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  1. For me, I thought we were sometimes guilty of trying to throw it out wide too early. I thought we bombed a few so it could have been a bit more convincing. Plenty to come in so hopefully we wont miss JSL and Koppy too much. Next week is a big big game, would have preferred a couple of weeks to get up to speed, but it's the same for both teams.
  2. Batley down hill in second half. Fax a man down until end of match
  3. My team would be 1. Hall 2.Briscoe 3. Joey 4. Hardy 5. Gale 6. Chizzy 7. Smith 8 Cuthbertson / Ferres 9. Jones / Wildie 10. Lockwood 11. Hellewell 12. JSL 13. Bussey Subs 14. Jones / Wildie 15 Moors 16. Field / Cooper 17. Davies / Ferres That's where I would start, don't know if Cuthbertson is anywhere near being able to play, but makes a sensible alternative to Koppy.
  4. I think McDermotts got some tough choices to make on selections... can't wait to see his first team.
  5. Dane Chisholm is free to play following appeal against his 8 match ban. That will no doubt add to McDermott selection headaches. Should be a tight game, with Fev securing a win by 10-12 points.
  6. Chizzy found not guilty and is free to play. Club statement
  7. Nor me, I would start him then bring him off later if he's blowing. Anyway, looking forward to the game, looks like there will be a large Fev following as the away end is 3/4 full already.
  8. Just from listening to the Radio Leeds interview, it sounds like Joey may not play on Monday, but that his first game may be the Leigh home game.
  9. Sounds like Ben Mathiou will arrive sometime next week. So assuming that he will have been in pre-season training anyway, may mean he will be available and up to speed for either Workington away, or London at home.
  10. That's not a bad attendance for a game on Monday night and on TV. Positive move by York with reduced admission to fill the ground. Looking forward to a good game. Well done York
  11. Looking at ticket availability, it looks like the North stand is nearly sold out, just limited availability in one section. So looks like it should be quite an atmosphere.
  12. Back to the game, just looking on the York website, looks like the North stand is almost sold out, just a limited number of tickets available in one section. As for the team, a lot will depend on whether Cuthbertson is fit to play. If not I think Rovers fev has the team more or less spot on.
  13. My guess, and it would only be a guess, is we put funds aside for the Rovers foundation and other activities that the club does in and around the local community. So the only way any of the £2m could be used on players would be if money was freed up from there. So I couldn't give you any specifics, but as the WMDC money has to be used on facilities and community projects, and reported back to WMDC, that was my assumption. But I may be completely wrong.
  14. While Fev would have has money set aside for works on the ground and community initiatives, that would have been nowhere near the sums talked about. So effectively it's won't throw up anywhere near the money people think.
  15. What was meant was spending some of the money on initiatives that were going to happen anyway, would potentially release some of Fev's own money that would have been used for the same purpose.
  16. I also think there will be increased attendance from occasional supporters and even neutrals coming along.
  17. I know that Cuthbertson didn't seem to have a huge impact last year at York, but I think they had him down as a their main star. With less expectation on his shoulder I feel we may get more out of him.
  18. Good to see that 2 of the signings are props...
  19. Joey Leilua has defeated Chris Heighington by unanimous decision and in the process silenced his critics in a big way while a strange call-out from John Hopoate caused drama. “For all those haters that f***ing said I can’t last four rounds, thanks mate,” Leilua said post-fight. “You gave me the inspiration tonight. I knew I could fight, I just wanted to f***ing show the whole world that I could f***ing last four rounds. “You stare on top of me being fat and can’t last four rounds, you know what? F*** yourselves, there you go.” That told me he was wound up and trained hard. Rugby and boxing are different levels of fitness, but he hasn't just been sat on his butt waiting to come over.
  20. He trained hard for his fight just prior to Christmas, from interviews it seems like he was in good shape as he had a point to prove about people calling him fat. I think he is playing for a SL contract for next year... hopefully with Fev
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