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  1. We’ve signed prop forward Jack Coventry from you,any good?
  2. I know what you mean but what do want him to say,oh everything’s hunky dory. The game itself is in dire straits and it’s going to be very hard not for us but for a lot of clubs financially. He mentioned one club in the championship that face a uncertain future.
  3. Liam said he’d got a squad of 25,he mentioned Connor Davies in his squad as well
  4. Season ticket prices have just been announced. Adults £125 under 18's free. That's for 10 home games.
  5. Think Anthony Walker might have played the odd game for us,don’t think Dan Fleming did though,are you thinking of Matt Fleming who’s now at Widnes?
  6. Yes he did,I think he ended up in hospital.
  7. Didn't Whitehead play a game for us on DR when he was at the bulls?
  8. Really,he’s got a bigger ego than his dad.
  9. I remember Locky coming to us on trial from the amateur game after a spell in Australia(I think)he played on the Thursday night in the reserves and had a great game and was signed straight after and the rest is history. I think Jowett was the coach at the time?
  10. It as gone quiet,heard theirs still a few to be announced. Might announce some more at the fan’s forum
  11. So did I. Yes heard a rumour that Danny Kirmond was coming our way along with an old timer from Fev.
  12. Adam Ryder signs for Hunslet on a 2 year contract.
  13. I was thinking the same,a few rumours doing the rounds that a couple of experienced forwards coming in.
  14. Caelum Jordan winger/centre signed from Castleford.
  15. As an outsider them 4 players are a big loss for you. My club(Rams)& Workington were the whipping boys last year, I hope you've got some quality players lined up to replace them named above otherwise you're going to be the same. I know you've only been away a season but it's gone up another level. Good luck to all at Swinton next year
  16. Tom Wilkinson 2nd row signs from Hull KR for 2023
  17. Some right reprobates on this photo, and I don't mean the players
  18. He'll get the chance next season
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