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  1. How about 12 teams play each other twice and Magic Weekend? Frees up time for Internationals. Now if only we had a 12 team SL..............
  2. Surely proofs in the pudding. Can you name anything of note?
  3. Has anyone got a rough list or idea of the last three CEOs achievements including Rimmer's?
  4. Am I worried about attendances? Not at this stage after the pandemic. However if people think that the game will be saved, improved etc by yet another restructure they are seriously deluded. When clubs got the Murdoch money all them years ago, very few put the money into the structure, development and attracting crowds. What we are seeing now amongst other things are the remnants of this.
  5. Good drummer. Only like a couple of Slipknot songs but he played along side Metallica at some events.
  6. Plans for a park n ride to and from Odsal are taking place. Obviously to Bradford.
  7. Surely if Indigenous sides can come over then Australia and New Zealand could.
  8. For me clubs should be self sufficient on top of the money rather than relying on it. For example Dewsbury have the Carboot that brings in extra revenue. Batley have been utilising their stadium for years hence why they are one of very few without recent financial problems. Barrow are giving it a massive push this year plus Keighley are trying to bring Cougar time back. One connection with these is that they have their own stadiums. My fear us for some of the others. Oldham and Swinton spring to mind. Swinton tried to rebrand to try and take the club forward. That was poopooed by th
  9. And the credibility of the tournament goes downhill if an invitational team wins it.
  10. I'm struggling to get into alot of the major sporting event because of what's been happening. I'm sure my interest will pick up with the athletics but more so when the sporting calendar, and life, settles down.
  11. Think this the perfect time national and internationally to get everyone to unify. We are on about an independent panel nationally the same should be done international wise. How can the sport be taken seriously if one country plays to different rules than the others?
  12. This is either Northern Exposure or Parksider on a wind up shuurrrely
  13. Change your tattoo to a Bull and your life will change forever. I'm not saying for the better but it will change.
  14. There was an irony the other week when we played Oldham. Adam Fogerty and Wood were discussing the pitch at Stalybridge and moaning about the distance between the 30 and 40 yard/metre line. I was dying to say something by and I'm a Bradford fan.
  15. Look changing things mid season, end of season, etc etc is why our sport isn't taken seriously. It's embarrassing. Imagine football saying errrm this year 3 relegated from premier League. 3. Years no one. Then Oh just the 1, then.......u get it. We haven't really had a long period of consistency for years. 12 teams 23 fixtures. Easy, allows time for internationals. But no. That's too easy. The more I see threads of this nature the I feel at a lost with our sport.
  16. So, here's one for you. What about someone sponsoring it?
  17. Went to a nice little Indian restaurant with the girlfriend last night. All the staff were under 5ft
  18. I get this to a certain extent. Another pre but not in the literacy sense is Baby Showers and Engagement parties. This is pre the event. As a father who lost a daughter you are celebrating something that may not happen. I completely don't get engagement parties though. One of my former mates sister had an engagement party got 2000 pounds worth of goods and they separated within a couple of weeks after. You're celebrating a promise ffs
  19. Just putting the feelers out. Personally I think maybe a couple to balance out the draw next year but imagine if one had a cup run?
  20. Come on Harry. We haven't done anything wrong for a week.
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