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  1. I remember a quote I once saw about Danny Wilson. The quote was alluding to the fact that his form was a bit erratic. It went some thing like, " even if Danny was on the pitch there was no guarantee he was playing"
  2. One of my all time favourite Trinity players.
  3. Alan McCurrie, ahead of his time.
  4. Always a pleasure to see the posh boys getting their 'arris handed to them.
  5. Jarrod Hickey for Wakefield. He was so overweight that when he made his debut off the bench away at Salford, the Salford fans were chanting "get yer t*ts out for the lads".
  6. Ian, Andrew & Kevin Henderson for Scotland, but never at club level.
  7. Chris, Steve and Peter Mortimer at Canterbury Bankstown/Bulldogs
  8. Did Dave and Eric Chisnall play in the same Saints side ?
  9. Not really, it'll just double the moaning from some.
  10. IF Wakefield can defend like they did against Warrington they'll give themselves a chance, so on that basis Wakefield by 4
  11. Surprised myself with seven.
  12. I meant that Tom Johnstone was not a German International but was born in Germany.
  13. Not a German international but Tom Johnstone was born in Germany I believe.
  14. I remember Neil Summers of Bradford Northern' touching down' on the 10m line and Robin Whitfield giving the try. As a Trinity supporter 'apoplectic' just about covers the reaction.
  15. If it's all British, Millward & Murphy at so and sh
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