 3D. If we're going to go out of our way to watch the game in superb picture quality with an extra dimension, you kinda suspect that that sort of demographic would also want the best audio options available also!
  19. Why do people go over the top? Teams in a competition can be picked in many ways. They don't have to be picked on the basis that they finished in a certain position in another competition.
  20. Yet another person who doesn't understand the difference between a club and a stadium.
  21. And they are getting to it. The same would be said if this happened 10 years ago. It's always later than it should have been for some. It's getting done. Let's just be happy, eh? It means I can sit down in comfortable surroundings with decent views of the pitch and better catering. It is. One of them is that the club have to play in a premier standard facility. This move ensures they tick that box a year early. There isn't. If they can make these moves work, then it would be good for SL. I don't see why it wouldn't be? Then Saints will have to negotiate where they are going to play for 3 years. If it's at Widnes, then again they will at least tick that box for premier stadia.
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