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  1. Away games thread According to this original thread they are.
  2. Been watching last nights game again, when they went inside the Leigh changing rooms they didn't appear too bad, just a little cramped. Both Wakefield and I think Leeds were happy to use them previously when using the training facilities.
  3. As for walking round to the stand behind the post's, there are no turnstiles or entrances behind there as I believe it's industrial units behind that stand.
  4. Can't comment on the state of the dressing rooms in the 'Training barn' but they were used all last year as Covid protocol's dictated. Not sure that having a 'hostile' crowd to pass really makes much difference, wasn't aware of anything being thrown nor were there any announcements, which you would have expected if reported.
  5. Hat's off to Leigh, more came than I expected.... but would have been more on a Sunday.
  6. Pleased with that. Before the game I thought it would be close, but Fev worked hard for each other in defence. Conditions were poor, but I think they hindered Fev as much as Leigh, this Fev team like to throw the ball around, which they weren't able to do as easy tonight. That's now four players out injured over the last 3 weeks... hope we can get some back soon.
  7. With BET365 Leigh get 4.5... which goes to show how close the game will be. Really looking forward to tonight, and it is supposed to warm up a bit as well. Hopefully there will be a large crowd as well... which just adds to the atmosphere.
  8. I think the onus and expectation on Fev to get a win is greater than Leigh, purely as they are the home team. If the fixture was at LSV, the same would be said of Leigh. Either way, tonight's game won't define the season... it just put's more focus on it from the media.
  9. I hope Featherstone have enough, and would had been more hopeful had it been in 4 weeks time. With 2 of our best forwards out, Joey having not played a game yet and Chizzy being in limbo until now due to the ban that was later rescinded, a few weeks would have been better... for both teams. For the neutrals, don't expect a classic... it's too early in the season and both teams will be better on summer pitches.
  10. Just 6 games on Sunday at 3pm, obviously getting us ready for SL
  11. I managed to get one, although we did walk pass turnstiles 4 - 6 where there was a gent selling them.
  12. For me, I thought we were sometimes guilty of trying to throw it out wide too early. I thought we bombed a few so it could have been a bit more convincing. Plenty to come in so hopefully we wont miss JSL and Koppy too much. Next week is a big big game, would have preferred a couple of weeks to get up to speed, but it's the same for both teams.
  13. Batley down hill in second half. Fax a man down until end of match
  14. My team would be 1. Hall 2.Briscoe 3. Joey 4. Hardy 5. Gale 6. Chizzy 7. Smith 8 Cuthbertson / Ferres 9. Jones / Wildie 10. Lockwood 11. Hellewell 12. JSL 13. Bussey Subs 14. Jones / Wildie 15 Moors 16. Field / Cooper 17. Davies / Ferres That's where I would start, don't know if Cuthbertson is anywhere near being able to play, but makes a sensible alternative to Koppy.
  15. I think McDermotts got some tough choices to make on selections... can't wait to see his first team.
  16. Dane Chisholm is free to play following appeal against his 8 match ban. That will no doubt add to McDermott selection headaches. Should be a tight game, with Fev securing a win by 10-12 points.
  17. Chizzy found not guilty and is free to play. Club statement
  18. Nor me, I would start him then bring him off later if he's blowing. Anyway, looking forward to the game, looks like there will be a large Fev following as the away end is 3/4 full already.
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