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  1. If we put in a performance like last week then I think we can get a win. Rams 22 Barrow 18 Fts Dixon Mom Knowles Att 721
  2. I remember the day like it was yesterday, what a day, what a performance. Having followed Dewsbury for well over 50 years I've got to say that was the best Dewsbury side I've seen in my time following them.
  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  4. As far as I know Walton is on a pay as you play contract,I’d say Ferguson and Annakin will be getting something,and this is my issue.
  5. What’s grating me and quite a few supporters is whether Ferguson, Annakin and Walton have packed in? Bearing in mind that these players are being sponsored by fans of the club.
  6. So what are you saying, he's not got a shoulder injury,he just doesn't want to play for the club?
  7. No London are bad it just shows how bad we are,fact.
  8. Cant remember what I had for lunch todaybut I can remember Brad Hepi playing for us
  9. Yes and if we’re not careful we’ll end up going the same way as Bramley Anyway back on topic. Rams 6 Fev big score. Fts Carr MOM Ryder Att 1600 over a 1000 Fev fan’s
  10. I've heard he's got a serious shoulder injury, again just another rumour though until we hear it from the club.
  11. Not got a clueif you find out can you let us know please.
  12. As far as I know it's Michael Knowles.
  13. I was there at Widnes that day when we lost 82-0,I was also Huyton when we lost there as welloh yes I’ve seen worse to what I’m witnessing right now.
  14. Rams to the slaughter I’m afraid,but I’ll tell you what I’ll be there to get behind the lads and support the club. I watched the Fev game yesterday against Barrow,wow what a team and Jonathan Ford as still to come inshould be a good day,financially anyway
  15. Don't know,but why don't you ask him on Sunday and let us know. He's very approachable is Lee
  16. It was a challenge on Harry Kidd off the ball. If it’s the effort that was ruled out that I’m thinking about,he fumbled the ball. Two very poor indisciplined teams last Sunday. Luckily we had Sykes to get us over the line. Great support for your team,keep the faith. Good luck for rest of season.
  17. He might shave his head and say he's John Kear....oh wait he got sacked as well
  18. What do you find so funny NickD? That he’s out long term or the fact he’s fractured his eye socket?
  19. Looks like we are going to be without Beharrell for a while as he's confirmed that he did fracture his eye socket on Sunday.
  20. Think that's a bit unfair on the player. Leigh did to London what they'll do to the majority of clubs in the championship.
  21. I spoke to the young lady involved just after the alleged incident had taken place and she was visibly upset,can't blame her either. Hope you get it sorted,and I hope it doesn't put her off following the game in future.
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