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  1. I’m not sure why anyone would choose Europe over QLD at this point in history.
  2. An interesting reminder of the range of world views out there in the community.. The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light http://2012portal.blogspot.com/?m=1 This post that involves the Illuminati breakaway complex defies belief. Lots of comments from believers too. http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2020/10/final-battle-update.html?m=1
  3. It’s not on my mobile but it’s there when I use my laptop.
  4. All free too. The link has more details. https://www.crrl.com.au/nswrl-tv-to-bring-more-than-100-games-to-fans/?fbclid=IwAR2suWENiZlQz2AaMZ4XtAn4NlIHxFE_BIwNcfr-FlgJ1AdJ9pp-9BuXE34 The competitions to be live streamed include the Harold Matthews Cup, Andrew Johns Cup, SG Ball Cup, Harvey Norman Tarsha Gale Cup, Laurie Daley Cup, Harvey Norman NSW Women’s Premiership, NSW Cup as well as Group competitions in regional NSW.
  5. The old joke used to be “Merpati? Pasti mati!” (Flying Merpati? You’ll definitely die!) ... it rhymes much better in the abbreviated Indonesian version. I once flew from Sulawesi to Java in business class in ‘98. As soon as we reached a decent altitude 100s of cockroaches started pouring out of the gaps everywhere. Those things can absolutely trash electronics. Last time I flew into Jakarta some idiot was pointing a powerful laser at the plane for ages. It was really annoying. That’s just a few of my interesting experiences with flying in Indonesia.
  6. “He can’t run without legs” however.... https://m.betootaadvocate.com/headlines/nations-junior-footy-coaches-proven-wrong-after-u12s-player-successfully-runs-without-legs/
  7. Not just that... my son’s friend is clearly visible in it and he never wanted to be seen on global sports networks or on YouTube.
  8. A 9 year old at my local playing field probably has a similar number of views from all the YouTube clips combined of him tearing up during some RL games. It was also on sports reports all around the world at the time. here’s one of them
  9. I'm going to wear mine. I have so many hobbies and interests that take up space in the house i think framing Jamaican RL jerseys and putting them on the wall may just be pushing my luck.
  10. According to fedex tracking it’s due to arrive today.
  11. I haven’t seen Darrel Eastlake’s name for a very long time. I used to live just near him and went to school with one of his kids.
  12. So if you ignore their success, they haven’t delivered..
  13. The “Weather Anomalies Australia” Facebook page... it’s unbelievable. A few thousand people who post photos of clouds and everyone comments about how the clouds are engineered by the powers that be and other conspiracy theories..
  14. A man who evaded police by jumping into Lake Burley Griffin early Monday morning just after 1 am has still not been located. I'm a regular lake user. I hope I don't find him.
  15. The closer i get to retirement the more work shy i become. Work really does start to get in the way of life.
  16. Having keen and well connected rugby league fans in the diplomatic service is of great benefit to the game..
  17. bland is relative. i tend to eat most things. This morning i started the day with a smoothie containing raw beetroot, silken tofu, spinach, carob liquid, blue berries, oats and a banana.... it depends on what's in the fridge and cupboard. My local butcher in Canberra also sells frozen possum but i have absolutely no idea how to cook it. I did ask for monkey in a restaurant once but it had already sold out. A monkey had chased me through a town a week prior and it was going to be my revenge against the species. I feel like typing out my complete story regarding the brief return to cannibalism in Borneo a few decades back and how a local told me i'd be safe if i visited "because we only eat Javanese"... but it'd be very much off topic. lol
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