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  1. Yawn The contest is to win the league, the day the focus goes to making up the numbers is the day the sporting contest is over. Having a poor year to rebuild and challenge again is the way forward as demonstrated in SL as well as other sports. I think whoever misses out on a spot in 24 will kick off big time and point to all kinds of nonesense but ultimately they will be told what they need to get in SL and it won't be to oversubscribe on overseas players.
  2. They are an afterthought thrown together after the season has ended with little planning or time to commercially benefit. If you look at union you know the calender set in stone. 6 nations and autum internationals every year, touring in the summer and a world cup that doesn't move when one nation cries off. You basically know as soon as the 6 nations is over its the revers fixtures the following year. The RFU don't even need to market it, people just know and rebook year after year. RL cannot even organise games against proper nations and no one can tell you when the next games are. The world cup has been a shambles so far, postponed for a year for nothing, venues changed, players aged out. Its a joke, I had tickets for several games and got my money back for all of them.
  3. Wheres this x years grace coming from, you have just made this up
  4. Not sure we do, I can't remember the last proper mid season test and the end of season calender has been pretty non exsistant since the abolishment of the 4 nations
  5. The only clubs with a grace period are grade A clubs, not sure where your paranoia or irrational info is coming from
  6. My thoughts are that me for one wanted to see a full international vs France or Wales (or both) and instead got a nothing game against a made up concept of players who were allowed by their clubs to play in a nothing game for a nothing cup that ment nothing to anyone and was only announced weeks before it was played allowing little build up or anticipation.
  7. That aside I was watching a man utd report on the BBC about the womens team playing games back at OT. The female captain said it should raise attendances as 'leigh sports village is a difficult place to get to' she stopped short of saying a train station should be put in.
  8. Utter nonesense, the gradings will be scored against a balanced score card. They are behind in many areas but no worse than a few other SL and championship clubs.
  9. How can you have a home game in Wales when England are hosting?! The home and away will be to use the clubs home changing room which tend to be better.
  10. Think if the highest B in the championship scores higher than a B grade club in SL then they will switch regardless of how high they finished. This is fair
  11. Just you, maybe you are part of the problem then
  12. Correct its about the culture and end result. At the end of the day kids join an academy to become a pro player not to win trophys.
  13. If Wakefield converted a high percentage of academy players to pro players and had the same infrastructure then they would become the primary choice for kids. A good example of this is all the Wigan lads who went to Saints academy....
  14. The top clubs in SL tend to have a core of 'one club men' or players developed or have been at the club for a while that set the culture with overseas players supporting this. Who would be the home core of the leigh team next year and what will their primary objectives be?
  15. Yeah so a lot of kids who quit at 18 are the ones who played at that club to try and get a scholarship.. not to play for that club. A lot of the time the ones who wanted to play for the club are kicked out at an early age as decisions are made on little kids as to their ability which could develop later. Usually around under 15s , kids who play at a club to try to pick up a scholarship and don't will leave to go and play with their mates for fun. Clubs who kicked out all the ones who tried to do this from the offset then struggle for numbers and the teams fold.
  16. Ha yeah bet that was against local rivals? It appears to be the right mix of development with some games that are competitive. Where RU seem to get it wrong is some of the earlier age group development rules.
  17. Yeah, So onceiys gets competitive some clubs turn away players, many of whom parents played at the club and would be future first team players, instead these clubs chase 'better players' the teams then loose players or once lads get scholarships stop playing and the teams fold. I saw a post about blackbrook that 4 junior teams are in finals, if that's the case why doesn't this transfer to their poor first team and why have their other age groups struggled to fulfill fixtures? It is of course different from age group to age group as its a parent who has little accountability in charge. Another club I am aware of cut players and effectively kicked kids out of a club, this was based on how good 11 year olds are at playing the game. Absolute madness!!
  18. Maybe start a thread with: The 17 who think next year will be their year. Or maybe 17 players who moved clubs to challenge for trophys
  19. Several Widnes lads have won the league playing for St helens... Why would Widnes lads play for Widnes?
  20. Its actually RFU rules that every kid gets half a game minimum. Playing with matching numbers and lending players to the opposition is all encouraged and actually happens.
  21. Teams like this tend to fold and are fortunately few and far between. Usually good community coaches develop kids further to their potentials and this may lead to a switch in clubs when some talented kids are being left behind. Also when kids go to high school and mix with other kids, typically from further afield this can also cause kids to move clubs. Ultimately teams can only transfer 3 players in a season. Sky and BBC (the broadcasters) can actually help though by stop banging on about 'good community clubs' that develop players.
  22. Community super clubs haha what are you drinking
  23. Smithies deffo Him and Bentley cut from the same cloth, with Knowles being obsessed so won't argue and thats the back row sorted. Have to go all Catalan front row. Napa, cassiano and micky mac. Luke gale and would have been maloney but will go tomkins in the halves. Centres: hardaker and Isa Conner FB Wingers: none ?! Bench King of the late hits Matatiua Chief wind up merchant LMS Myler Kenny edwards
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