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  1. Any Rams fan thinking of taking up this offer please bare in mind you will have to self isolate unless you’ve had both jabs
  2. Hope you’re right.A few have said it,relegation would be a disaster for us.
  3. Well we are down to our last 3 games and it’s between us and Oldham to see who drops down to championship 1. I’ll tell you something if Oldham beat Widnes on Sunday I really fear for us as I reckon they can beat Newcastle so that means it will be winner takes all at our place,sorry if I’m been negative but I can’t see us winning another game,from what I saw on Sunday majority of that team don’t seem to have the stomach for the battle ahead,hope I’m wrong like. I know theirs one or two on other threads that say we may be better dropping down and rebuilding,sorry but I think that would be the end of the club. Let’s just hope them Widnes players show more pride in the club and shirt than our players are showing.
  4. I keep telling him,but that said you have to be ###### to watch us because it numbs the pain
  5. Thank you,only wish our own fan’s could see this.
  6. As far as I’m aware Aaron Hall is carrying a knee injury,plus I’m not sure if he’s one of the players that tested positive for Covid.
  7. Day got a head knock last week,Oakes Covid.
  8. Only named 18,maybe some names will be added.
  9. Maybe,but word on the street is he doesn’t get on with your coach Webster.
  10. Great signing,now I just hope he’s got a dominant and aggressive pack to play behind
  11. Even though it pains me I can’t see us getting anywhere near Whitehaven,I agree with all the predictions
  12. To be honest I don’t think Reilly wanted to leave.
  13. After Sunday’s result we now find ourselves in a battle to avoid relegation. The remaining fixtures are. Rams. Whitehaven(away) Widnes(home) Featherstone(away) Newcastle(home) Sheffield(away) Batley(away) Oldham(home) Oldham. Swinton(away) Sheffield(away) Toulouse(home) Featherstone(home) Widnes(away) Newcastle(home) Dewsbury(away) Swinton. Oldham(home) Batley(home) Bulls(away) Halifax(away) London(home) Sheffield(away) Widnes(home)
  14. Some great comments on Facebook page
  15. You don't want a lot do you
  16. I’m sorry but if we can’t beat a team that have lost all their league games on our own ground then we do have problems. Rams 18 Swinton 10
  17. We still hold his registration,same with Morris.
  18. Don’t want to take anything away from Batley but I don’t think Newcastle will be as bad as we were.
  19. To be honest I think they will be a few games postponed over the next few weeks,in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the season got cancelled again due to high numbers of Covid.
  20. Yes south stand bar is open.
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