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  1. I think we are already seeing this to some extent. As the league grows and more money becomes involved, which inevitably will on the back of great TV ratings, then it will only get bigger and bigger.
  2. More from Moffett and I completely agree with what he say on players. I think a 2nd NZ side on the South island would result in many more people playing Rugby League and will increase the pool of Kiwi players. I think the rivalry can only help the Warriors in the long run too: One key factor he's focused on his igniting a North vs South rivalry that he believes could mirror the State of Origin series, but with a New Zealand twist. Well in his words, the Auckland Warriors versus the South Island Kea. “That is the sort of thing that I think the NRL want to see. A genuine rivalry, this is one between the North and South Island," Moffett said. “If we could sell the tickets to the opening game in 2026, I reckon we could sell the capacity of the new stadium." Construction of Christchurch's new downtown Te Kaha stadium is progressing well, with the promise of providing a state-of-the-art home to the Crusaders Super Rugby franchise, plus a possible NRL expansion team. Moffett's background as a Sports Administrator in both rugby codes gives him the confidence on the South Island Kea being a new entrant into the NRL Premiership, stating he knows what V'landys will be looking for. The Canterbury region already produces exceptional rugby league talent, but is being snapped up by outside NRL clubs - Moffett wants to directly stop South Island-based players from being snatched up the Auckland-based Warriors. “More importantly we want potential players to stay in their backyard which is close to their support networks," Moffett said. “The Warriors take our players from down here and take them to the club system up in Auckland. It affects our club system down here, so it needs to stop happening." And while rugby union in New Zealand continues to fight themselves in a governance battle between NZ Rugby, the Players' Association, and the provincial unions, rugby league sees the potential to strike. "Rugby is in the toilet," Moffett replied when asked to comment on union's current state of affairs, “Rugby worldwide is in big trouble - they have wasted money on expanding, politics got in the way, and they go from one crisis to another. “If rugby is not careful, they won't exist." https://www.sen.com.au/news/2024/06/11/moffett-fires-warning-shot-at-rugby-union-with-nrl-expansion-talks/
  3. A strong looking England Academy squad named for the match against France at Warrington on 2nd July:
  4. Rugby League in this country has rarely had well financed expansion, most expansion clubs have been little more than pub teams run on a wing and a prayer. Those that have been well backed like Catalans have done well, and Toronto and Celtic Crusaders did too until the money ran out at both.
  5. Would still like NZ2 but Perth would still be a great outcome too (not the Bears and Jets part though):
  6. Seems to have enough about his game to work on and has decent spped. A decent enough highlight reel for a Union player:
  7. A lot more on the development academy, LA Roosters team and the sponsorship deals here, as well as Tafuna and Woolridge: Tafuna, who has played Rugby 7s for the USA, arrived last month to join the Roosters NRLW squad, while Woolridge has been offered a training contract. Woolridge, a former defensive back with Saginaw Valley State University, was one of four athletes - two male and two female - chosen from the NRL talent combine in Las Vegas to spend time with NRL clubs. He impressed at the combine, with a 2.7sec 20m sprint, bench pressing 125kg three times and clocking 4m50s in the 1.2km bronco endurance test. https://www.nrl.com/news/2024/06/12/american-dream-roosters-invest-in-us-growth/
  8. This has been rumoured for a while and Australia RU fans didn't want to see him leave and see him as a huge loss. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on.
  9. Interesting, just imagine the development of the game in the US if every NRL team did this:
  10. This is my thoughts too. Realistically the odds on more Leigh fans looking for tickets 4 days before a game in France are going to be tiny as people who are going will already have everything in place.
  11. Your reaction isn't a bad thing. In fact if you are looking for a new target audience it wins hands down compared to yes its Shed Seven or James who I used to like at Uni in the 1990s.
  12. This is really interesting and the immediate thing that springs out is that I can't really think of any marketing and promotion for a big RL match where the event itself has been the selling point like this. Anything I recall getting from the RFL is always centred around the match itself and pretty much nothing else. I know there may be a little more for the Grand Final but it's nothing like this.
  13. It's a travesty that RL was left to disappear in Carlisle (or practically disappear). The whole episode was a complete dereliction of duty by the RFL and its role. It would cost millions to build up RL in Carlisle to what it was but would have cost a fraction of that just to maintain it.
  14. Small time thinking and just the same rhetoric as the article I posted a couple of weeks ago from the Warriors CEO.
  15. I would love to see a 2nd NZ team next anyway but the more I think about it the more I think 2026 would be great with the new Christchurch stadium opening then. It would really mean that the stadium is as much the RL clubs from the start instead of other codes using it first.
  16. Yeah massive club. I think they've been the biggest in Rugby League since their inception.
  17. I think there is an element of people aren't daft too. The events you cite would be seen as premium events to many and have earned that status, they are not just a case of slapping another £30 on it and calling it premium. As I said previously I think with internationals in London we can't certainly push the premium aspect more, in that it is the pinnacle of the sport and best players in the world, and charge more. At internationals in London I have heard more than enough people astonished about how cheap they are to think that. I think we can also charge more for the Grand Final too as it is a cheap enough match for most fans anyway and we are generally within 10% of capacity. I just don't see it the same with the Challenge Cup and SL generally. There is plenty of excess supply, and you only have to read some of the comments on here such as winning the Challenge Cup is not an achievement and that we should scrap it completely. Let's face it even many RL fans see SL generally as below the NRL too with a lack of stars and not the best players in the world. I think it would be a great struggle to sell these as premium events, and nigh on impossible unless the landscape changes significantly.
  18. It could perhaps be argued that it is cheap if you are a fan of the teams involved. I'm not sure I agree for this particular match but I'll go with it. Generally these fans will go regardless though, to a large extent anyway. However for neutrals it certainly isn't and that is the market we are struggling to attract. I fail to see how charging them more will help when it is for two random club teams. Sure I tend to agree that internationals in London (when we have them) are cheap, I've hear plenty of Southerners say that. However they aren't neutrals for those matches and are England fans. The Challenge Cup is a different beast entirely.
  19. You said a considerable drop off in talent. You've not provided a shred of evidence to back that up other than your thoughts. That's fine but there is little point discussing this further.
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