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  1. I’m sorry but if we can’t beat a team that have lost all their league games on our own ground then we do have problems. Rams 18 Swinton 10
  2. We still hold his registration,same with Morris.
  3. Don’t want to take anything away from Batley but I don’t think Newcastle will be as bad as we were.
  4. To be honest I think they will be a few games postponed over the next few weeks,in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the season got cancelled again due to high numbers of Covid.
  5. Yes south stand bar is open.
  6. Don’t know what sort of team we’ll have for Thursday night,but to be honest I can’t see anything other than a defeat,hope I’m wrong of course. Seen Batley a couple of times this season and they play some nice rugby. Too good halfbacks playing behind a good pack. Rams 14 Batley 22
  7. Farrell as put on Facebook,Instagram and you can clearly see him going towards Finn with clenched fists,but Finn is old and wise enough not to fall for them tactics,right Farrell even applauded as he left the field,job done.
  8. I was in line and it was forward for me. But that said we shouldn’t have been in that position.
  9. The pass from Thackeray to Brown looked forward.
  10. Felt like a defeat yesterday,18-4 up and cruising. We started to react to the grubby tactics of Sheffield,mainly by Joel Farrell and our discipline was poor poor 2nd half.
  11. I suppose the only person who can answer that is the coach.
  12. I wish I could say yes but I’m not sure or confident.
  13. If it’s any consolation we are badly hit by,injuries,suspensions and Covid protocol. Or and very low on confidence after shipping 124 points in 2 games.
  14. Think Sykes was supposed to be 18th man but 3 players dropped out on Saturday.
  15. We are all aching for a win. A really good effort against a very good team. Lee can take a lot of positives out of the game,Alex Smith had a great game and scored a good try but unfortunately had to be helped from the field,hopefully same injury that as kept him out for so long. Bailey Lui looked good today,along with Carr and Oakes .
  16. Don’t want to sound negative but the way we are playing and certain players unavailable for various reasons I’ll settle for them only putting 50 on us
  17. Got it in one,now would you care to come on our forum or Facebook page and explain that to some of our fans please.
  18. Martyn was just getting his fitness back after a serious knee injury when the season came to a end,you’ve got a good one there along with Nelmes,anyway Nelmes doesn’t need any introduction to your supporters having played for you before,hopefully he’s got his off field problems sorted. Don’t know much about Tommy Brierley didn’t play many games for us,in fact he probably played more for Hull KR reserves than he did for us.
  19. Spending serious money I hope they've got the funds
  20. According to what Diskin was saying last Sunday at the game he’s gone,such a shame.
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