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  1. Can someone explain to me the problem that caused Bradford to leave Odsal and did that issue get resolved so they could return ?
  2. I like Salford as a club but I think Leeds are due an 80 minute performance they will be hurting after last two losses . No score predictions, but a Leeds win
  3. Congratulations to St Helens and well played Castleford for contributing to a great game which deserved a full stadium.
  4. Well I'm looking forward to it and I haven't a preference ,just want a good game .Hope it's a safe occasion for all who attend
  5. Playoffs are always different especially when it comes to the final as we have seen in the past .
  6. An underdog result springs up every now and then . As a RL fan I'm just hoping for a good game our sport needs it . It will be good to hear " sweet Caroline " again. Who knows
  7. Leeds played quite well up to running out of steam last week and they should be a bit fitter this time round . I still think Cats will take it . It's still early and teams who make the running sometimes fall flat in play offs 5 GF defeats in a row " Any way up to now Cats look the real deal
  8. This man was a great RL player and a fine person Arguably Leeds best ever . Any insulting disrespectful comments from "Hicksville " residents are not called for . The man died at the age of 58 and it's a very emotional day for his family
  9. Small town mentality in granny knitted wooly scarves . 5 in a row sad record too
  10. Were you one of those sad faces in your soaking wet through granny knitted scarves ? I bet it's you. I almost felt sorry for them
  11. You arent getting many bites are you ? But ok you can add me ,but that's all
  12. They might be becoming the dominant team this season, but isn't that how its supposed to work?
  13. If I was from those traditional historic proud Lancashire towns I would object to being called greater Manchester. I come from Bramley always part of Leeds ,but just up the road is Pudsey where I live now just on the old border actually and the old Pudsey natives still object to being classed as Leeds with an LS postcode. " Pudsa where t sparrers fly backards ter keep t soot outta ther eyes "
  14. I like Leythers I've always got on with them since ahem 1971 . This pandemic has wrote off two seasons I'm already looking forward to season 2022. Leeds to win this game by 13
  15. It's not just " SUPER 8 " That upsets him its also 7 9 and 11
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