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  1. If covid goes away them TWP would be in.....if not and they pull out I guess plan b would be an 11 team SL. Not sure how any championship side could step in at that short notice without gate money to help out
  2. I'd vote them in subject to the players getting paid immediately. However I'd be working on a plan B as I can't see this pandemic easing enough by next season for their inclusion to be viable.
  3. Here's how I see this playing out....... 1. SL vote to let TWP re join in 2021 2. TWP new owners pay the players and hopefully settle with other creditors they owe 3. We get lots of PR and Spin about how amazing TWP will be for the sport and they will sign some big names again. 4. Come the start of SL 2021 TWP will be in the same position as they were in 2020........unable the play games and travel because there's still a global pandemic and they are over 3000 miles away with restrictions on pretty much everything they need to make it work. 5. TWP withdraw from SL again. I really don't see how TWP works in the current COVID landscape and SL are making a decision in the next week or so. If they let them in for 2021 will it be subject to COVID restrictions easing? will TWP's new owners happily start shelling out money before knowing if they can even operate successfully again? I guess they can operate as a nomadic side based in England called Toronto but uk sides won't be able to play games in Canada unless the current outlook changes dramatically.
  4. That is the main point isn't it? Regardless of whether you like TWP or not. I don't see how any decision later this month will really matter anyway......... they could go all in to bring them back and it just not be possible Were struggling to get games on now with teams down the road from eachother
  5. Bearing in mind the current Global Pandemic going on.......... If SL let TWP in again.......... unless things drastically change before next season they won't be able to operate anyway? COVID is to blame for them pulling out in the first place isn't it?
  6. You are just being negative and holding the game back [Insert insult about flat caps and meme about local game for local people here] The whole thing is mad and was originally let in by the RFL cos it seemed too good to be true. If TWP are now wanting Central funding then they are offering less than before.......in a global pandemic.....with flight restrictions everywhere......madness.
  7. If you got to travel to Toronto for your job you'd be in favour too. Makes a nice change from wigan. Imagine if a team from the Bahamas applied for SL
  8. Do TWP have inside info on when this pandemic is ending cos regardless of your opinion of them or expansion, I just don't see how a team from Canada can operate in SL while all these restrictions are in place all over the world? If it is indeed Covid that essentially made them go bust and incapable of operating anymore......... then how can they be allowed to rejoin until the pandemic is over. SL are making a decision on their re entry at the start of the second surge of the virus in the UK. Most of the Rugby League Heartlands will be in lockdown with curfews next week........ it's madness. The cynic in me think they will let them in just so everyone gets paid then let the government kick them out if the restrictions don't ease.
  9. I reckon landing the England RL deal is probably equivalent to signing a bottom end SL club. Higher profile but only for 1 month per year
  10. I'd argue who makes it is more important........Especially to a younger demographic. A lot of the new Nike football kits are based on old trainer designs........... sounds stupid but they sell like hot cakes. Doesn't matter how lovely the design of your jersey is to some if it's made by Macron.
  11. Brand recognition is more important than ever now. Brands that no one has ever heard of are fine if the latest rapper/pop star promotes them on instagram as the news coolest thing.. If you want to look like a legit top level sport you need the likes of Nike Adidas Reebok Puma etc involved. Oxen, O’Neills etc are fine but they only appeal to the already converted. If Leeds Rhinos revealed a new deal with Nike similar to what Saracens have sales would go through the roof. Oxen is just the same kit Leeds Carnegie had before it went bust
  12. From what I've seen of cas fans walking about Oxen doesn't look any worse that Oneills Kukri Hummel or any of the other brands involved in RL...... not as good as ISC/Canterbury but they've gone. Brand perception is massive.......Leeds sold 300,000 kits in a couple of days because it was Adidas. If they had stayed with kappa you could probably knock a third off that even with promotion. RL needs more big brands because the casual observer knows who Nike Adidas and Umbro are and has never heard of Oxen, Oneills etc. You the associate the sport with that brand of stars I guess it's short term bottom line vs longer term perception of the sport. For example I expected TWP to show up with an all singing and dancing Nike kit in SL...... but they ended up with BLK who also did Sheffield Eagles
  13. Canterbury are running low on teams now....... Ospreys are moving to macron.........Bath leaving too. They basically have Ireland, NSW Origin, Waratahs and a few second tier international union sides (Georgia etc) and that's about it which isn't great for a brand which solely focuses on rugby. Luckily they still have NZ warriors with their 25 jerseys a year
  14. Very much doubt Umbro will have anything to do with League now the are in bed with the RFU. Canterbury might do though now the deal is over.......IMO they are by far the best rugby brand.
  15. Leeds will be Oxen/elite Pro Sports I'd have thought....they run their retail now. Aren't ISC pulling out of the NRL too........their teams are signing up with other suppliers
  16. That would be great but I can't see it happening in the current climate........ who knows when paying fans will be allowed back to games....... when can any form of transatlantic travel for sport resume on anything like the level we had before Covid. Any brand new side from North America would probably be admitted straight into super league if they were to provide that level of upfront investment to the game (were' skint). Can't see TWP offering anything like this until things are back to relatively normal and who knows how long that will be. SL is struggling to get games on now and the teams are all an hour away from each other.
  17. Whether you think the deal is good or bad or will ultimately lead to a more fruitful sponsorship next year or not, clearly the major problem here is most people, me included only heard about this when it began to be widely ridiculed on social media and outspokenly mocked by fox sports in Australia. How does this look to other potential sponsors? Will bachelors offer peas instead of pounds?
  18. Never had any issues with MandMdirect. I think all the England leisurewear on there is made by Hummel too and just not branded up. There's been lots of leftover stock of pretty much everything Hummel did even the nines kit was on sale at MandM in some sizes for a short while. My guess is RFL have probably done a new deal with someone else (maybe Kappa who are doing all the generic merchandise for the World Cup) The Hummel deal doesn't look to have been much of a success in terms of sales so maybe they are concentrating on football where they have just landed some big teams.
  19. What's the problem Clearly it's a brilliant deal commercially..........we're getting as much dough as we want
  20. Perez should use his skills to find backing for a Canadian version of the game.......... looks like the interest is there. Fans in NA are less traditional and want to go to special events. Maybe several 9s competitions in the off season for the NRL and SL so they can send sides over to Canada would be a good start.....with a domestic side from each hosting city. You could get the amateur game growing and greater interest in SL and the NRL from there. I just don't see a team/franchise so far away from the rest of the English super league working.......especially now with COVID global travel could change permanently. NFL don't have a side outside NA and they are worth billions.
  21. My impression is Ottawa have the same plan but with a full RFL membership because they are Hemel Stags moved to Canada. They will also spend less on players in the championships if they have any sense. They will still have the small hurdle of being 3500miles away from the rest of the league. A league even more skint than normal
  22. Can't be bothered reading through 188 pages. Last time I checked in Toronto were going to save Super League and turn the sport into an international powerhouse so just wondered how they are getting on? Seriously though have they lost all their funding or what? going from funding themselves without a SL share of the central pot and spending more than the salary cap on one player, to not being able to afford to finish the season is one hell of a jump (even in these uncertain times). If SL give them another go next season can they afford it? Aren't they asking the people of Toronto to chip in? Transatlantic sport at championship level definitely isn't sustainable so as I fan of a championship club I'd rather they stayed in SL.
  23. As for everyone else........1991 North Sydney Bears is class along with pretty much every Sydney Roosters home kit
  24. Can't beat traditional fev butchers stripe umbro pre sponsors
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