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  1. I moan about refereeing decisions like most fans but I never abuse the officials for two simple reasons, they are closer to the action than I am they know the rules better than I do
  2. What’s arrogant about Eddies statement?
  3. You play us in your opening league game here at Eirias Park. Hopefully you’ll get along to watch and you’ll be surprised at the standard of players.
  4. It is derided by some on here, however the people who have been watching for the past ten years will tell you it’s a very competitive league with great entertainment. You’ll love it
  5. Well said mate, I’ll be there myself but cheering on the mighty Crusaders. Give us a shout nearer the time and I’ll come and say hello.
  6. I’ve just noticed this myself which will give me great difficulty in attending many games if at all.
  7. Thanks for that Mark. I look forward to watching him next year
  8. I see that Pail Nash has signed for us - Crusaders. I’d appreciate a run down on him please.
  9. Since the Crusaders moved to Colwyn Bay I saw quite a few neutrals who were on holiday and called in to see a game. Nice folks too.
  10. I worked in Cornwall for a couple of years and there is very little interest in football but they are fanatical about Union. Could be a good move. Wonder what Parky thinks?
  11. Would super league accept them though. Who’s going to pay for the travel expenses and hotels.
  12. Playing, coaching or both it’s a great signing by Raiders.
  13. Without a team to support, Crusaders, I would walk away from the game.
  14. Depends on the players. Would you do the same job for 80% wages. After all they’re paid next to bug ger as it is. They need some recompense for the effort they give to entertain us every week.
  15. Hopefully the same as this season, it’s a very competitive and entertaining league that’s derided by people who don’t watch it.
  16. I’d love to hear the chant for Llanfairpg
  17. When league 1 came about it was derided and called the league of death by its many critics. It has got better and better and this season’s entertainment has been outstanding. Do not let it go!j
  18. I’ve watched both of them this season and there’s nowt between them, then again you could say that for the top five. I’ve just tossed a coin and it came down for Donny.
  19. Attendances have more than doubled there’s a great atmosphere and we’ve picked up lots of local support it would be folly to return to the old ground.
  20. I was sat next to four Donny fans and they couldn’t believe the Cru fans and their support for the team. I told her, you should hear to them when we win. As far as the game is concerned the first half we were bad and the second half was a great advert for League One. Good luck for the next round Donny.
  21. They are doing very well, both making a telling contribution. Callum is fast and skilful but I’d like to see him a bit heavier. Alex seems to be really growing into his role.
  22. I was there that day as a very very wet 14 year old and absolutely distraught. The shame is Don is famous for this and not the outstanding player he was. Didn’t he start as a scrum half for Rovers.
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