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  1. Yeah play all the rounds so the final can be in may... More like push it back to november
  2. The try at Bradford in the CC where Sam Tomkins got knocked out but still scored..
  3. Well there would be a change at the top followed by overall progression with the game.. same as 20 years ago..
  4. Best try ever? Theres only 1 isn't there Aaand its wide to west......
  5. Kieron Cunningham against Wigan at Knowsley road, he chased back almost full length and flipped the player round mid air as the player was diving in to score, the player (cant remember who) knocked on and saints went in 2-0 up at half time. The second half saw that no looking pass by Martyn and pretty sure that was the only try of the game and saints won to nil.
  6. Saints and it's your closest team, good stadium, dedicated family stands and good for glory hunting !
  7. Most people have prime for next day delivery.. the tv is just an added bonus. This would open a market to new fans especially as they now have soccer. Also it's an easy sell to the other half.. well we could get prime so your shopping gets delivered next day
  8. No 20-40 Wigan get bigger than both union and football teams (orrell before Whelan destroyed them) Or you could just be pessimistic!
  9. I said clubs should aim for 20-40k What do you think clubs should aim for? Attract as many away fans as possible and hope the away team carries us?? Clubs that should be aiming for over 20k are Leeds, Wigan, Hull, Toronto and poss Saints and Warrington but would need to enact their stadium expansion plans. Catalan are poss hitting a max and poss why they where let into SL as they are no threat to become larger than the establishment. Toulouse could in future aim for 20k plus
  10. Yes it did. I was astounded myself but there you go
  11. I said 20-40k obv you are small minded with no ambition for growth Some clubs are not far from 20k now so not too ambitious for top end of SL!
  12. Pretty sure it was hull sharks who went bust and the merger reformed as hull with hull getting the best players and Sean Mcreay
  13. Academy's cut players every year and these players walk away from the game or go to union....
  14. Did they? I thought hull went bust and a merger was forced? Gateshead's didn't get any central funding which I ever agree with...same with Toronto. Gateshead's played on in the lower divisions and continues to this day.
  15. It depends what you class as heartland what criteria?
  16. You Fool Just because this is what you want to happen doesn't make it the truth
  17. Erm this is a forum to discuss opinions. My opinion may differ to yours but it doesn't make it wrong! My observation is that after the pro clubs didn't take the proffessional advice on how to turn the region into a 21st century proffessional sport there has been a downhill path taken. Whilst you need a solid foundation you need a top for the pyramid.
  18. A Scooby more than a snoopdog Stick your head back in the sand mate, be careful though as next time you pop it up you will be further in the past as the region is left behind through their own failings
  19. It's not all the same. But heyho some people will never admit they are at fault. I wouldn't say I have negative views and I would say my views are in line with a lot of other fans. My views on the sport is that it lacks a strategic plan and therefore stumbles on a chaotic path. This is at a domestic and international level. The only good planning appears to be with the world cup cycle and continued growth of inclusion. I wouldn't mind some transparency around the funds generated and tender process mind.
  20. Sounds like a good mix of sports. Odd that your school never played basketball as they clearly had the nets and kit... Your PE teacher wasn't called Mr Frisky by any chance??
  21. Who mentioned netball? That is also a sport that is more global than RL but is completely different to basketball. Different rules different amount of players on a field but with the same method of scoring it is as mentioned similar to the differences in union and league.
  22. Development officers where pulled across the country. Dwindling players is an issue in all sports country wide RFL shut down the academy but most other academy's are club run. Should the RFL run academy's in areas with no clear plathway above this level? Finally the merger. The powers that be did a study and the outcome was that to turn the area proffessional a merger was required. A failed first season in SL led to the region choosing to stay semi pro and have been left behind since. Semi pro clubs just can't compete with professional clubs. The powers that be said what was required for success in the area they did not turn their backs and walk away. Incidently a merged fully pro club would support the academy (thats now gone) and have community officers that would engage with schools and the community's which would increase participation numbers.
  23. Ermmm firstly the thread is about 44 clubs who are starting on the Wembley trail not one Cumberland club so you must be on the wrong thread. Secondly I was responding to a post saying the powers that be are abandoning Cumbria which just isn't the case. You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink!
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