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  1. I imagine 3k at Moor lane would feel like more than 3k at AJ Bell? If they moved and had a big game, maybe they could use AJ Bell for specific matches?
  2. What crowds do Salford football currently average? May be a guide to what Salford RLFC could expect
  3. Any Salford fans with a view? Do you want to watch your team at the current stadium or at Moor Lane? Ignoring money, which ground would you prefer to go to?
  4. Rugby show now on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/2yHGOdvs1NEc4veZIMPqkq?si=h3LC6f8ZT4y9ngRe1NpanA&utm_source=copy-link
  5. Always the refs fault It's a huge topic amongst fans, probably why this is our most popular episode to date! Talking about refs in RL and how the disciplinary panel works
  6. They're on it, there are already shows there if you subscribe it will come through once they add the rest. On iTunes and other podcast providers I use podbeam One link to acast here https://play.acast.com/s/dock-house-rugby-show
  7. We were in the studio for hours on Thursday recording about 4 different topics with Andy Mazey, hope they edit it quickly and we can get the show out. In the meantime I'm promoting last month's show when Marvelous Martyn Sadler joined us. wLb7z0a75eI
  8. Yes it's on iTunes but the production team sometimes forget to add they want it to be a visual show but I keep asking them as at least a dozen people have asked for it as a podcast.
  9. Several new episodes recorded today and more guests lined up over the next few weeks. Andy Mazey, Rochdale Hornets Chairman and former Swinton Lions Chairman joined us for several episodes on RL funding, development, being a Chairman of a RL team (twice!) And of course 'no context questions' segment just for fun. These episodes are being edited ready for release soon. Please check out and subscribe to our rugby show here https://t.co/h6dadYzjHs
  10. If the ref did see the trip, which I missed and only seen on a still, what would the correct decision be? May just have been a penalty
  11. Im not saying I agree, I was just pointing out how it is currently policed
  12. PL also has Europe to play for, meaning top 4 is a real achievement and down to 7th or so often gets you into Europe, this means interest across more teams and positions, so not a fair comparison. PL has many more teams and no loop fixtures meaning you don't get the over familiarity and the disinterest that comes with it Don't think anyone is asking for leveling down but they do want equal high standards to reduce repitition. I do take your point, but don't feel it's comparing like for like. A more accurate comparison would be the NRL, but again there are differences there
  13. They came out at the start of the year and said they would blow if the ball carrier didn't gain their feet and be in control when playing the ball. As long as they made an attempt to play the ball with the foot they wouldn't blow for that. So the reason the ref blew is they believed the ball carrier wasn't clearly stood up
  14. He wasn't punished for roll ball you have to gain your feet and be in control to play the ball. Don't play the ball unless your set, if the defender is messing around the ref will call a pen.
  15. Don't really exist anymore, called a surrender
  16. If we did we would have more penalities
  17. Agree with everything apart from the ref comment
  18. Will St Helens make it double GF winners today ? Women's game has really developed, hear about the improvements and wet your appetite by watching this rugby show with Pip Birchall
  19. Will St Helens make it double GF winners today ? Women's game has really developed, hear about the improvements and wet your appetite by watching this rugby show with Pip Birchall https://youtu.be/LKLf1AW2VlU
  20. That is modern marketing, not posters etc SM can be cheap but it needs to be more than a few posts, like you say young influencers are the way
  21. I do think there's enough quality, it's just not spread round. Teams pick their Academy players from anywhere, so the best youth go to the best teams, so difficult to stop this repeating over and over
  22. One of the best atmospheres I've been part of for quite some time, struggling to remember another final like it recently 97 challenge cup was great, this I believe beats the others in between IME
  23. I'd love go an NFL game, it's rare so an attraction. Same three teams winning all the main RL Trophies isn't rare or attractive to neutrals
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