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  1. Tried to play rugby the first half, and kept putting the ball down due to lack of space. Changed tactics second half, played direct and then exploited the pressure we put on their pack. Not a classic, and we did struggle at times against kicks... players who would normally be solid, putting balls down. Don't know what Luke was trying to do when he nearly gifted Walters a try.
  2. Thought Fev were pretty ordinary in the first half. Tried to throw the ball around where the was no space, and as a consequence put the ball to the ground at least 10 times. Second half we were much more direct, which gave us more space. Some of that could have been Bradford tiring. That type of pitch doesn't play to our strengths, but a win is a win.
  3. Doesn't really give championship clubs wanting to build towards super league a hope in hell, especially without being able to run academy.
  4. I had seen this somewhere, and I don't have facebook, so this must have been in a thread on here.
  5. Hopefully he will have a SL gig next year... with his current team.
  6. Not sure it needs much firing up
  7. Number or names and addresses? Just let me get mi crystal ball
  8. Fev also ran an academy, which I believe they were forced to close. This was fully funded by the club, where all the SL club's academies had RFL funding. I am sure we would be happy just to be able to run one, but why not let it be a level playing field and split the funding to include the clubs that want to run one.
  9. Think we need to add more lines to the Fev haters bingo card!!
  10. Allow all clubs to run academies then... not just the chosen few. Not all issues lie at the door of the clubs... so feel free to raise with the RFL.
  11. Personally, I don't think Ford is as good as Smith, and neither of them as good as Jacks. I suspect that we will need to let some go, possibly Holmes and Chizzy.
  12. In Macs opinion we do.. and he carries the can if we don't.
  13. Mac has said we need full time to go up... My guess is we have a few that don't want to go full time, Smith may be a perfect example, that may have a full time job and doesn't want to give that up. I rate Smith head and shoulders above Ford, but Mac will ultimately get his way... As for Chizzy, I reckon that sometimes you have to let the head rule the heart, Jacks will be a better option every day of the week, but Chizzy is just Marmite...
  14. Is Smith doesn't want full time, then I would agree... If Smith would do full time if in SL, then I cant see why we would sign Ford, no improvement but I bet he would be on a lot more money.
  15. I thought that everyone was against having local teams playing each other in SL? I thought that it was only big cities that were needed and close rivalries were frowned upon... Or is that just for the WF postcode?
  16. Well, well.... who would have thought it... good weather, dry pitch, and Fev put in their best performance of the season. And there we were, thinking it was only Leigh that would improve with better conditions
  17. I don't think that the expectations on attendance figures, by both Vickers and Mac, are unrealistic. We should be looking at a minimum of 4k every home game.
  18. But do you like a pint? I agree about drugs BTW, it just everyone has a different perspective.
  19. Effectively he stated that he will play a structured game, and that anyone who deviates from that won't be picked... or words to that effect.
  20. On watching that back, I came to the same conclusion. And where he gave them the scrum when it didn't appear that Kheirallah played the ball, the linesman gave that... so I'm not sure I would blame Thaler.
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