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  1. I've said it before,if Liam had have been brought in earlier I reckon we would have stayed up,he's given the younger players a chance which as given them confidence.That's 5 games now we have lost at home which was down to us,Whitehaven,Newcastle, London, Barrow and Batley and that is why we will be playing championship 1 rugby next year.
  2. What about young Ruis Butterworth? He had a great game especially first half and the try he scored,and he’s our player
  3. Obviously Bradford have seen something that we certainly haven’t. I’ve seen some poor signings in my time watching the Rams but he’s right up there with the worst. Maybe we should have listened to the Fev fan’s before signing him.
  4. He did pass the concussion protocol a few weeks ago but then suffered a jaw injury,gutted for the lad. Good player and good bloke.
  5. Could be a while before you get another chance sadly
  6. Gabriel as got a bad knee injury that requires surgery I've heard.
  7. Nah make him walk,burn some energy off has he asn’t burnt any off in a Rams shirt.
  8. Chris Superfly Walker. Top quality merchandise from sports wear to flags,reasonably priced as well. He’s on Facebook
  9. We should have won all of them games. I said at the time those results would decide our fate,discipline played a big part in those defeats. Hopefully now we know where we will be next season we can try and tie some of our players down.
  10. If we can put a performance in like we did against Widnes,Newcastle and York then this is a game we can win. Workington 18 Rams 20 fts Carr Mom Butterworth att 1031 Put a performance in like we did at the bash. Workington 36 Rams 10
  11. Heard Gilmore is going to Widnes due to his wife expecting their 2nd child plus her business. I reckon with the traveling and the cost of fuel will play a big part in the destination of players.
  12. I was thinking the same. Some will either stop with us,that's if they want to and Liam wants them,Some will go to other clubs in championship 1 and I can see some go playing amateur.
  13. After that embarrassment last Saturday we move on to York and I can’t see anything other than another heavy defeat. Fortunately I’ll be away on my holidays,and you know what I’ll not miss being there. For me this season can’t end quickly enough. As Liam’s hands are tied as team selection goes unfortunately so I can’t see many changes to the line up. The attitude and commitment from a few players stinks,get them out and give some of the young players a go.
  14. From what I witnessed on Saturday apart from one or two players I think they’ve thrown the towel in already,absolutely shocking. Too many players either aren’t good enough or they don’t care. Liam needs to start looking to next season now,who he wants to retain,that’s if they want to stay obviously.
  15. Maybe more than he’s played for us
  16. Let’s hope Aaron Hall can play longer minutes before he starts blowing out of his ar se
  17. This happens every season and that’s why our recruitment as got to be better. Look at Batley,only used 27 players,that’s very good considering the budget they are working with,but again that’s down to recruitment and players attitude,or and fitness.
  18. We’ve signed Connor Davies from Workington until end of season,previously played for Halifax.
  19. No as it’s not in his nature
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