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  1. I get so hot when hill walking that I often wear shorts and a t-shirt in the winter. In the summer I swap the boots for flip flops.
  2. I'm a regular in airports. As one or two of you know, I'm on tour, with my band. Everywhere I go within Europe, and in the US there is massive drive to shift Haig whisky with adverts and stands featuring David Beckham. Anyon tried it? His endorsement is as authentic as most of the Celtic tattoos seen in Superleague. I reckon he's a Tizer supper.
  3. If it snows, or if snow is forecast, always avoid Sheffield as they always get loads. In general, always avoid Hull and Goole.
  4. I hope his blood alcohol levels were normal. Read that he's stable which isn't great but it's a lot better than critical.
  5. On Friday I learned from an 83 year old former farm worker that what is now my house was regularly used in the 50s and 60s as a place in which to force rhubarb.
  6. I bought my first ever bottle of bourbon on a recent trips to the U.S. - slightly worried I've wasted my money but we shall see.
  7. Just got back. I thought that some of the acting was child-like, singing hit and miss, and the plot was very thin. Decent selection of emotional mothers though. Three stars.
  8. This evening I am going to watch the dramatisation of work of fiction. My son will play Joseph.
  9. Irrelevent, and you know it. You're too good at playing the fool to actually be one.
  10. Agreed. I'm less concerned about the "Jump like a black man" comment as that's become something of a common cultural reference since that hilarious basketball based film with the spod from Cheers, but again I am surprised just how deep the stereotype regarding Jewish people and money is ingrained in all sorts of peoples' consciousness.
  11. I heard he'd said that Super Mario (he of Nintendo fame) jumped like a black man and chased coins like a Jew.
  12. Looks like you're through to the final six (?). It's safe to say that it's not the most user friendly website in the world. Anyway, I've emailed a vote for you mainly because I want a share of the £350 and to see your picture on the wall of the retirement home, and so have some of my band (with whom I am on tour).
  13. I just wasted 20 seconds googling that. Thanks Pal.
  14. Every time a player does this they should remove one of his toes with a soldering iron. It'd soon stop.
  15. It sounds to me like you have similar memories of university to Michael Portillo.
  16. I presume that this is some kind of vernacular meaning heavy mud.
  17. I went to Weston Super-Mare for the first time last Sunday for the day. I wouldn't describe it as a sandy beach.
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