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  1. Excellent! Is this genuine new TV content above and beyond the Sky games?
  2. Have fun! It will have highs and lows.
  3. The US thing seems to be serious. V’landys’ other hat is as the chief executive and a board member of Racing New South Wales. He does this and the NRL. He knows gambling. Storm chairman and part owner, Matt Tripp, has made a fortune as an online gambling entrepreneur and will no doubt be providing advice too. https://www.yogonet.com/international/news/2021/10/13/59708-australian-rugby-league-moves-to-capitalize-on-us-sports-betting
  4. Some female 9s action. It’s extremely obvious they are new to the sport but we all start at the beginning!
  5. I’d like to see the shock of the current SL bosses working with V’landys.
  6. Stop muddying the waters and just stick to the female state of origin players in Queensland. TV ratings that peak at around a million people, valuable media coverage in the lead up in mainstream print, TV and online media. The women get some great coverage and better remuneration is only reasonable. It’s also a kickstarter for professionalism in the female game. They have to give enough to cover the players that have to sacrifice work to participate. A half measure would mean they’ll still potentially face dire financial consequences by choosing to participate. There’s also the investment in the future that the equal payment brings. It sends a high profile and very public signal to females and their allies that the sport thinks about them and sees a future with them. With this in mind the return on investment should hopefully be fantastic.
  7. I look forward to buying a new RL jersey to add to my collection.
  8. It’s like Parksider 2.0 has entered the thread.
  9. My local community has a Buy Nothing Facebook page where you can give away stuff for free. If people find out something given away was later sold for cash, you’re banned. Some locals take it a bit too far and actually place requests like: - Does anyone have a spare TV and soundbar and can you please bring it around to my house? - It’s my boyfriend’s birthday. Is anyone keen to help out and bake him a cake and drop it by my place before he gets home?
  10. The ACT already has an NRL team. However, if we had the talent and infrastructure, I wouldn’t be opposed to a second division. I think I’d prefer conferences though.
  11. What’s “rugby league” in Cornish?
  12. I’m feeling quite happy that I’ve never before heard about this stadium. I know so little about the world of soccer. Looks like a great stadium though!
  13. I’ve almost finished an Esperanto course. I’ve not interest in the themes that helped create the language. I simply read about it and wondered if it really works. I’ve also spent so much time at home I thought it’d give me something to do other than surf the internet or Netflix.
  14. I stayed in Vegas’ smaller relative, Reno, in the late 80s. We slept in a camper van in a dodgy car park that had on street prostitutes. I’m not sure if one of us had a gun or not … too far back for my memory. I suspect Vegas offers a much more glamorous experience!
  15. He may also want to be closer to his two brothers at Newcastle.
  16. I sometimes go to the comments section of A-league articles and write mundane things while using the word “soccer” (I know very little about soccer). It doesn’t boost RL but it really hits a nerve with the exact type of Australian soccer (“Stop writing soccer, it’s football!”) fan who doesn’t like rugby league.
  17. Someone in my neighbourhood had an ebike stolen from their garage in the middle of the day. The victims saw the thief riding away on it.
  18. As a white Australian I don’t find it offensive at all. Most white Australians wouldn’t be offended either. In fact, your view would just confuse them. White players are surrounded by white coaches, white doctors, white physiotherapists, white journalists, white TV commentators, mostly white crowds and mostly white fans while out and about. For a white player to say how good it is to have some white people around would just be odd as it’s already very normal for them everywhere. As a person in a minority group it’s sometimes nice to be around people who “understand”. I’ve been in those shoes in another country.
  19. He’s just implying he’s less likely to feel homesick and culturally isolated. It’s that simple. Like with a Pom that likes the other Poms in Canberra. You’re starting an argument from nothing.
  20. It was ok in Australia to say that about Pakistanis for huge parts of my life. It was just another shortened version of their name like Aussies, kiwis etc . It was used in newspapers and TV when cricket was discussed. I got a huge shock and was very confused when I discovered it was used as an insult in the UK.
  21. Would people really care if a new English player for Canberra said it was great to play with so many other English players? I think not.
  22. This is SE QLD with a population of 3.6 million in one of the most rugby league mad places on earth. It’s a place where it’s safe for RL to be ambitious.
  23. Even the dirt hill NRL stadiums can hold around 20,000. Redcliffe’s stadium is just too small. I’d be surprised if they get the NRL franchise is they plan to play out of that place.
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