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  1. Look! I know we once had 14 on the pitch against Castleford, but 24 has got to be stretching it a bit! ????
  2. I watched for about 40 minutes and I was very impressed with the quality of the feed, if not the rugby. (Tbf, there was a gale blowing the length of the pitch and the players were struggling with it.) Even the commentators were trying hard not to be one-eyed. All in all, a very good effort. Well done to Barrow RLFC!
  3. Clearly. The big issue in football over the last year has been racism. We (as in the English media) have, rightly imo, made a huge fuss about Bulgarian racism and yet here we are, with racism being prominent in English and European football still. Think Sterling at Chelsea, United players at City, Balotelli in Italy, among others. Of course the actions of three assholes make the news. It is news. "Thirty thousand people don't commit a racist attack" just isn't news.
  4. But does she know better than you how to load it? My guess, from personal marital experience, is "Yes!"
  5. I'm sorry, but if you have to ask that question, the answer won't help you.
  6. But I'm piffed, and it's getting quite late I had to use f instead of s to avoid the sweary filter
  7. You are the new CEO of Boeing, aren't you? Listen, you can't fix the 737 Max with a spreadsheet. Just ask the previous guy.
  8. Talking of Newton Heath, I notice that FC United Manchester (?) play at a ground very close to their original home.
  9. I want a Ferrari, but until they retail for £25000, I won't get one. There is a pub that I could literally crawl to from the AJB. There are, I believe, two bus routes that go past the AJB and, while I know they are not as frequent as they could be, a bit of planning could see you get there. Seriously, what do "people" want? Do they want the club to send a taxi to their door and take them to the stadium? If I could make it there from Whitby, surely anyone in Greater Manchester could make it there if they want to. It's not that difficult.
  10. Sorry Rob, but that is wrong on at least two counts. 1. This 'access' thing is nonsense, as is the egress 'issue'. I used to travel to the AJB regularly from Whitby and I only once failed to get to the AJB. That was due to a traffic accident on the M62 near Huddersfield. The motorway was totally blocked and I turned round at Brighouse and went home. I believe Jodie Broughton also missed the game due to the traffic jam. Neither is there a real problem with getting away from the ground after the match (an oft-repeated myth). You just have a 10 minute wait while the pedestrians leave the imm
  11. I've been waiting for good news before posting this publicly. My wife had surgery to remove a cancerous lump from her breast on Tuesday. The surgery went well and she was released from Heraklion hospital yesterday evening. She is sitting opposite me in our local taverna, drinking wine and waiting for our meal. First signs are very positive, surgeon is very happy with the procedure and the first post-op meeting with said surgeon is on Sunday. I am happy.☺
  12. Sorry, I've only just caught up here. My condolences to you and your family.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Hard to know what to say, but I hope you are bearing up.
  14. If she had said 'thrusting' instead of 'throwing', would it have been literally acceptable? ?
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