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  1. Always rated the lad,scored a few tries as well considering little game time he had.
  2. League One is now down to 8 teams as Newcastle Thunder have folded. What now?
  3. Brad Graham re signs for 2024
  4. When we played them this season in challenge cup he was begging to be taken off
  5. Off to Oldham. Plus he’s got heart the size of a pea.
  6. Hope everything works out well at Castleford.
  7. I said on quite a few occasions last season that some of these players aren’t good enough for the championship if we get there and I still feel the same.We do need to strengthen and I’m sure Dale as got his targets but I’m happy with the re signings so far,apparently a lot of clubs were sniffing around,especially Beckett and O’Connor.
  8. Bailey O’Connor re signs for 2024
  9. Jimmy Beckett,Elliot Morris and Davey Dixon retained for next season,second year of a two year contract. Happy with that.
  10. Do you ever get the feeling that you are talking to yourself
  11. Talks are ongoing with all the players that Dale wants to keep. Sam Day had a arrangement with Liam over his working arrangements,hopefully he can have the same with Dale.
  12. I think it's Keegan Hirst(already announced I think)& Ben Kaye.
  13. I was talking to him at the presentation night and he said he was carrying on playing. I for one would like to see him stay plus I think he’d be good for Dale to have in the dressing room.
  14. I’ve heard a couple of players retiring and two maybe three players moving on,rest are staying.
  15. I reckon you’ll win on Saturday and win comfortably,then you’ve got to wait then until Sunday for the other results to come in,if I’m honest I can’t see Halifax losing at home to Swinton. No matter what happens though you’ve had another good season with the squad you had,only bringing in Luke Hooley when needed. You got the chance to see your team run out at Wembley Stadium,not many fans from other clubs can say that. See you all next season,well that’s if you don’t sneak into the playoffs and win it beating Fev in the final
  16. RFL statement- London Skolars While it is disappointing to lose London Skolars from League One,their intention to play in the Southern Conference League in 2024 is welcome as it would add to the strength of that competition,and ensure that the Skolars continue to offer a playing and development opportunity in the Haringey and wider north London area. Discussions have already begun with the other League One clubs about the impact on their 2024 fixture list,with a range of options to be considered.
  17. Good luck to Reiss and Paul on their nominations for player of the year,and to Liam for coach of the year. Very surprised Carl Forster isn’t nominated. What’s age limit for young player of the year?
  18. So you say Mark could have spent a bit more and show more ambition,who were the other candidates? Apparently a lot of the players wanted him to put his name forward so that’s got to be good when it comes to retaining and recruiting of players. I see Hunslet have named Dean Muir as head coach for next season,anyone heard of him?
  19. To listen to some of our fans,Mark is a multi millionaire who live in a mansion in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. I reckon this season will have cost Mark and the club over 100k with all the travelling,overnight stay in Cornwall etc,no begging buckets,go fund me page,nothing.
  20. Litter pick,I think he'd struggle with line's
  21. Heard about this,happened after I left but I could see it coming. A family member of one of our players had to have a word in someone’s ear about their behaviour earlier in the evening as well.
  22. Scored some good tries this season. I liked the one we scored last week when Turner made the break up the middle before passing on to Restall to finish off.
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