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  1. I reckon the judiciary will be having a good look at it and a ban will be forthcoming.
  2. If true Liam won’t mess around,he’s already said that Ollie Greensmith,Connor Davies and Paul Sykes will definitely be back in the team Friday night. Talking of Sykes,no matter what we all think we need him on the field as he is a leader.
  3. Hopefully he’s back for the Rochdale game
  4. Also Perry Whiteley,not played for a few weeks due to suspension and family wedding. He could do with this game to get his match fitness back up ready for the bigger challenges ahead.
  5. There are a few that sre going for the weekend, I won't be one of them though. This fixture will give Liam the to give some of the fringe players a run out. Should be a comfortable win to give our points difference a big boost. Cornwall 10 - Dewsbury 46 Fts Restall Mom Restall
  6. Not far out with my prediction. Looks like it was a good second half.
  7. To be honest I didn’t rate Hunslet,I know we only beat them 12-6 but we looked tired after our massive effort against Widnes 5 days earlier,probably our worst performance of the season so far. Oldham by 16
  8. I totally agree. I’ve said it all season that it’s between us,Oldham and Doncaster,hopefully we can go up automatically I’ve seen both Doncaster and Oldham now over the last month and you are the best team we’ve played without a doubt. It would be nice to see us both go up
  9. Think Dewsbury and Doncaster will have something to say about that don’t you? Roll on 23rd of June
  10. I remember talking to Warren Jowett when he took over as head coach and he said that Dean Lawford was a luxury,especially when he’s sat on his ###### in the stand.
  11. McNally must have spoken to the referee more in 80 than he does the whole week to his missus Jeeze and we thought Paul Sykes could chelp
  12. Do you mean the one where Oldham player threw himself on the floor knowing he'd have no way of getting to the player. But hey ho as they say
  13. I wouldn’t make too many changes as we’ve got next weekend off. There’ll be no Whiteley as he’s away for his sisters wedding,and Jack Coventry as joined Midlands on loan.
  14. Aren’t all the games been televised on via play over the weekend?
  15. After the last two games against which I believe to be our main contenders for automatic promotion it will be nice to get a game that we can rest one or two players so they can get over their injuries. l think it will go down to points average at the end of the season so the next two or three games gives us a chance to pile up some points. I know Doncaster beat London 60-30,but I think they missed a massive opportunity to build up their points as I think they went 60-6 up. Anyway it’s all about us and not what other teams around us are doing. I’ll go. Rams 64 Skolars 10 Fts Carr Mom Turner Att 450
  16. Watching the highlights I think McNally disputed every try we scored,but like you say somethings never change. With the signal the referee gave he’s penalised us for tackling the Oldham man in the air. Anyway we got away with one there and came away with a point,just shows what a great team spirit we’ve got this season under Liam. We now move on to London at home this weekend then a week off before our long trip to Cornwall.
  17. It was announced last night at the 1973 reunion that the South Stand is going to be named the Mike Stephenson MBE stand from next season.
  18. Must admit there are some very poor stadiums in this league,plastic playing surface as well.
  19. Enjoyed the game on Sunday very much,massive effort from 1 to 17. A few fans on their Facebook page thought they were hard done by the referee,I did disagree with them with my opinion,I’m now banned Watching the highlights I think Brett Ferres might be in a bit of bother for throwing the ball at the referee after he awarded us the penalty try,which I thought was the correct call as Restall would have got to the ball,that was one thing the Doncaster fans weren’t happy about even though they didn’t have a clear view as they were behind the posts at the opposite end of the field Anyway onto the Oldham game,another very tough match against a good side. Looks like we will be without Paul Sykes due to a pulled hamstring though.
  20. Correct,it’s absolutely ridiculous the length of time you’re waiting in long queues to get your tickets scanned,it doesn’t look good, especially to visiting fans.
  21. Really looking forward to this game,but nervous at the same. If we are serious about getting automatic promotion this season we’ve got to win all our home games,yes Doncaster are a good side who’ve spent a bit of money but we’re a good side as well. I honestly do believe the weekend off will have done us good and given time for the players to get over their bumps and bruises. Apart from Sam Day injured and Perry Whiteley suspended we should be at full strength. Dewsbury 22 Doncaster 14 Fts Lewis Carr Mom Butterworth Att who knows
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