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  1. I think you're on safe ground. I can't see anywhere else wanting to claim Salford. The confusion comes because nowhere else wants to claim Manchester either.
  2. League 2 and Non-League (I think) football has shut down Bradford City and Halifax are largeish grounds that are easy to get to.
  3. Lee Briers had a rubbish dummy and sidestep. So rubbish that the Bulls bought both several times in most games. Briers should have had a bagfull of GB caps.
  4. I only tried marriage once. Since then, I've never met anyone rich enough to make me want to try again.
  5. I have a season ticket for the Bulls. Who play five drives and a kick on a mini-pitch. In Dewsbury. I buy my mate one as well. It's expensive but cheaper than having to pay a dominatrix to laugh at my dogged persistent attitude, sneer at my memories, wee on me and then hit me with a spiky bat.
  6. House prices in Leeds are much higher than Bradford. Coprophilia, I expect.
  7. When you have a poo in Bradford, most sewers feed Esholt Sewage Works. In case of failure or flood, the sewage works has to open the sluice gates to the River Aire which flows to ... Leeds [Hmmm, my stomach seems to be rumbling a bit this morning ...]
  8. How many kids will not have glitter all over them at the end of the day? !!!!!
  9. Is it Latrine? Works both ways. Pontypool has Sebastapol. Bradford has the the Walls of Jericho, set in Egypt, a small group of houses above Thornton village. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egypt,_Bradford
  10. That's why I haven't started Babylon Berlin Series III on Sky and White Lines on Netflix.
  11. Don't worry, that haircut looks the dog's b****cks.
  12. No red yellow and black kits. No wonder soccer is a rubbish game. I'll support Cologne in green and red ... Wales, Keighley and Wibsey RU.
  13. Filling in the gaps. If the thread would allow the soubriquet "Effin", I could name any number of Leeds players.
  14. Just watched local news on BBC Wales. A fair stretch of the River Wye forms the boundary with England. Anglers can fish on the English bank but not on the Welsh one.
  15. I left Bradford University in 1975. I am 66 this month. The Alumni Association has just sent me a missive containing this. To be fair, it's good of them to care about some of our younger alumni. With difficult economic times ahead, for some people it could be the right time to return to university to receive a higher qualification or completely change career, by for example, training to be a healthcare professional
  16. Brendan Hill (another of our old boys) once said that There's no grass growing on the M1.
  17. It's called streamlining to cut wind resistance at full sprint. Look at that front row ... blinding pace, all of them.
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