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  1. Wales' Mark Williams missed selection for the World Cup semi-final after his Head Injury Assessment. He went over backwards in his chair against Scotland and his head hit the ground. Unfortunate, but it does happen in Wheelchair Rugby too.
  2. The chairs North Wales Crusaders play in were sourced using funding from Disability Sports Wales and other grants, to ensure people with disabilities have access to sport. The chairs Wales Wheelchair team use were sourced via Wales Rugby League. There are a variety of costs - like buying a bicycle, it all depends on the quality of the build the weigt etc. Our elite Wales RL chairs cost in the region of £3000 each but some players have paid more for their own individual bespoke chairs.
  3. Domestic Wheelchair Rugby League is in full flow following the success of the national side at the recent World Cup. Cardiff Blue Dragons, North Wales Crusaders and Torfaen Tigers confirm taster sessions whilst West Wales Raiders are looking to confirm some sessions in the coming weeks. Cardiff, who are coached by former Wales head coach, Alana Sargent, will be running three free taster sessions on Wednesday 21st December, 4th and 18th January, 5:15-6:45pm out of the Cardiff City House of Sport. For more information on these sessions, contact: cardiffwheelchairrl@gmail.com. Torfaen Tigers, coached by former Wales assistant coach, Lyndon Price, will be running free sessions every Friday, 7-9pm at the Pontypool Leisure Centre. For more information on these sessions, contact: lprice42@hotmail.com. Up in North Wales, the Crusaders, coached by Wales coaches, Stephen Jones and Gary Taylor, will be running three free taster sessions on Friday 16th December, 6th and 20th January, 6-8pm out of the Deeside Leisure Centre. For more information on these sessions, contact: info@crusadersdisabilitysportsclub.co.uk. If you’re interested in getting involved in Wheelchair Rugby League but as a match official rather than a player or volunteer, contact: Stephen.jones@walesrugbyleague.co.uk to find out more information.
  4. Two more positive points from me: Wales Wheelchair RL skipper Stuart Williams made the Golden Boot long list ans was place in the ten player Team of the Tournament squad and Wales Wheelchair RL player Stephen Halsey won Tackle of the Week (for Week 4) - with a little assistance from Andrew Higgins in wiping out a USA attack. Worth Watching if you've not seen it!
  5. I think the point I was trying to make was that in this World Cup the Wheelchair teams have been given equal billing, received the same quality hotels, been given adequate and adapted transport and been made to feel like we are respected as international rugby league players. I hope you are right and there is an appetite to develop the game to such an extent that broadcast media will pick up games in their own right. Even in this tournament wheelchair rugby league has played in its own locations and not relied on Men's and Women's games a double headers. The wheelchair events were well supported in their own right and the momentum gained very quickly once people saw it on television. The seven people sitting behind me in the final had bought ticket BECAUSE they'd seen Wales v USA on TV and then watched other matches. It felt like the drum I'd been banging since 2013 was finally being heard!
  6. The wheelchair world cup in as 2017 was played in the south of France and as such was not embedded into the Rugby League World Cup as it was this year. It received very little media coverage, particularly in the UK. This World Cup felt completely different as a participating team; we were treated on par with the Men's and Women's teams for accommodation transport, venues, support from the center. Let's hope that continue in international wheelchair tournaments in future
  7. Chester already has a community club - Chester Gladiators RLFC. It has an open age team and a pretty successful junior section as well as the team I play for Chester Gladiators Masters.
  8. 20 wheelchair teams have already completed an 'expression of interest' in entering the RLWC 2025 in France. One of these teams is Brazil. Wales Wheelchair RL have a planned tour in 2023 to assist the Brazil team in its infancy and help to get the game established.
  9. I'm hoping this gets plenty of broadcast opportunities. There are some great stories to tell about the whole process of participating in the World Cup....although the BBC broadcasts were excellent and got the sport the exposure it deserved theses still items on interest that went uncovered. From my point of view I'd loved the cameras to have followed Wales Wheelchair team into the SEN school we visited or the Youth Club in Sheffield and seen the impact it had not only on the pupils but the players too. I'm sure that England and France will have similar stories and as would be expected the cameras tended to follow the England squad rather than the rest of us. Looking forward to seeing the final film.
  10. But didn't the RFU 'brand' Wheelchair Rugby it for a short while while GB were doing well and getting media traction (and changing its name from Murderball), only to drop it like a hot potato when Olympic funding was needed? The only RU version I'm aware of is Wheelchair Rugby 7s....which again has no support from either the RFU or WRU.
  11. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well Wales mens team fronted up. THey didn't win but they certainly battled in every game. As the Wales Wheelchair team manager, I was more than proud of our team and support staff. We targeted reaching the semi-finals as a minimum and achieved that. We had three superb community events - one online, one in a school in Keighley and one in a youth club in Sheffield. It was a real privilege to be involve with all three events. We made great friends with the USA team who were in the same hotel and we had some smashing comments about our attitude and demeanour from lots of sources. It was ironic that our one blip - a yellow card for Gary Preece, was given by the French official that cant control his own temperament. I was also involved in the State of Mind choir performance before the opening PDRL game and also in the choir at the six 'This Is Us' performances outside Manchester Central before the Wheelchair World Cup final. A really fantastic addition to the games and engage with people from non-RL backgrounds in something totally different to the game itself; a combination of music dance and performance which again focused on inclusivity. Although Wales weren't involved in the World Cup Final the Wheelchair final was probably the best game I saw during the 4 weeks of the tournament. A spectacular game between two evenly matched, skilful teams. Huge Congratulations to England on winning the final. I was disappointed that Wales after beating NZ in the PDRL game had their game nullified by fielding the wrong categories on the field - lets hope thats a lesson learned by the coach and team manager. Overall, far more positives than negatives for me
  12. I heard from a source I trust that he was disciplined the next morning and on the next plane home. He won't officiate again.
  13. Not sure of their names - one may be Ian? They were sitting with Spelly!
  14. Enjoy my day in Manchester yesterday. Two dominant displays from.the men's and women's Australian teams but no less . enjoyable for that. I sat between an excited Aussies and two Swinton fans who were watching their 52 and 53rd game in the World Cup. They have to take the Golden Mile-O-Meter award for the most travelled fans of the tournament. Chapeau gents!
  15. There is a wheelchair version of rugby 7s which is far more like union. It has a ruby ball, passes are backwards, it has scrums and lineouts....but none of the RU governing bodies back it! That may change now.
  16. Our club, North Wales Crusaders, set up with charitable status and attracts plenty of funding streams including Disability Sport Wales
  17. A Welsh neutral on the way home for the tournament. First, if you didn't see it, I was part of the Thi Is Us performance outside the venue. I'll say it myself it looked spectacular. Next was an amazing game of wheelchair rugby league. Closely contested by the best two teams, with very little to separate them....except when it counted England had the better attack moves to penterate some pernacious French defence. The French defensive Referee was a disgrace and hopefully he'll not officiate another game. Absolutely disgraceful behavior form a match official From Wales Wheelchair Rugby League... Congratulations England... World Champions
  18. Tackle of the Week (Week 4) was from Stephen Halsey of Wales and North Wales Crusaders! Awesome!
  19. Got to agree there. Jack Brown is just out of this world and must have been considered but in the Wales Wheelchair camp when we did our video analysis, we thought the biggest threat was Seb Bechara...unfortunately both of them played out of their skin against us!
  20. Croeso cynes/ a warm welcome to Dewsbury for our opening game. Looking forward to meeting some of the Dewsbury fans who we've not seen since we were in the Championship in 2014.
  21. A coachload coming from Chester Gladiators with friends and family. I'll be going to both games and shouting for NZ women and Samoa men. I'll also go to the Wheelchair Final on Friday - and as both teams beat the Wales Wheelchair team I'll definitely be neutral!
  22. I think it will be close with Jack Brown in the England team, without him France would be huge favourites. If they can nullify him they will win - but nobody seems to be able to get anywhere near him! A fabulous player and a terrific sportsman too.
  23. Congratulations to England on their win at the semi-finals and Congratualtions also to France. I'd like to pay tribute to our fantastic players and support staff in Wales Wheelchair Rugby League. For a small nation with very little financial clout we definitely punch above our weight. Thnaks for putting your heart and soul into every game we played. We targetted reaching the semi-finals ans we achieved what we set out to do. We're striving to match the levels set by France and England and we'll keep on improving as the game grows in Wales. This tournament will help us do that, I'm very proud to be their Team Manager.
  24. We do watch how France play and I'm sure the Scots do too. We'd love to get to the stage where we have professional players, but I suspect it's a long way off for both Wales and Scotland
  25. Keep up the comments. Loving sharing them with the squad. Wales Rugby League Wheelchair Team Manager
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