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  1. @GUBRATS@The Future is League A public warning. Enough. You're long experienced posters so you know that that sort of language and public abuse is not acceptable. A repeat will see the person starting it get an involuntary break from the site.
  2. One member given a week of suspension for insinuating corruption in a match official. You lot know better, and you know we don't accept it.
  3. This thread is getting more and more reported posts. It’s taking far too much time to moderate compared to the rest of the forum. Come on, please try to keep it on track and going.
  4. A bunch of posts removed. Difficult subject, please stay narrowly on topic and no off into other offshoots or political points. Pretty please...
  5. In addition to above. If you have a chip on your shoulder about a poster, maybe about whether they got a fact wrong, then let it drop once you’ve publicly grumbled about it. If you demand an apology for someone having an opinion WITHIN THE RULES OF THE FORUM and you don’t get it then you’ll just wind us up if you push for that apology across multiple threads. Go out, have a walk, maybe even go watch some rugby somewhere.
  6. Yes, I will have pulled some posts that were fine but at 100 posts I did a broad brush approach. Your fault for getting wound up by an obvious troll.
  7. Thoroughly enjoying this as a game. It demonstrates just why we need the BBC to get these out rather than behind the paywall of Sky. I don't mind Sky providing the bulk of the money and the core of the league game, but these cup games on free-to-view can't be beaten.
  8. Going to the game? Here's how to get your COVID Pass to show you've been fully vaccinated:
  9. I saw this pic today of St Helens' town centre. The last year has been brutal on town centres and really accelerated the previous decline. Is there a way back? Do people want it back?
  10. I got a bottle of Laphroaig 16y/o for myself as a "reward" for a work anniversary. Lovely stuff, probably the most rounded of the Laphroaigs you can get. They also do a nice Port & Wine cask version that's very different to other Laphroaigs and certainly worth it if you find one out there.
  11. I only heard about this when I got into the army. Absolutely no knowledge of it at school and I even asked those I was at school with and most hadn't. Really annoyed me as it was something I'd have loved as a kid.
  12. Two posts removed, please remember this is a restricted thread. If you want to grumble about the monarchy, start a new thread.
  13. Unfortunately because goods were delivered fairly the bank aren't playing with a chargeback as it doesn't fit within the rules. They did help with what to do with a letter before action and a court claim though.
  14. Pah, why go to amateurs like that when I have the TRL crew filled with northern folk. Did you know copper wire was invented by two northerners fighting over a penny?
  15. My wife bought stuff from a major clothes store. She returned most of it as it was just rubbish quality in some way or another. They promised a refund, didn't pay. They said "it's being paid, it's in the system", they didn't. Sent them a formal "pay or be sued". They didn't. We did a Small Claims Court thing, they didn't bother responding so default judgement being entered against them. Now, I think they'll ignore the CCJ. It's under the £600 limit to send in the heavies so I can only send in the County Court bailiffs. To send in those bailiffs is an extra £70 or so, anyone know my chances of them actually paying up even with the bailiffs at the door?
  16. One programme we’ve been watching on free time is Scandal. Not exactly new, but new to us. It’s into season 3 and it’s relentless monologues where in reality they’d be told to shut up or people would walk away. The so-called “white hat” lead character has more moral flaws than Boris Johnson, makes more mistakes than Chris Grayling and has the loyalty of Nigel Farage, yet she’s treated as this omniscient messiah creature. I’ve no idea why we’re still watching it. I think it’s just that the wife likes it and it’s into soap opera territory now
  17. I still enjoy it as well. Harmless throwaway telly, useful for winding down. Too many other programmes out there now are just relentlessly miserable.
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