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  1. If he turns out as good as Tom Lillycrop and Jack Teanby who both came from Wakefield then I’ll be happy.
  2. Jon Magrin signed on for next season.
  3. Unlike your players jumping ship some having only played a few games including your marquee signing Shaun Lunt.Were as majority of our players are happy to stay on reduced terms.
  4. Apparently he was doing his shopping at Tesco’s in Batley
  5. Apparently they were tapping him along with others before the season came to a halt.
  6. So glad someone else as joined in
  7. Can add James Thornton and Adam Ryder to the squad that have signed for next year.
  8. Andy Gabriel re signs for next season.
  9. I know,they moan when theirs no news we manage to retain Joe under stiff opposition and nothing.
  10. We’ve started announcing our re signings for next season. First one up is Joe Martin our full back.
  11. Got it in one,now would you care to come on our forum or Facebook page and explain that to some of our fans please.
  12. Martyn was just getting his fitness back after a serious knee injury when the season came to a end,you’ve got a good one there along with Nelmes,anyway Nelmes doesn’t need any introduction to your supporters having played for you before,hopefully he’s got his off field problems sorted. Don’t know much about Tommy Brierley didn’t play many games for us,in fact he probably played more for Hull KR reserves than he did for us.
  13. Spending serious money I hope they've got the funds
  14. According to what Diskin was saying last Sunday at the game he’s gone,such a shame.
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