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  1. If he's a rugby league fan, the answer would be no!
  2. Pearce is an excellent replacement for Maloney, on paper. I do have my concerns about him though, mainly due to the wear and tear he's incurred. He seemed past his best in the last season at Newcastle and troubled by injury. He doesn't have the running game he used to but that shouldn't be a concern because nor did Maloney. He'll bring the direction they require, I just hope he stays fit and he doesn't suffer the same fate that Joel Thompson did at Saints
  3. Hats off to the team for getting everything rearranged in such a short timeframe. Previously they’d hoped to release before Xmas so this is great news and gives a full years build up. Very interesting to see the comment ‘bigger and better’. Not sure how that would correlate with a move from Anfield to DW Stadium for one of the quarter finals
  4. I don’t think the games are at risk of cannibalising each other, they are doing so. You only need to look at the 2013 World Cup in some of the heartland areas to look at some poor attendances
  5. I agree, we know rugby league fans don’t turn up for matches, it’s the event fan and neutral that we need to entice, which Anfield appealed to. Wigan doesn’t. That said, given that councils/stadia bid for games, it’s quite conceivable that Wigan has thrown money at it to make it the most financially enticing option, regardless of the attendance. I’d have liked more ambition though and spreading the game to a slightly wider footprint. We need new fans, not fishing in the same pond
  6. The difference is that with Wigan we’re effectively fishing in the same pond, where there are already lots of matches. It’s potentially oversaturated now. With Anfield, whilst I dislike the stadium for the reasons already stated, it did add prestige and is targeting a different market, one which we will now miss out on potentially
  7. They didn’t miss out though, Leigh got a number of games
  8. Never impressed me when I saw Manly play. Think he's actually a better hooker than half. I'd see him as a useful back-up/squad player but little else
  9. Tweaked how? Not removing the athletics track I presume?
  10. Apparently Leeds and Hull KR were also in for him. Underwhelms more often than not these days
  11. Why’s that? Because he came from our academy?
  12. Gale to Hull FC confirmed by the Rhinos. I hope we’ve got someone lined up to replace him because we’re looking light in the halves again with Lui and McLelland also gone
  13. It won't, likely that neither will make the cut
  14. It wasn't really. Springer played his best rugby under Daryl Powell at Cas...........he's a useful squad player
  15. I'm not.............it's symptomatic of the little effort the Hull clubs have done in junior and community development over the past 20 years. Hopefully things are starting to change, all too little too late though
  16. Gideon Boafo signed from the Broncos. He wanted to stay in a full time environment. Very promising player and a loss for the Broncos
  17. A comparison could be made to when Leeds Carnegie rebranded to Yorkshire Carnegie to appeal to a wider audience. Whilst that wasn’t the root end of their demise, it certainly didn’t help. I’m far from convinced this will succeed but hope I’m wrong
  18. Probably............I hate the Midlands name, it's just meaningless. It'll be interesting to see where they stage games, if they take them on the road and how much investment is being put in. I'm sceptical as to how successful this will be
  19. If the stadium for Cornwall goes ahead, having 3 teams play out the one stadium could be tricky. They'd have to have an artificial pitch to prevent the fatties churning it up
  20. Overwhelmingly positive response on insta
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