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  1. If I get as much abuse as I did yesterday from non rule knowing parents and coaches and if I end up splitting up fights every time I ref I don't fancy the refereeing side, I was thinking of taking the refereeing licence to do the u15s and u17s games ( I'm not biased even when my kids are playing) yesterday changed my mind, I can understand why there are no refs anymore, since COVID the aggression levels have tripled!
  2. They'd love a Johnny Hallyday tribute and daft punk for't young uns
  3. Yes but a bit of live music thrown in the price would be a bonus, Someone who had a song in the hit parade would be nice
  4. Lattes Montpellier first game is called off by Montpellier. The Carpentras coach has said lattes where trying to call it off earlier in the week and have now suddenly got a few COVID contact cases! I feel sorry for the 4 English lads if this is how it's going to be like all season!
  5. Just off to Carcassonne for the tournament then off to watch Toulouse with the club.
  6. It's going to be difficult to get over for most fans, not many direct flights except from Barcelona, most direct flights from anywhere else mean long stays in the UK, the 2nd day test is complicated too for us wanting to travel, even if you only stay one day you have to book and pay for a test even if you don't take the test
  7. You need a beard, be about 5foot4, tanned wear a pair of loafers with Chino shorts and a tight t shirt/cotton shirt, this is if you're between 25 and 40 after this you need , a beer belly as well, beard is very important.
  8. Live on Spanish Catalan TV too. Brass bands, fireworks, a rapper has made a song about the team, free t-shirts and masks from the council, street entertainment in the streets around the ground, all the hospitality sold out within an hour, gates open 3/4 hours before with the entertainment starting at the same time, looking forward to a great night,
  9. I'm worried that the Catalan may freeze, massive excitement around the game, full house, 3000 fans expected 2 hours before the game just to welcome the players to the ground, a big brass band playing the normal French finals music, plus hull kr are a good team who play a different style than all the other teams in super League with a great coach who will have a cunning plan! But hopefully the dragons will pull through via their experienced players.
  10. I hope so, all games are cancelled that weekend so one of the 19 might not be busy.
  11. My son will be playing in the curtain raiser, the Carcassonne pole espoir(with Laurent frayssinous's son) versus the salon pole espoir so the players will all be u16s,u17s or u18s.
  12. Of the 19 refs left in France 2 come up from Valencia in Spain, A new idea by the federation of doubling the price to enter a u19s team into the league elite, 2 thousand euros instead of 1k, so the club's have to fork out for this plus some clubs pay the u19s playing licence which cost around 80/90 euros per player of I remember rightly, take into account the cost of travel etc also it's an expensive team to run, also you need to take into account there is no prize money at any level of French rl, The federation have received lots of money for junior/kids licences the last two years and they've played a total of 9 games in this time, and they're still charging full price this year which a few parents have not been impressed with,
  13. I don't think he knows what he let himself in for, apparently he's working very hard, as is Patrick pedrazani the vice president who was from the janzac list, but I heard some of the people on the lacoste list aren't as motivated and messing a good few things up.
  14. Lyon drop down a division and Toulon stop altogether. There's a good chance the u15s will go to fortnightly or monthly tournaments like the kids! Which isn't a great idea for me, the kids need to play 13 a side and have a bit of competition over 60 mins and not 7 matches of 12 minutes over a day. Only 19 refs in the whole of France now and hoping another 4 will come back before the season starts in n elite 2 this weekend, so no refs for 3rd and 4th division, neither the u19s national, u17s , u15s and u13s, only elite 1 elite 2 and elite u18s will have a ref. Its a bad state of affairs!
  15. They can't make sense of rugby a 15 with 13 players, they understand rugby a 7 but most have never heard or seen the 13 variety.
  16. I don't think it will happen as the clubs only found out about it yesterday and haven't prepared for it,
  17. Hearing Toulon and Lyon are struggling to get a team together for the coming season, my old club Villeneuve Minervois too, the federation is looking to mix the u19s national and elite league as there are only 15 teams left after the 2 years without playing, which will mean the Catalan u19s playing against teams with players who are just learning the game, they did a play off system to get into the elite u19s league a few years and the scores where massive against the weaker teams (most went onto cancel away games against the bigger clubs) , we won a few games with 80 points, the elite clubs all have strong u19s teams except for st Gaudens, The new fixtures are out and in elite 1 it's a strange set up, especially if you're successful, to finish the season it's a week off, then the playoffs first round, the week after its the semi final of the cup, the week after semi final play offs, the week after final of the cup, the week after its the final of the play offs! So the cup final is planned on the 22 nd may and the grand final the 29th may, So two finals in two weeks. I'm not sure if La Coste knew how bad of a state the game was in when he took over but the new ideas they're bringing out are not the best except for the world cup bid.
  18. It's 20k to the federation just play in the comp(no prize money either) 1k for the u19s ,coach travel around 500/600 a trip minimum up to 1k for the longer trips, , a couple of full time secretaries, club house costs, kit ,Friday night meal, match filming costs, GPS stats costs, emergency service cost for game day plus a doctor, training material balls etc, 120 euros per player for their playing licence, (the u19s pay their own), the stadium and training facilities are maintained by the local council. It could be a little more than 50k Fcl who posts on here ,would know better than me,
  19. I've no Idea on wages, I only knew what the trainees where getting, I've no idea for the first team,
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