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  1. Its fair enough to give the lads that got them there a crack at it. To be fair a lot of them have SL experience and they did well in the middle 8s before signing these experienced players. I can see Salford going down and Wakefield have more lives than a cat
  2. But this got voted down by SL so why would the SL chairmen vote it through now. It might be what the lower league teams want but it will never happen
  3. Dont they already rent for every game... Every SL team should have a 25k stadium as a minimum. They should invest in filling it. 11-12 k this year is more to do with the boring grind they have resorted to on the pitch. Hull Kr play free flowing rugby with a great stadium atmosphere.
  4. Are you allowed to say R**f Ha**is anymore
  5. Magic should be about expansion but lazy marketing just sell cut price tickets to ST holders to break even on the project. Parisians off the back of 1 weekend... no it would need to be a 5 year plan with development officers in place. This is what magic should be about. Now generating a quick buck now is what you seem to want were as what i mention is a slow build for long term fiscal success. If we cant get more than 30k in 50 and 60k stadiums then shame on SL
  6. Magic is for expansion. If all of SL flys to Toulouse, Montpellier to only get 25k in a heartland than I fear for the losses the world cup would endure. Now that being said I am not sure why you think magic would not appeal in Paris not least to travelling current fans. The only purpose of magic is expansion to new fans in a showcase of the sport.
  7. Yes because Newcastle is near our strongholds... or was it to grow the game.. Paris will help with the broarder national image. It would be like us taking the game to London. We should take magic to London but for the CC final
  8. Is going FT part of the player pathway from academy upwards. Is FT also to recruit some seasoned pros. I cant see them being any eorse than this season at worst!
  9. Yeah the ashes cricket have been cancelled and everything... hold on
  10. Newcastle and Cardiff, both places that the game was taken to to spread the game. Theres no point playing in the heartlands. Just out of interest are any world cup games going to be played in Paris? Also I would play this round of fixtures instead of Newcastle. With Newcastle going full time and having a full pyramid in place its time to move onto a new area.
  11. From that position he was always going to hit his head so dont get your point
  12. Making sure 2 french wins with hand picked opposition ha, A full round of SL fixtures in Paris would be good, all derbys, i would say Barca but Spanish rugby is well behind France.
  13. It is quite ridiculous, the intial hit didnt push him into touch it was the hook around his neck that did.
  14. First 2 yes, third one no as he played for it and even if he didnt it looked like he did and hes got previous so what goes round etc..
  15. Didnt Bradford sell STs for 60 quid to try and get a 10k average attendance in their last couple of seasons in SL. Thats practically a give away and contributed to their financial collapse. Also most SL clubs have offers to boost attendance like bring a mate for free offers etc. The whole away fan thing is laughable anyway. Torontos away games were the highest attendances of rhe home clubs during their 3 year existance
  16. Would be a decent legal battle considering they were stood behind a plaque saying million pound game
  17. If anything the other clubs maybe fearful of their clout and look to legislate against them
  18. Better thank the 3k some were predicting. An average of that alone next year would see them in the top 5 clubs for attendance
  19. Would actually help the British clubs too, especially if a campus for travelling teams could be set up
  20. No no no Not the money, resource or players. Some want a ten team SL to increase quality, well we have it now. Toulouse or Fev (if they won) is an improvement on Leigh
  21. Saints are a totally different team now, hopefully they will bring it home like the men did last night
  22. Most sports have the pay to play model. Forget the aussies coming over, they are self serving cowards that didnt even tell us they were pulling out of the world cup, cant rely on them. The championship has a TV deal. The plan for expansion is neurturing expansion in the lower tiers, this is working, Newcastle, Toulouse, Coventry etc....
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