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  1. The trouble with the Claque is that they think their opinion is more important than anyone else's. Then they snivel to the Moderators when it's challenged. Anyone who wanted Brexit was regarded as an imbecile and completely out of step with the zeitgeist (). Then the working class twice proved them wrong at the ballot box. The second time, the working class were even prepared to vote Tory in protest about the way the Labour Party was ignoring its core voting stock. I presume Claquers are still whingeing about all this on the Politics Thread. If only the Public had listened to them.
  2. I can rember when we just had 2 channels and ITV didn't show anything before about 4pm every day ... Crossroads
  3. A badge of honour or, alternatively, guilty of having a different viewpoint than the TRL claque. Anyway, someone who I thought would be alive and would eventually record again. Unfortunately, he died two years ago ... Mark Hollis of Talk Talk.
  4. The competition could have split the teams into two groups ... The M62 and the A1.
  5. He once did a show at Oakenshaw Park in Bradford. Fell off.
  6. None of those RL grounds have got anything other than a few scrub trees around them. Pontypool Park boasts dozens of different tree species, including this one: A national competition to name Wales' most beautiful trees has just come to an end. And the winner of the Woodland Trust competition is a 400-year-old chestnut tree in Pontypool Park. Proper Game of Thrones tree if I ever saw one.
  7. If nothing else, Pontypool have the most picturesque ground in either code of rugby. Their decline, just like that of Newbridge, Cross Keys and Ebbw Vale, owes much to the favouritism showed to Newport by the WRU.
  8. Didn't see the game ... working and telly disconnected for associated purpose. However, I have some confidence in thinking that we won't get promoted with John Kear at the helm. "Not getting relegated " is our style of play these days. We have no mavericks and I think we play what amounts to stereotype rugby. The worst thing about today's result is that I'm not right bothered about it. I'm bored stiff with relentles five drives and a kick. Mind you, it makes the fans' pubtime reminiscences much more fun than they were when we actually won stuff. Stockholm syndrome has kicked in and, yes. I'll be renewing season tickets. To be fair, I've had forty-odd years of paying Income Tax and I'm never been overjoyed about that either.
  9. Fleeting Return: Not sure if it was a one-off performance but Lachlan Walmsley was the best player I've seen this season the Championship.
  10. Funny how times change. Three former giants of Australian RL have not made the playoffs ... Manly, Broncos and St George.
  11. To be fair, for a couple of years I had Sweet Child o' Mine as my ringtone.
  12. Miami Dolphins San Francisco 49ers Cleveland Brown's Philadelphia Eagles. New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons Buffalo Bills. Houston Texans Minnesota Vikings. Carolina Panthers Indianapolis Colts. Seattle Seahawks. Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints. Baltimore Ravens.
  13. A great Tour for the fans and a salutory one for Dave Brailsford. A couple of weeks ago, Ineos deployed its standard robot tactics for the Tirreno Adriatico. Geraint Thomas didn't win. Will Ineos change tactics in the Giro d'Italia? Has anyone actually seen one of those new Grenadier motors? Looks horrible in the pictures.
  14. 1. Shoe sizes are still measured in barleycorns. Proper British barleycorns that obviously only grow to one size, whatever the weather and temperature. 2. Even the metricators mess about with standard measurement regimes. First there was the cgs system, then the MKS system and now the SI system. It's a French plot. Probably because their leaders from Napoleon through Sarkozy to Macron wanted units that didn't make them sound like short a r s e s.
  15. I have a granddaughter who just got 3 grade-a A levels. She's gone to Liverpool because "It's got a good dance scene". Her friend has done the same. Blokes will never understand how important dancing is to teenage girls.
  16. Oi, you lot!! Stop setting targets for John Kear's 2021 signing policy.
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