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  1. With reginal academys though you loose a lot of what we have. You could of course have a proper licence system for clubs with the bottom of SL having first choice of new talent.
  2. Not really but maybe you are too stupid to understand
  3. You wouldnt need reimbursing as the best players produced is payment enough, unless the academy is centralised and any future club would need to pay a devwlopment fee.
  4. They shouldnt be if its a feeder academy, if not then a siging on fee should be paid, including to the amateur club
  5. It could be a case of funding was there for a handfull however after the little kick off from the useless academys there isnt enough to go around? For me Academys should be funded by the clubs who benefit from the players.
  6. Nope, Sky bought the rights to the championship and league1 and the RFL sold these to sky without enforcing minimum coverage. The only games Sky showed were the big bash and the play offs. Sky bought the rights to get rid of the competitor Premier who had taken the world cup and the NRL off them. Now Sky has dropped the lower divisions hoping no one will pick them up as they didnt want these in the first place. SL shouldnt pay because the RFL did a deal for a quick buck a few years ago..
  7. Actually marketing the games would be a start. Making it more than just about the rugby would help also, Bradford did this well at the start of super league. For example look up jaxon de ville and compare that to SL equivilant
  8. Most the top SL clubs aimed for 25k capacity, are we just giving up now and we are saying 10k as this will guarentee spend at full cap? The focus should be 25k for every game, we can then raise the cap and bridge the gap with Australia who are pulling away
  9. They marketed the big one and follow ups. This was against Huddersfield and they got 20k ish every time so it is possible, they just need to put effort into it. I dp get the feeling that the Salary cap holds us back on this point as if a club can earn enough to pay full cap then why bother spending to make more money to just pay more tax etc.. Clubs focus on paying the bills then winning trophys and a change in focus is one thing licencing got right.
  10. It should be the benchmark, we should look to rise up and not follow the masses or we will become lost. Where would soccer be if they had that attitude.
  11. True didnt Hull KR finish bottom last year, this year made the play offs, Catalan and Crusaders aslo accomplished the same feat
  12. The million pound game should be the bottom team in SL vs the championship play off winners. That way no one can complain and the promoted team has proven they deserve to replace a side or the flip side a team demonstrating they deserve a second year in the SL
  13. True, but we shouldnt minimise our big games by the lack of effort to maximise our smaller games
  14. The emphasis should be there to fill it. If they can for big games then the fanbase is there. Just need more big games!
  15. Its fair enough to give the lads that got them there a crack at it. To be fair a lot of them have SL experience and they did well in the middle 8s before signing these experienced players. I can see Salford going down and Wakefield have more lives than a cat
  16. But this got voted down by SL so why would the SL chairmen vote it through now. It might be what the lower league teams want but it will never happen
  17. Dont they already rent for every game... Every SL team should have a 25k stadium as a minimum. They should invest in filling it. 11-12 k this year is more to do with the boring grind they have resorted to on the pitch. Hull Kr play free flowing rugby with a great stadium atmosphere.
  18. Are you allowed to say R**f Ha**is anymore
  19. Magic should be about expansion but lazy marketing just sell cut price tickets to ST holders to break even on the project. Parisians off the back of 1 weekend... no it would need to be a 5 year plan with development officers in place. This is what magic should be about. Now generating a quick buck now is what you seem to want were as what i mention is a slow build for long term fiscal success. If we cant get more than 30k in 50 and 60k stadiums then shame on SL
  20. Magic is for expansion. If all of SL flys to Toulouse, Montpellier to only get 25k in a heartland than I fear for the losses the world cup would endure. Now that being said I am not sure why you think magic would not appeal in Paris not least to travelling current fans. The only purpose of magic is expansion to new fans in a showcase of the sport.
  21. Yes because Newcastle is near our strongholds... or was it to grow the game.. Paris will help with the broarder national image. It would be like us taking the game to London. We should take magic to London but for the CC final
  22. Is going FT part of the player pathway from academy upwards. Is FT also to recruit some seasoned pros. I cant see them being any eorse than this season at worst!
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