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  1. Wish people would get there fact's right before posting on the forun for a start we have'nt got a pit and secondly were not a village ???? But what we do have and have for the last decade is the best championship team and all from a little so called pit village we must be doing something right YER
  2. So who are the rumoured players we thinking of signing any names being talked about
  3. But those 25k test match crowds are in the ground not walking from one pub to the other all afternoon you get say fev v brad kicking off a 7pm there would be hell of a lot of fans walking between pubs along with all the rest doing the otley run
  4. Any team that plays late on saturday mid afternoon will have problems at headingley the place is packed anyway with young party go'ers doing the otley run done it a few time myself and come mid afternoon it gets really messy
  5. Hampshire just released from wakey ??
  6. So how Robin do you think we should stop it happening if the culprits still get away with it and the club getting fined .A few idiots getting banned will cost less than getting fined every time they'v had one too many
  7. The morons that do this to our club a prob young yobs who when had a few shurberts think there invincable you see it around the pubs then the next day they'v dun nowt wrong name and shame them if you see owt at matches that's the only way we'll get rid of them
  8. By all accounts it was Luke's choice to play for us he was offerd a new contract with leeds but at this time he wanted part time rugby
  9. I'v also read all the page's on the website and forum but would be nice to hear the press conferance live not just read about it after the event
  10. I see it is being shown live on the rovers facebook page but for someone who dunt do facebook why not show it live on rovers tv we pay money into the club every month but seem to get stuff like this second hand
  11. I may get shot down here but i think we have found our level in the championship were a top team and always have been but untill you take the step upto full time theres always another team that takes there team to the next level next season it will be leigh and newcastle and i think next season will be harder than this
  12. It's not zak it's there lass who's had enough of liveing on the other side you only can stand liveing over the hill for so long then the white rose stars calling you home happy home happy life
  13. Did i hear once that SL clubs had reserves about another French team in SL because of the cost's involved in away games it's not like jumping on a coach for a hour or so it's probably a weekend jaunt with flights hotels
  14. Nice touch but i hope we can do it on the pitch
  15. As a fev fan really hope you beat the bulls and if by chance you got to the final and won which is possible in knock out rugby would you take your place in supa dupa league or forfit like your chairman said last time ?? Hope you dont because who would take your place
  16. Why do you think clubs take out player insurance for this sort of thing happening the insurance would have been paying his wage's not the club
  17. Newcastle are not full time well not all the team anyway i have a mate who plays for them reg 1st team player and he's not full time he has a good job outside of rugby i know he told me they wanted him to go full time and move up there but he refused like a few more of the 1st team
  18. How long will it be before the vultures come calling for them both they have played so well this season only time will tell
  19. The welham situation is a strange one is he still with us or has he had a fall out just strange with him not playing it was said to be covid related but how many weeks has it been now
  20. Just sat watching the leeds cas game and noticed how many fans are in the stadium no 2m seperation and all 4 sides of the ground open is there differant rules between SL and championship regarding how many fans can attend matches
  21. You might get more support if you actully played your rugby in sheffield instead of anywhere and anybody who will have you ?? I'v known you even play on uni playing fields not very championship standard is it owd lad
  22. That was dire to watch most of the time bring back chisholm someone who can change thing when needs to
  23. We are getting boreing to watch one man rugby droped ball's it looks like they can't be botherd webster needs to have a good half time talk and kick a few backside's
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