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  1. I also remember that game. A major factor was the loss of Andy Bostock in the warm up, which put a massive hole in the game plan. This time Sean will have the opportunity to recruit some of his own choices, It looks like we need a half-back or two and I couldn't think of a better judge. I'm pretty sure he will also be good at attracting quality players for other positions.
  2. Luke plays his part within the squad, not being one of the highest paid, but that's ok, he never lets the team down. The club always seems to strengthen further as the season progresses, so he doesn't play as often when the play-offs come around.
  3. Fev will definitely change things around from that home defeat to the Bulldogs. They will have a much stronger pack out this time, especially with Kopczak and Springer coming in and currently firing on all cylinders.
  4. They have now lost the element of surprise, however. That defeat earlier in the season will have done Fev more good than an easy victory.
  5. That was at a time when we were virtually all part-time. Now most of the likely 17 don't have outside jobs. Extra fitness training isn't required, but a few extra sessions aimed at small positional groups to iron out flaws wouldn't go amiss.
  6. If we can maintain the same quality of squad it would again be highly likely that we would again make the top two? In view of this would it at least be possible to get everyone in on full-time training for the last few weeks by paying the wages of the part-timers? I'd also like to see that happen this week and next (if we get through to the final?). If it turns out to be Leigh V Fev in the final we need to put in a lot more practice for defending those kicks.
  7. This type of game is ideal preparation for Rovers' play-off hopes, and next week at Halifax promises to be another tough encounter, just like the Barrow game. The only downside is injuries/suspensions with Briscoe being a slight concern from last night. But it's like trekking uphill with a heavy backpack on, while Leigh are coasting downhill every week, and they'll need their full-time training to compensate for this.
  8. It makes common sense to play Gaz Gale instead of Briscoe, who we can't afford to pick up an injury.
  9. Yes, you're right PH, but you don't change things when you're massive favourites, but if you're the underdog it might be worth taking a risk? Not that I would do it, just thinking out of the box!
  10. Hopefully Bussey will be back this week or next, so Hardcastle or Hellewell will have to give way? Could they be tried in the centres to stiffen up the defence? Regarding Ford or Jacks, one of them will have to play on the right if Smith is rested or moved to bench hooker. In fact I'd give him big minutes there and maybe even rest Jones altogether? Looking back ten years, we seemed to very effective with Jonny Hepworth or Kyle Briggs at 13 as an extra pivot. I know its unlikely, but could we spring a surprise by playing Jacks at 13 if we reach the final? His defence is good enough but would having a big middle light tire the others out too much? The reason I think its unlikely is that back then we still had the strongest pack even with a man light, but did we use this tactic against Cas (can't remember)?
  11. Martin Brown from Sharlston Tel. 07786 691511.
  12. Don't rush any of them back until the Sheffield or Halifax games. Until then it can be like the X Factor auditions for those fighting to keep their place when the injured stars return. It shouldn't be a problem motivating them.
  13. That's the trouble with most players dropping down from Super League - They have their strengths and they have their weaknesses.
  14. The player I fear most is back rower Adam Lawton, former Salford player. He played the week before last when they beat Batley but didn't feature in the Summer Bash. I wonder if he's injured? Wouldn't mind him at Fev for next season!
  15. Koppy and Bussey returning would be massive for Rovers, meanwhie their absence will give Eseh and Springer more time to bed themselves in. We have to at least match their pack if we were to stand any chance in a GF, but the ball retention is the biggest drawback and must be addressed. Three good tries in the minute windows of possession in their twenty compares well to their performance during the endless times they were camped on our line. If this was reversed how would they have done, even with their superstars? Big Mac said we can beat them, and he mentioned an 80% set completion rate. I reckon the only way to do this would be to utilise the fact that those that don't have jobs are coming in for extra training? How much would it cost to get the part-timers in for two months (maximum) of full-time training? Their employers would have to be on side, but Martin is good at that sort of thing. As the season closes the players are generall fit enough so more time could be put into ironing out all the flaws. Maybe its something the Squad Bulder could help with? I for one would be willing to increase my contributions till the end of the season if many more came on board.
  16. True, and this weekend's game is an opportunity for those who fear they might lose their place when Bussey, Koppy, Ryley, and maybe Pickersgill, all return. Who will stand up to the plate when the going gets tough?
  17. Ford and Jacks one week, Ford and Smith the other for me, and Smith to get the odd game at hooker. The top spot seems to have gone so the top priority must be to find out which is the best starting line up and bench. After that making it's making sure we can cover every eventuality in terms of injury or suspension. That's why we need a a third choice hooker, and Smith looks to be the outstanding candidate. One other point about Ford and Jacks is that they both play on the left. It doesn't always work out as you want it when a half back switches to the other side.
  18. If Junior Moors is playing 2nd row again, I genuinely hope it is down the right and not the left. If his radar had been working on Sunday we would have won, but I've yet to study the replay to see whether he can't pass to the left or if it's the recipients at fault. eg I've a feeling Broadbent may have overrun the pass when he should have been in at the corner on the stroke of half-time? Looking back a year when we last played Newcastle at home, Gaz Gale scored his 6 tries but it was Junior who created most of them playing down the right edge. As a former left centre or left wing who was nowhere as effective down the right I do believe it can make a huge difference with some players, Tommy Saxton being a prime example. If Broadbent is preferred to Gaz, I'd like to see Broadbent in the centre with Hall on the wing, which is his best position. Gone are the days when, as Maurice Bamford used to say "There are no good wingers, only failed centres!" In the modern game wingers have to do far more work.
  19. Two new loan players in this week who are more than likely to be of the required quality for a top two side, but they have to be paid for. Keeping fringe players out on loan won't foot the whole bill but it will help.
  20. IMO a fully fit hooker would make a world of difference, Wildie wasn't right on the day and must have been knackered by half time, so we had no go forward. Subsequently Leigh were starting their sets from much further upfield.
  21. I wouldn't play Wildie at all Mark and let him recover in time for the next time we play Leigh. Smith at 9 for me before Jones comes back in on Monday.
  22. That's not the only problem - The dominant sides are forgetting how to defend and soak up pressure. For example, Rovers were very poor under the high ball in their own 20, unable to block out the Leigh chasers, but how many times this season have they been faced with such a problem? Very rarely the opposition get a set near the Rovers line, so we don't know what to do when coming under the cosh from a good side.
  23. Kheirallah Lockwood Hall The irony of the voting is that all three are likely to be missing tomorrow.
  24. Happy Birthday for yesterday Colin, you make me feel like a Pup (70 yrs old). What memories do you have of my Grandad, Frank Hemingway?
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