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  1. The main difference between Regan Grace and Ash Handley is that Handley wouldn't get in the Saint Helens team.
  2. No, I remember it as not bad for a first attempt. #ChubbyChasersofLancashire
  3. I don't care how many injuries we've got, Widdop needs to be left out.
  4. I don't know what you lot are moaning about. It's just been basic Kearball.
  5. GB has four halfbacks in the team, five if you count Connor. 40 minutes and not one offload or sidestep between them.
  6. You can get 90% of that for free on C5's Police Interceptors.
  7. Right now, Wayne Bennett has do what he can with the squad that he has chosen. My suggestion would be to play Josh Hodgson at loose forward, he is a great cover tackler and is a prmary tactician for Canberra. IMO: James Graham is not a loose forward; he should be a starting prop because he's got a heart like a lion. Gareth Widdop should accept that Jackson Hastings runs the show. Zak Hardaker should play fullback; he's a dead end in the centre. We'd have to play Blake Austin or Jonny Lomax there alongside Jake Connor. Chris Hill isn't doing the business and so Jack Hughes and Josh Jones should be on the bench.
  8. I read somewhere that Edwards is being sought by a French RU club.
  9. Workington Man will vote Brexit Party. Workington Woman will panic about her foreign holidays and vote Liberal
  10. All quiet on the Chalmers front. All quiet on the RFL front. The Mick Gledhill Facebook front: I've looked into the frozen #BradfordBulls lottery account situation and the £107,000 and the club's attempts to regain access to this account have so far been unsuccessful. Gary Pettit of PBC Business Recovery froze the account during the recent liquidation. The Bradford Bulls Website front: The club reaffirms its commitment to junior engagement within rugby league and the reduction in pricing is designed to encourage the next generation to watch John Kear’s side in action next term. We pledge to refund the difference to those who have already purchased a 2020 Junior Season Ticket – with the Junior Replica Shirt offer still valid. Junior Season Tickets can now be purchased from a cost of ONLY £49 as well as receiving the FREE Junior Replica Shirt (RRP: £35)! To be fair, for a parent, buying your kid a season ticket and a shirt for £49 is an absolute bargain.
  11. The Coral Stand is a sectional building and may be capable of being dismantled and sold. It is a terrific facilty that allegedly cost a couple of million to build and erect. Building it meant that speedway and/or stockcar racing couldn't return. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the council tried to sell it under the pretext of making Odsal a multi-sport facility at some non-specified time in the future.
  12. I think it must be to work on the psychology of coaching, plus to pick up motivational and training ideas. I'm guessing that, for coaches who were average players, it is important to have techniques to get leading current players to listen to you and respect you. If you had been a great player, it would give you an insight into what things are like for the less gifted. It would also make you more self-analytical of your own coaching performance. I hate tennis and wouldn't dream of watching it but I do find the coaching of Andy Murray interesting. He's gone against the grain by having had a female coach and, currently, a former British player who never hit the heights. At Bradford Northern in the 1980's , our coach Peter Fox was a devotee of Vince Lombardi and regularly wore a Green Bay Packers baseball cap. The NRL started introducing wrestling coaching a few years ago.
  13. Not sure but he's President of the RFL. Presumably, like Stuart Pearce, he got into the sport when doing his UEFA coaching badges. Candidates have to do work in another sport.
  14. That staement's grossly unfair to Uncle Tom.
  15. There are more games to play and probably a few more injuries. GB should send for replacements.
  16. Never mind, the carer will be round soon to put you to bed. Meanwhile, I'm off out.
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