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  1. Yeah quite surprised because I only managed 1:23 on tuesday when I did no other real training too.
  2. I feel your pain with that. There is nothing more infuriating than talking and being constantly interrupted by people leaving and joining.
  3. Cardio done for 1hr (30 mins bike, 30 mins cross trainer). I then managed 1:36 of the bring Sally pushups which is a great improvement. I also did 1:18 doing it to leg raises.
  4. I did it after my weights today but obviously did far worse as a result with 1:02. Interestingly I did feel stronger whilst doing my weights after doing it for 4 days.
  5. The long pause when lowered just before the 1 min mark kills me, I was shaking like a leaf after. Also did the leg raises to it too that Les Tonks suggested and they are tough as well, lasted about the same time with them.
  6. I did 1:23 without any other training today. Not quite the big improvement I was hoping for with no training haha.
  7. Good stuff, I completely agree. Just before the first minute there is a long hold when you have lowered and its a killer. You can imagine it being very good for you core too. I'm going to do it before my cardio rather than after the next time!
  8. You can do it, practice what you preach ?
  9. Great idea, I'm going to do that too. I did the push ups today at the end of my 1hr cardio (30 mins Cross trainer and 30 mins bike), only lasted about 1m 10secs before failing but was pretty tired after the cardio. Must do the raises like you say then too. I'm just going to keep doing this at the end of my normal training as an extra and try and improve each day.
  10. It is. I'm going to try and incorporate it into my training for something different.
  11. 105.5kg for me this week please Shadow.
  12. Now I've cleared a bit of space I must put up my punchbag. Do you know of any good resources such as you tube videos etc to train and develop properly? I'd actually like to start again with a bit of form and technique rather than just punching away for a 2 min rounds with no real technique like I'd have done previously.
  13. Quite correct, most people use a much smaller tool compared to what the plumber has at his disposal.
  14. Or how long it takes a plumber to complete the job.
  15. Gatherings of more than two are banned though....
  16. Indeed. I could easily cope with lockdown there.
  17. Now you mention it I noticed that too. Now it just seems like another Comic Relief.
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