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  1. From what I've seen - AJ Wallace and Lachlan Walmsley are good enough for Superleague - Sam Hallas hasn't got the size or temperament for Superleague - Joe Keyes would have to really up his defence to make it in Superleague.
  2. Bale did nothing; Ramsey was useless. Page didn't have the guts to take them off after an hour.
  3. I think we'll win the first three. If only we could guess what Widnes' game plan will be? Surely, we can't believe those ridiculous rumours that the first seventy minutes will be five drives and a kick? Hopefully, we'll put at least twenty past them.
  4. Really great singer and a really great live band. Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton died this year as well. One of those who had his own sound.
  5. All the foreign players will want to say I've played against England and France at rugby league. It could also bring in some telly exposure from the likes of Eurosport. Obviously both are Tier 1 international teams and will, in any case, qualify for major tournaments. I think the answer is for England and France to either: - only play uncapped players who have played fewer than twenty games at Superleague level. or (my favoured system) - play a select Championship XIII ... give some reward to players who have slogged away and shed blood for their teams with virtually no official recognition. Oscar Thomas Johnny Campbell Adam Ryder Ryan Shaw Rob Worrincey Lewis Charnock Jordan Lilley Mikey Wood Reiss Butterworth Dan Murray Matt Garside Will Lovell John Davies
  6. You lot can laugh as much as you like, but I'm confident that in 2023 the Bulls can reach the promised land. The Playoffs.
  7. Oil City. Brilliant Dr Feelgood documentary on Sky Arts last night.
  8. Great guitarist, great sound. I saw him a few times over the years, the last time at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge.
  9. We had a family weekend there, earlier this year. Nearest available hotel was the Ramada in Telford ... pretty good. Terrible signposting in Ironbridge and the route to the bridge even fooled Waze. Eventally found it and, whilst historically important, it's not visually impressive. I suspect young kids would find Ironbridge boring. I'd rather have gone to Bridgenorth and had a ride on the funicular. Always wanted to go back there after a kids' rugby game there years ago. Looked a really nice town. However, it was good to meet up with my sisters and our families. It's become an event following the death of our Mam and only one of us still lives in Wales. Last year's get-together was in Lichfield. Now that was a great place. Nice hotel, magnificent cathedral and a big bar with real ale and a live band. Previous year was Stratford on Avon. Not my scene and a fortnight later I received a parking ticket for stopping on a quiet street to check the directions to the hotel. Obviously never went to a "show" (that expression will no doubt cheese off the natives ... he he he). Anyway, as all proper rugby league fans know, Ole Bill Shakespeare was never a patch on John Godber.
  10. Elliot Hall gone to Doncaster. Pity, I really like him as a player.
  11. What happened to the Set Restart Hooter? Samoa laid on in the tackle and used an unnecessary third tackler throughout that game. England players being held down should have lashed out with their feet. Force that ref to make a decision. He can't send all thirteen off.
  12. Tomkins 5 Young 6 Watkins 4 Farnworth 8 Makinson 7 Welsby 4 Williams 7 Burgess* 7 McIlorum 4 Hill 7 Whitehead 8 Bateman 5 Radley 6 Knowles 4 Thompson 4 Cooper 5 McMeeken* 5 *Should have had more gametime Flair 5 Imagination 3 Use of Wingers in Attack 3 Tactical Kicking 5 Anger 3 I wasn't expecting to watch Kearball.
  13. Thomas Joseph Morris is a British billionaire businessman and the founder of retail chain Home Bargains. According to the Sunday Times Rich List in May 2021, Morris and his family are worth £4.36 billion
  14. Victoria Fritz has renamed herself Victoria Valentine.
  15. As a Bulls fan, I've bought several club shirts over the years. The prime aim of any club shirt design is obviously to get fans to buy as many of those shirts as possible for wearing to games. From bitter experience, no sane club should produce a white shirt. Every game, via spillage, acidental jostling, haphazard flask-pouring or food-drip, that shirt will be splattered by at least one of tea, coffee, tomato sauce, brown sauce, fried onions, choc-ice, beer or lager. You will look a prat until you finally get home and take it off. I'll never by another one. Let's hear it for dark-coloured shirts.
  16. With Tom Doyle gone and Sam Hallas rumoured to be off, maybe Jordan Lilley will be sharing hooker duties with George Flanagan. Myles Lawford is a terrific prospect at halfback and Geoorge Flanagan Junior is also surely good enough to play there. We just need an enforcer to protect them.
  17. I consider that's not quite far enough away. George Harrison had a big album in the 1970's ... All Things Must Pass. I suspect Sam Hallas has never heard of it.
  18. Elliot Kear to Batley. Aaron Murphy to Sheffield. Lee Greenwood joins as Assistant Coach
  19. No, but it's a shadow of what it was. Pitch is a postage stamp surrounded by a sea of sand and dirt that forms the stock car track. The Coral Stand scoreboard doesn't work and the buiding itself looks really shabby.
  20. The New Beehive pub in Bradford has closed and is likely to be converted to offices and flats. The lounge featured two fantastic murals (~ 4m long and on boards) of pubs whose customers were dead rock stars. They were done by a local artist called Jim Smith. I hope the former owner has taken those murals with him.
  21. Cornwall are always a strong team in the RU County Championship. They've reached 12 finals in the last 33 years and have taken thousands to Twickenham. There's no League soccer team there. They can gather support if they are anywhere mid-table. They'll never reach Superleague but could be a good addition to the Championship.
  22. Sale, Stockport and Cheadle are very prosperous neighbouring towns. Attracting supporters from their residents seems like a reasonable commercial proposition. Sale is on the M60 and the Manchester tram service ... the ground is close to the station. Sale RUFC play in blue and have a nice ground. Station Road was a fantastic venue for watching rugby. So was Odsal, so was Fartown. We may not like the replacements as much but young/new fans want and expect twentyfirst century facilities.
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