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  1. Grandson Joe (Crabtree) was hoping to go, but now he's with Bradford City, who were away at Newport County yesterday afternoon, so a Sunday flight was the only way he could have gone and there were no remaining seats that would have got him there in time for the game. Instead he's coming over to watch it with me.
  2. After watching the earlier game between the two sides and weighing up the prospective line-ups for Sunday I think that Fev will win because of the inclusion of Chisholm. Walker and Bussey, but most of all the fact that Craig Hall will be back on the wing. In the earlier game the Fev back line was disjointed and largely ineffectual, whereas on Sunday it will be firing on all cylinders.
  3. So do I Peter, I've got £30 on them at 2/1 which is brillinat value as it's a 50-50 game for me. Sorry I cut my pm short a few weeks ago, I'll send you a new message some time this week. Unfortunately the wife's not well so I won't be able to come over, Joe's planning to come however.
  4. Do you concentrate 100% on this game, or do you have half an eye on the final? If they get to the final they need matchwinners like Fergie in the side, especially if Moors is out. So he needs to play about 20 mins on Saturday, which is probably not the best option for the semi?
  5. Corey Johnson was highly rated at Leeds, almost as highly as they rated Harvey Spence.
  6. Any other year home advantage is the fairest method, but not this year! Fair enough, Toulouse deserve it because they beat Fev away, but if you look at the fight for 3rd, 4th & 5th places it's a real lottery heavily dependant on who has certain games cancelled. Bradford and Fax look likely to lose next weekend while Batley look likely to win, although this is sport and anything can happen? If the results go to form then Batley will be on equal percentage points with Halifax. But if Bradford's fixture against Toulouse was cancelled they would end up above the other two. So, for that reason alone it would be fairer if the play-off fixtures took place on neutral grounds. Maybe the 3rd V 6th and 4th V 5th could take place at Headingley on the same day, and the semi-finals could take the same format?
  7. Not just the final, but all the play-off games should be held at neutral venus, because it can be a lottery where teams finish in the league. Take Halifax and Batley for instance:- Fax have lost 5, but if they had played against Toulouse they would probably have been on lost 6 out of 18, same as Batley. The Bulldogs on the other hand played Fev the other week and lost when they could have called it off, so they would have been on lost 5 out of 17. They have also played Toulouse and lost, so would have been on only 4 defeats if that game had been cancelled. So if they were drawn in the play=offs it would be grossly unfair to give one or the other home advantage.
  8. Definitely the biggest advantage is playing fewer matches. I'm pretty sure that Fev would rather play Toulouse away with James Harrison, Jack Bussey, Brad Day and Thomas Minns fit and available, plus Dane Chisholm who was out injured when they played them, and Craig Kopczak and Junior Moores who are currently out but hope to be back for the play-offs, than play them at home without them? All picked up injuries through playing which might not have happened with less fixtures? Also, don't forget that Fev are unbeaton away from home.
  9. Is there a recall option? It could be to get him fit in time for the play-offs?
  10. Makes sense to me Mark. Fev look nailed on for 2nd place, so it's all about the play-offs in my book, and if they're serious about promotion they need to focus on putting a fully fit, top notch 17 on the pitch the next time they play Toulouse. If it takes him weeks to get match fit then so be it, the rest of the squad should be good enough to manage without him. Hopefully it will be all sewn up by the last couple of league games and he will be ready to ease his way in?
  11. Colin, I have been in contact with General Manager Jac Davies on another matter. and I have a feeling they have other priorities at the moment as the club has been going through a horrendous time over the last few weeks, as we are all aware. I know it's getting late in the season, but I would leave it a few more weeks. The trophy is the first thing you see in the display cabinet as you enter the ground through reception. It was purchased with a donation from TotalRL.com so I wouldn't worry too much about retreiving it, but now is not the right time.
  12. I wonder if it's been put back 'til the end of the season? Six weeks would take him up until the final weekend, leaving no time to get fit for the play-offs, so if he's fit to play on it might be the better gamble???
  13. Rovers were competitive but couldn't pierce their line up the middle. That wouldn't normally bother them but this time their try scoring threat had been somewhat diminished with the loss of Chizzy and the move of Hall from left wing to full bacI When we lost Nu Brown with 15 minutes to go I couldn't see where a try was going to come from other than out on the right, which they had well covered. It will take a full strength 17, but we can still give them a game.
  14. Spence was an outstanding half-back in the Rhinos Academy with an excellent tactical kicking game, and now that top spot has likely gone it seems a good opportunity to see what he can do. After all, we might need him at the back end of the season?
  15. Toulouse have never been tested, while Rovers have overcome every degree of adversity thrown their way. On Sunday it will be like Ali Vs Foreman and Rocky Vs Creed part 2, where the seemingly invincible will meet their match.
  16. That's why they're cancelling fixtures against the better sides and playing against the others. Amazing thing this virus, it only prevents them playing when it's convenient.
  17. Halton at left centre for me because whoever plays there and whoever plays the left sided back rower will have their hands full against Adam Lawton. Keep him quiet and they've not got much else in the attacking department. I also think that Webster will prioritise this game over Wembley.
  18. See attached video of my grandson Jacob Crabtree singing "Can't Keep The Cappers Down", my adapted version of the Bruce Springsteen song "Pay Me My Money Down" which is a traditional american folk song. Jacob is currently reading music at Nottingham University and the guitarists are fellow students. https://youtu.be/Ysraz59Qpuk
  19. Jack was never going to play, Webbo said after the game that he didn't have 21 fit players to name.
  20. I used to do a regular feature in "The Capper" which was the last full size printed version before it went to a one sheet foldable version. They weren't making money on them but on the other hand I don't think they were losing a great deal either. When Ryan Sparks came in he didn't like the idea of volunteers producing the programme and thought it would be more professional if the club produced it. The trouble was neither he or Joe Crabtree who followed him never really had the time so in the end they stopped doing it. Personally I thought that the programme that Chris Heinitz used to edit was very good, and if we still had plenty of willing volunteers we should give it another go. I also found that the printers the club used weren't cheap as I got a quote from them for a book I wrote on the history of Sharlston. You can get much better and cheaper nowadays. I am willing to write regular articles if required. Another good idea would be to use some of the features on Rovers that Ron Bailey used to write for Rugby League Journal, I don;t think that he or Harry Edgar would object?
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