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  1. I think the crowd could be quite a range tbh. If we look at the last full final we got 62k for Saints v Wire. If I'm going to be positive I'd hope we can achieve that again, and hopefully then get that sellout. Wire took a low following to that game, far lower than any of our previous trips and tbh I don't think it will have been much more than Hudds will take. So let's maybe knock 5k off that 62k. But then we do know that we often get a boost on crowds for novelty, on the first time we visit a quality stadium. So there has to be hope that the uplift there would compensate and hopefully add more than that. The question is whether Spurs ground puts people off because its not Wembley. It wouldn't for me if I was free, but some like the tradition of Wembley. I'd be disappointed if we can't get an almost full house, even with Hudds there and their more modest fan base.
  2. To be fair for a second to the RFL, we do actually do advertising. I saw some nonsense on Twitter this week where apparently a club official didn't even know the Challenge Cup was on this weekend. Now, it was shared by the bitter Bulls fan who is ful of his own self importance and has a vendetta against Martyn, and tbh it has to be complete BS. There has been plenty of email and social media activity about the semi finals from the RFL, and I don't believe that any digitally engaged existing fan wasn't aware of the games this week (awareness and selling are obviously different things). But we do use radio advertising regularly, as well as plenty of emails and social media, but I do think they target existing customers, mainly because they have the best ROI, so people can pay themselves on the back, ig oring the fact these customers were likely to go anyway. On the point of advertising, I would like to add I have seen a noticeable push on Sky recently, SL has been getting loads of generic advertising "Home of SL" type stuff, and their ads have also been showing nice tries from the Women's game.
  3. I think that's where the skill comes in. Skillful leaders make good decisions and know where to invest the funds and get the best returns. Or hire the right people and age cues who know how to do this stuff. These things don't come cheap (or easy), but working hard to get the right customers really is what is needed.
  4. Yup. I don't think our pricing is too low tbh. I understand people don't like reductions after they have paid, it doesn't bother me personally. Our issue is that our pricing strategy is often inappropriate, and that's often because there is no strategy really.
  5. Unfortunately, I fear for the RLWC this year for similar pricing reasons. The way to move to higher pricing is not to just start charging more. But I hope I'm wrong on the world cup.
  6. I'm less of a hater of double headers than you, as long as they are part of a strategy. I don't mind the principle of a double header Semi Finals day if it is going to be a huge event in a fancy marquee stadium, with a real push to make it an event and bring in the neutrals. But it isn't, it's just two games in a hired stadium that they have opened. The event should never have become a triple header, the womens game should be standalone or at Wembley. I'm OK with this year's mid season test being a double header, because it is part of a more complete program this year where the women get their own billing, and I'm OK with the world cup final being a double header - but if we are doing the same in three tournaments time, I'll have an issue with it. I think right now there is a place for the mid season double header and pushing the joint brand, but we do know that Warrington have never drawn huge crowds for England (All Golds was a flop) and I expect it to pass with little fuss and a small crowd (although I'll go along and have a beer and enjoy it). But ultimately our approach is just cheap and lazy, and that is becoming more and more of a problem for us.
  7. I agree that is where we are (maybe not 90%), but the challenge is that it shouldn't be the case. RL isn't unique in that you can only enjoy it if your ancestors did, its the fact we don't really try to grow outside of that. The segment you refer to are the easy ones, the cheap to sell to fans, the core base. To go beyond that it costs time, effort and money, but the rewards are real.
  8. Yes, that was a challenge, and it's a slight flaw with the double header format overall. If we book Bolton we could easily end up with the two Hulls and two other Yorkshire teams. We do have a good number of appropriately sized and located grounds in the North to get the right grounds.
  9. It may be deemed 'acceptable', but I personally think its very difficult to call it a good attendance and a success. I think that's spinning too much. Based on Hull KR taking 7kish, their game should have been able to draw 10k plus as a standalone. Wigan v Saints should be drawing 12 to 15k at somewhere like Wire. The Women's Cup Final should be aiming for 5k. We really should be pushing for 30k combined here and all three games looking healthy instead of being played in front of empty stands. Of course there are other considerations like stadium costs and broadcasting deals, but on a simple basis, 22k shouldn't be deemed a success and a good crowd. Surely we aren't so poor that we would rather have 22k in one ground rather than 30k across 3?
  10. For those who went yesterday, how was the event? I assume for what is a one-day Magic weekend there was a substantial fanzone, entertainment, food and drink options etc? This wasn't a normal event, so I assume it wasnt treated normally?
  11. I do think if they are going to persevere with this they should have unreserved seating - Saints have been given a prominent spot in the stadium but naturally they all left at their game. At Magic they would just be replaced by Hudds fans. I enjoy a full day of coverage like today but its clear there isn't a large demand for fans to attend three games on semi final day. At Magic fans are in and out and making an event of it.
  12. Yep, the fans certainly made themselves heard. Came across well.
  13. Superb game of RL. Well done both teams, but I'm glad that those who had awarded Saints everything already have been proven wrong.
  14. I never thought I'd write these words. Wigan not getting much luck with the decisions.
  15. Well it looks and sounds decent, with Saints and Wigan fans showing up well. Hull KR fans and Hudds filling it up a bit now too. The £55 RFL sections are looking noticeably empty.
  16. I take it back, turns out he was right, they did just have to play better
  17. Wilkin is a terrible pundit isn't he? Basically his summary was "do everything better and you'll play better"
  18. Like a breath of fresh air to be honest. Definitely going to be taking in some of the Women's World Cup later this year.
  19. That game was great and I do want to add that the BBC coverage was superb. The female punditry team looked and sounded brilliant and it was presented as a modern progressive sport, the commentary was great and the enthusiasm was spot on. I loved that to be honest, and I feel sorry for anyone unable to enjoy it for what it is.
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