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  1. If you hadn't put ten posts on the topic in the last hour you may have had time to find said article.
  2. Who can forget Eddie Waring and "the ubiquitous Keith Elewell"
  3. Don't forget his weight. "This sixteen stone former (insert club) amateur"
  4. 'Middles'. They're 'forrads' (in Yorkshire) The Playing Group The Arm Wrestle
  5. Thanks for that, it was The Final Winter. Co-incidentally the lead actor Matt Nable actually played a few first grade games and his brother Adam Nable spent the 1996 season at my team, Wakefield Trinity.
  6. Apologies if it's already been mentioned in the past but I watched a film om on YouTube called The Last Winter. It's a rugby league story about two brothers who play for Newtown. There's one or two familiar faces in it. Matty Johns plays the role of team coach. It's not a Oscar Winner but is a genuine rugby league film not just a passing mention.
  7. Probably. As the Western terrace is not included in this phase, although the dugouts will be relocated to the Eastern side giving a slightly better view of the shins.
  8. Currently 7258 and will increase to 8866, The capacity of the new stand will be 2507 and renovations to the North Stand will allow that to function with a full capacity of 3500. There'll also be a permanent electronic display screen (scoreboard?) in the NW corner.
  9. Wasn't the Central Coast Stadium supposed to be the home ground for the previous attempt at a joint venture? Good stadium, 22k capacity, next to the rail station and on the main road through Gosford, with a big Leagues Club across the road.
  10. What I was trying to say to the poster was, don't assume Last would walk into the coach's job if Chester left, as we also have another decent assistant in Willie Poaching.
  11. What about Willie Poching who is also at the club as an assistant coach?
  12. In 2018 wasn't it awarded to the player who had 'made the most impact on the international scene'. and not awarded as the 'best player'.
  13. 65 years old and I still do that. Wife says I need to grow up.
  14. David Topliss was not too shabby either.
  15. Now that Cameron Smith has retired will the NRL drop the Refs Challenge rule, whereby the ref could challenge one of Cameron's decisions if they disagreed with it?
  16. Yes, but he does know all the words to "Marching On Together"
  17. Sadly Australians see Origin as the pinnacle of the game rather than GB v Australia Test Matches, partly GB's fault for not being consistently competitive. Many (not all) are unaware of the game outside Australia.
  18. They are now Riley has stopped calling Wakefield "The Wildcats". Then again it's only been four years since they dropped the name..
  19. Paul Taylor signed from Parramatta for an Aussie off season at Wakefield. Broke his leg in his first game, never played another for Wakefield. Pity as he was a very good player.
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