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  1. Think they'll stay up tbh. The two I'd have are second rowers. It's actually the Bulls strongest area at the moment.
  2. Well Newcastle releasing 14 players apparently. See them at your club soon..
  3. Dec Patton still trying and being shown on Bulls media. Apparently four more signings to be announced.
  4. This is why only a couple of teams should automatically qualify. Cook Islands to play..... Ermmmm.... Errr. Someone please. Someone tell me why a quarter finalist should automatically qualify for the next world cup?
  5. Can't remember. I started a thread like this some time back about places where RL is not present despite being near a hotbed. Will try and find it in a bit.
  6. Is that white or cream. Never thought I'd say that on a RL thread!!
  7. Mam's a yes after pulling out France with only seven left in my locals sweepstake. How about 2 each for first X amount that said yes then one for the rest.
  8. Please can we have all the photos back on Mr Drake. Pllleeasse. Xx
  9. With blowing my own trumpet, that's me as a potential finalist. Night on twenty years no warnings whatsoever. Me a fence sitter? Neigh
  10. Well Harrogate started from a thread on here I believe so why not.
  11. With the beautiful seafront if Lytham not far up the road.
  12. But what did he do wrong in any games for us.
  13. Is it my imagination but is there not a flock of birds flying in front of it.
  14. Said to my mate in the pub for QF. We needed PNG to test us, be near to us enough to win though. I strangely wanted Samoa to win. Don't know why. This could have positive long term affects.
  15. Doubt it. Lilley if anyone from Halves would be better at Hooker. Thought Hallas was staying as he can cover there. However his Australian club move has been cancelled...... Crikey I feel like I'm turning into Gledhill.
  16. Bulls linked with a current PNG player apparently with that news coming from down under.
  17. Personally I think it's just what we need before a world cup semi final. Ffs
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