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  1. Im not being funny or anything, and I was as saddened as most of the news of Terry's death. But why should we do anything?
  2. As good as Offiah was, he would not have the same impact against FT players playing the modern game as he did back when he was the man. Back the you could get away with just having pace, you cant now.
  3. The IRLF shouldnt be allowing Welsh born players to play for England. Or any other player to play for another country ofther than thier country of birth.
  4. Was by far the strongest lad in the league. Probably a few age groups above aswell. I think those 3 started weight training together. They carried Newsome and it was absolutley no surprise that they got picked up by the Giants and had the chance to make it in the pro game.
  5. i heard he had been playing at Slawit. Wonder why he's not playing at Newsome or even St Joes or Underbank. Yeah I always liked Ben. A very angry kid. I think Lodge joined the RAF or something, sure I read his name in the RL Exp when they played in the cup.
  6. Newsome have been producing good players for a few years now. Remember a few lads that signed for Giants from my age group. Phil Joseph, Ben Feehan and Chris Lodge. Feehan was by far the best, surprised he never made it pro at the top.
  7. Yeah they play attractive RL. It's good to watch a team that knows how to win games.
  8. I thought they were quite entertaining last night and have been all season.
  9. According to BMI probably a lot. But then again a lot of RL players will be if correct BMI is to be applied.
  10. Great way to get behind your country. Cant stand Macca myself(as a coach), but it wont stop me from supporting my country in the game I love.
  11. What has Sinfield/Roby/JJB/ ETC ETC ever done for England? They'll get picked, as will McGuire. I'm not a fan of Sykes, and I doubt very much he'll make the final cut, he's versatile though and thats why he's in.
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