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  1. Seen the programme on EBay at £7.99 + post. You can get it on the Bulls site for £2 plus post. Not much to it to be honest.
  2. Received my copy today looks excellent and looking forward to reading it.
  3. At the end of the day it's the fans who get shafted.
  4. According to the survey if you live in Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland you are outside the UK!
  5. Bargain at £12.50 still waiting on it being delivered a week later.
  6. Maybe try emailing them ask about combined postage?
  7. Anyone looking for last seasons big match programmes. Programme Master are selling them off at £1 each. Three New Zealand tests, Grand Final, Challenge Cup Final and the France game.
  8. I can't understand why club's don't put there unsold programmes or even before the game on EBay. Cost of programme plus postage. I'm sure they would sell a few.
  9. Anyone have a spare monthly Rochdale programme/magazine for February 2017?
  10. Sale was on Thursday it sold for £90 +17% buyers premium + vat!
  11. Salford programme in Sporting Gold auction seems steep unless Man U fans are interested? AT OLD TRAFFORD 1958 Salford Rugby League home programme v Leeds, 5/11/58, first Rugby League match to be played at Old Trafford, Manchester United ground. Slight fold, team changes. Generally good £110 - £120
  12. Very sad news always enjoyed his column and several of his books.
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