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  1. Most of Bradford's from my time didn't do much. Terry Holmes retired, Gerald Cordle was nicknamed teflon and Brett Iti had the potential but couldn't match it. Darrell Shelford was a good player and we got Hugh Gumbs into the game who could have been great if he'd had joined at a younger age. Neil Summers signed from Headingley and I believe David Cooper was signed from Union
  2. So I've waited the two years near enough and set the ball rolling. Gone down the solicitors route. She paid £410 towards something in our name without consultation with me and is now demanding it. I don't have that money at the moment. She says it's for the boys for Xmas but not that I mention them but if rarely I do she says don't bring the boys into this. Hate confrontation but it has to be done. I've realised I'm a good dad after being allowed to parent how I see rather than being told. My lad has anxiety and possible ADHD. I listen to him she shouts some of the time. He says he wants to live with me so that's a positive.
  3. Because we are still down the pits and when we are not there we are walking our whippets or having a pint of mile in the local. Weve no time for fan comfort our way.
  4. I get that but what can u do? I honestly think it's between 2. Price and Clayton. Wright with this form maybe there or there about. Wade and Searle are on form. Out out sider??? I'd say... Heta, Humphries or Rydz. Ratajski poss semis.
  5. I had three "new" tips I discussed with my mates. Clayton as previously said another was Searle. I'll look back to find out who the other was. It won't pay much but e/w Gerwyn Price.
  6. Think it's worthy of A thread. Kept thinking when he was a live that Eric Hall was dead. Then now thinking he's alive he died last year. Mark Hollis. Great voice.
  7. I honestly thought we may nudge the top 2 this year. Looking at this signing ermm maybe not.
  8. This is why I like the Therapy Troublegum album. Sold over a million and released in 1994 yet not many have heard of them. Plus my fave album. Although they would have liked to have broken through I like the fact that my fave album is (sort of) unique to me.
  9. They are at a different stadium to the one when we played them. We were out of town but the bus tram train system is immense. The usual guide a beer is approx 6 euro. I'd stay in the same hotel again and travel in. Plus there was an Aldi nearby. Also for the game get there early. The atmosphere is great.
  10. Had Oysters for the first time last night. Not bad.
  11. Get on Jonny Clayton for the World's.
  12. Not too sure. Edgar's bids are pretty good. She may have more prize money than Ashton but Ashton got the card, however Ashton has to requalify. The women's game us strong. People forget that Suzuki was a dart or so away from being the first female to beat a male onstage.
  13. She's good no denying, ironically not the best female player. She hasn't a tour card which means if she doesn't get one this year she'll be relying on invitational alone. Strangely she could win the whole thing and not be on the full circuit next year. Beating Sulivic by the way is no mean feat. She's done it twice in majors now.
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