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  1. Do you honestly think we'd be able to get him? As Hull's marquee signing he's their top earner.
  2. Been updated then because last time I looked it was Alan Agar and Alan Bates
  3. Another young player not given a fair chance. Well it looks like it's the last we'll see of him in a Rams shirt. Good luck Jake.
  4. The thing is I think certain players ruled the dressing room,hopefully Liam will sort that out. I remember when Ned Kelly came back for his second spell that’s the first thing he did,kicked the trouble maker’s out.
  5. That's the reason he signed for us,the same with Keenan Tomlinson(Jamaica) and not forgetting Knowles for his testimonial. I think we've been used,don't you
  6. Are you ever happy? It is a new approach, whoever was given the job will be a new approach. He's played at a good level under some good coaches and he's well respected throughout the game. If you get the chance listen his interview on YouTube, interesting. Let's get behind him and give him and the players that he selects our support.
  7. I was talking to a female London supporter at the end of the game and I said I thought it was two poor teams and she said It was the one of the worst London side she'd seen,I then replied your lucky this is the worst Dewsbury side I've seen since erm........last Sunday
  8. Can't argue with any of that. Can't wait for the new coach hopefully he'll bring some players in,if not I wish him good luck trying to get a tune out of this squad.
  9. Can't argue with any of that. Can't wait for the new coach hopefully he'll bring some players in,if not I wish him good luck trying to get a tune out of this squad.
  10. Another big game tomorrow,lose and I definitely think we are down. We can put as much blame as we want on the official’s but we’ve got to be smarter with and without the ball,getting penalised whilst in possession is very poor as is throwing forward passes out from acting half. I see theirs no Jon Magrin again,but I think Hall and Kirby are two good additions. Rams 20 London 16 Fts Ryder Mom Beharrell Att another poor one. 445
  11. I totally agree with what you’re saying,oh dear I must be getting soft as that’s the second time I’ve agreed with you this season But that’s the trouble when you’re not running a reserve team. To me the loan system is like DR as most of the time you’re getting the players for 2 weeks.
  12. I think they will improve us but let’s be honest they can’t make us any worse can they. By the way I think it may be another week before we see Callum Turner back in action.
  13. Money is available for players,whether the players are available well that’s another matter. We had to build the new turnstiles due to safety regulations.
  14. By hell you don't want a lot do you me i'll just settle for the 2 points.
  15. Ok then,but who does the job in the meantime?
  16. I think your right. I reckon we’ll go with Sykes and get someone else in to help him. Him and Paul March seemed to be having a deep conversation yesterday in the bar.
  17. I was told yesterday that Mark had been in touch with John Kear to help the club but had turned us down due to a opportunity elsewhere. Plenty of interest in the job and it’s not been advertised yet.
  18. I hope the sun shines and it’s well attended.
  19. Well after that shambolic result surely the coach as to go.
  20. Because Ned was part of the construction workforce,maybe that’s what he means
  21. Ah but majority of the time you walk through the front door a happy man,that’s my point
  22. Won't be boring for me. I'll be watching both games in the comfort of my own home with a few beers. Plus no Rams game on Sunday so I won't be walking around with a face like a slapped ######her in doors will be happy as well,we might even be able to have a proper conversation on a Sunday evening for a change
  23. I see London have parted company with their coach Coleman.
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