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  1. If you read Shane Richardson's plan for the future of English RL and listen to seperate recent podcast interviews with Rimmer and Johnson and everything they say matches what Richardson wrote.
  2. Agreed. Why do clubs keep pouring money into players pockets rather then purchasing assets that can provide revenue for them.
  3. You could easily substitute 1995 with 2021 and the debate is the same. I believe News Corp or whatever you want to call them will be the private equity partner but this time they will be smarter and sneakier just as they have got what they wanted in Australia with Vlandys.
  4. I live in an AFL state and am sure that they are very confident in their game. AFL people are very passionate about their clubs unlike RL that's why their grounds are full. They don't care about the international component. It will always have it's place in Australia.
  5. With all the talk about rationalising the game down to 10 teams and how the game will be for all the other clubs in the future it is interesting to listen to this debate from 1995 about the incoming Super League and how it was going to save rugby league. Yet here we are again.
  6. League shows will work as long as they keep ex star players out of them
  7. AFL is very confident in its game, always has been. People born in AFL states the game is part of the culture. I feel vlandys panders to rugby league supporters with all this afl bashing as he knows or has been told that we want our leaders sticking up for our game.
  8. Anyone watching the super league in Australia would have seen scrum free games so it is no big revelation.
  9. Did AFL fans have these conversations when Port Adelaide and Fremantle joined only in rugby league do we think the supporters come from the suburbs the club is based in. Why do South Sydney play at ANZ? Because research tells them alot of their support is in Western Sydney, they all aren't living in Redfern or have a link there. Redcliffe will get support now they are in the big league if they do well they will get a good following from their TV presence just as the Canberra Raiders did when Mal Meninga played for them.
  10. So why did this not apply when Canterbury changed their name to Sydney Bulldogs and also just Bulldogs years later, they reverted back to Canterbury as did Balmain when they changed to Sydney Tigers then back to Balmain again.
  11. Super Rugby has teams with just nicknames and you wouldnt know where they are from, come across as souless franchises. Embrace the clubs history gives it substance.
  12. No coincidence the NRL refs stopped using it as much in the finals and the games got better and closer.
  13. i read your last paragraph....Whats to say The Dolphins wont get bigger once they are in the NRL...infact they will get bigger.
  14. But its still a competitor. There is more to it then just shows. Has to to with data for future purposes https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/20/with-media-deals-complete-nfl-eyes-over-100-million-per-year-for-its-data-rights-.html
  15. When will the AFL shut down their digital arm? They won't as their game isn't run by the short sighted clubs like ours.
  16. The AFL admitted Fremantle and Port Adelaide are these not small suburban clubs too?
  17. The NRL have now appeased their masters and are getting rid of their $150 million digital arm. Once again we are at the mercy of NewsLtd they call the shots. Doesn't it feel great.
  18. There have been a large number of southerners move north for years thus the increase in numbers.
  19. True...the only country Australia had an influence was PNG and rugby league is now its national sport.
  20. I heard Brent Read on the Triple M podcast saying that this area will now see the Broncos taking a more active role in. The area had been left for the Titans to get going but they had lacked appeal so now the Broncos will have more presence and influence on the ground.
  21. Agreed...the real reason the second Brisbane team is coming in is to drive subscriptions for Kayo the game is secondary. News corp and the clubs call the shots and Vlandys is the mouthpiece.
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