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  1. Surely he's going for the challenge?
  2. Sir, sir ! The tiger's bit me.
  3. Julien Rinaldi Freddie Banquet.
  4. It was a long, long drive home that day.
  5. 1978 GB v Australia (Dads Army test team) 1992 Yorkshire Cup Final Wakefield v Sheffield. (We actually won something !) 2006 Wakefield v Castleford (so called £1 Million game) 2011 BARLA National Cup Final Sharlston v Fryston 2016 !st State of Origin at ANZ ( Game was ok but atmosphere before during and after was something else)
  6. Similarly, Peter Sterling, Born in Queensland eligible for NSW. If qualification was based purely on where you were born would SOO results have been any different. ?
  7. Most Aussies don't acknowledge the existence of Rugby League outside Australia. A couple of years ago I was at a Souths (or it may have been Broncos) v Bulldogs game at the ANZ when Hasem El Masri was announced as a special guest and "Rugby Leagues highest points scorer". (he was Australia's at the time) From up in the God's I shouted out and put them right about the Wakefield Legend that is Neil Fox. I got a few odd looks but honour was satisfied.
  8. Only half a yard? That's more than acceptable at Headingley or Langtree Park. . P.S. You deserved the win.
  9. To see England/GB win a test series in Australia, then laugh myself silly at the excuses the Aussies will trot out.
  10. It's even worse at some amateur grounds.
  11. I'm sure Castleford can get a loan all they have to do is pay it back as Wakefield Trinity will be doing.
  12. There probably is as the deal is for the ground an surrounding land.
  13. With regard to the repayment v rent, Michael Carter suggested last year that the council borrow the money and Wakefield would pay the interest as this would be cheaper than paying rent, given that councils can borrow money at favourable rates. Looks like they listened (eventually)
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