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  1. Brilliant. I saw them a few years back, hoping to see them again
  2. Facey's back on, thank fruit fer that. Close the thread Mr Moderator, sanity can now be restored............ wibble
  3. ey up, it's cheaper then cinema tha'knows. I might even crack open a bag of KP salted
  4. It's completely obvious to every sane follower of RL that Super League needs to expand to 14 full time clubs. At some point the decision makers will see the light. If Toulouse and Fev are ready to go up then now is the time to start that process. It ain't rocket surgery....
  5. Tenting, as a kid, was an adventure. Family holidays to Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, sleeping in a tent or awning as a 6,7,8 year old. Bacon and beans for breakfast. Stopping up late, pop and crisps,fish and chips for supper. Brilliant and character building. Doing the same as a 40 year old ( the last time I endured it ) ain't the same. Putting up a 2 man tent that is only big enough for you and your kit bag. Waking up at 2AM freezing cold and trying to put on every bit of clothing you've brought with you just to keep warm. Trying to get dressed in the morning on your knees because the tent is only 3 foot high. Realising that the 4 days worth of beer/wine you brought with you only lasts 2 nights and the local town shop is a Co-Op, with prices to match.
  6. I like the T4...... and RHB Peace and quiet, a bit of solitude ( other than the local pub ) perfect
  7. Old Frightful, Did you have to travel to the Marfleet Lane William Hills to put that bet on?
  8. Are you sure that these "people" are real and not just a figure of an active imagination?
  9. A German bratwurst franchise is opening in Nottingham, reports the Nottingham Post. They don't say where..... or when The Nottingham Post isn't known for it's investigative journalism.
  10. The oval arena is to allow for the chariot racing on a Wednesday evening.
  11. Exactly this. And from the four teams left HKR are the ones I'd like to see win it. Have they got two more big games in them? On paper you'd probably say not against Cats and then Saints. Unless loiners can somehow blag their way past Saints......
  12. Understood chap, understood. I enjoy my rugby, and I enjoy live music, I've never left a gig p!$£3d off, I have however left the rugby........ somewhat dischuffed
  13. Even if the dates do clash, a night at the gig is, IMHO, your first choice surely. You can watch Saints play the Pies or Wire 5 times a season
  14. If you have been growing the same crops in the same plot of soil for a few years, then those crops will have taken the same nutrients out of the soil each year, thereby reducing the good ness that those crops need. It is a good idea to rotate crops each year around your growing plot. As, like most folk, you have a limited amount of space, then a very good way of reviving and improving your vegetable plot is to dig in plenty of well rotted manure or organic soil improver. Doing this a couple of months before you intend to plant is the best bet, as the goodness has time to permiate the plot. If you wait until you already have veg planted then you can only scatter the manure/improver over the surface to avoid disturbing your veg. In short, whatever you want to grow, you need to prepare for two months in advance. A very good and free source of info is available on How to grow potatoes / RHS Gardening and How to Grow Potatoes - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine (gardenersworld.com)
  15. 3 games of Rugby league, on a saturday, and it's free.....
  16. well it's certainly unique. Now if they'd been sent off and banned for a few games, making them unable to play for their parent club.........
  17. I wasn't taking the p. It was a suggestion from someone looking at your problem from the outside. The " Giants" club name has never caught on, it has no sway in pulling new fans in, or evidently not many as that seems to be the issue. As for club colours, you have a very traditional and well recognised jersey, but your marketing team are forever coming up with random designs that don't shout HUDDERSFILED RL , don't sell and are changed too quickly. ( and you're not the only club making this mistake). I cannot ever remember seeing a Huddersfield jersey being worn at a music festival / seaside holiday town etc. I have however seen many other RL jerseys at similar places. And until you do something to get that big stadium bouncing on a match day, you won't make people start paying attention and wanting to get involved. ............ and yours is not the only club with similar issues
  18. If huddersfield are trying to bring in New younger crowds then they need to grab their interest. Take a leaf out of Bradford Bull's book when we went to summer rugby and rebrand, bring in the razzmatazz. Also change the clubs colours and ditch the Giants nametag, they're boring.
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