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  1. Farmers can, and do, shoot dogs chasing flocks of sheep. Horses are put down when they are geldings break a leg. It would happen to a pit pony as well as a racehorse. I'd venture that the racehorse had a better life. Most male sheep have a lifespan of about eighteen months to two years. a captive bolt is not much different to being shot.
  2. 1. Racehorses like to run. That's why loose horses keep running after their jockeys have fallen. 2. Point-To-Point courses can offer more dangerous fences than racecourses by the presence of inexperienced riders. 3. Most "pedigree" / thoroughbred animals were bred for a purpose. Try pulling a lovely-pet Kerry Blue Terrier off a rat or a hedgehog. 4. I once worked in a lab where a rabbit pup was born with hydrocephalus. Rabbits are vegetarian but, overnight, the mother killed it and ate it.
  3. I've got a book on the Blues 'with foreword by John Lee Hooker'. Funny that, since he famously never learned to read and write.
  4. Ilkley nominated last week as Britain's best place to live. Stuart Cummings has moved to Ilkley. And he's now an ECB match official for county cricket.
  5. Former Wales RU standoff, Leeds RL halfback and Glamorgan cricketer Alan Rees has passed away, aged 84. I remember him as a fantastic fielder.
  6. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/20011082.george-burgess-charged-alleged-sexual-touching-australia/
  7. I remember him well but didn't know till now that he also played cricket for warwickshire.
  8. Our conservative game did us no favours. Leigh were bigger and fitter than us, could absorb our bashers and would be less tired at the end. We needed an offload game ... showed flashes but not enough to deliver a sustained period of attack. Second half, too much five-drives-and-a-kick from both teams. The kiks were iither long ground-gainers or high bombs; the grubber delivered in open play has gone out of the game. No complaints; it was an absorbing game but no classic. Everyone got their money's worth. The Bulls surprised me by showing that, with a settled team, we could have a chance in the playoffs. Unfortunately, for many of our players, the reward would be kudos, a few bob and a P45. Assuming we don't go up, from next season we need to concentrate on acadamy lads and a three year plan that doesn't include John Kear as head coach.
  9. I once worked in Accrington for six months. Bottle = Bockle Kettle = Keckle To be honest, I found it funny and not remotely annoying.
  10. Devastating when a loved pet dies. Heart-warming to see the Ukrainian refugees fetching their pets.
  11. People from Monmouth who call it Munmuth. Pretentious tw @s
  12. I put on a band at Cleckheaton Rugby Club last week to support the club's annual tour. Pat Fulgoni's Blues Experience. Catch them if you can; they are really good.
  13. Excuse me Mr Waiter bloke, where's the gravy? And who ever heard of a Sunday dinner without mint sauce. If my Mam was still about, she'd be wanting a word.
  14. I thought watching the Bulls' obsessive five-drives-and-a-kick was bad but it's even worse for the Jacks fans. https://www.dai-sport.com/i-cant-wait-for-next-season-says-russell-martin-after-swansea-have-77-per-cent-possession-and-one-shot/
  15. Last night, I managed to get a new bird upstairs. A proper bird. A starling knocked the ornaments off the windowsill on my landing. Today, the little sods are trying to make a nest in my loft.
  16. Rowland Phillips didn't fit in at Warrington. He was outstanding at Workington.
  17. Lynda Baron's last film was Dream Horse, now being shown on Sky movies. It's a really good film and shot in Blaenavon, 2 miles from the village where I was brought up.
  18. From Wales in my era: Jonathan Davies Phil Ford Scott Gibbs Allan Bateman John Bevan David Watkins Kevin Ellis Jim Mills Tony Fisher Rowland Phillips Paul Moriarty Brian Juliff Kel Coslett John Mantle, Dai Young, Roy Matthias, John Devereux Apologies to those not brought to mind. Apologies to all the great wingers I've had to leave out. If only Mark Ring hadn't changed his mind. He'd have been a sensation. Pity it's not ice hockey rules; we could have brought Bobby Wanbon, Mark Jones and Mike Nicholas on just for the fights.
  19. For a programme that's based on "knowledge", it's amazing that the BBC has no knowledge of what constitutes a "celebrity".
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