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  1. Let’s hope it was just a blip because I think our discipline and focus as been pretty good this season. London Skolars away on Saturday so it’s a quick turnaround but a great chance to get the defeat today and get it out of our system. We need to concentrate on getting out of championship 1 now.
  2. Big game on Sunday and it’s a game I think we can win,plus only one game away from Wembley. London have had one or two players in on loan from super league clubs so I don’t think they will be able to play. Hopefully we’ll have Sykes and Ferguson back in this weekend,even though the players that came in last week didn’t let us down London 16 Dewsbury 18 Fts Whiteley Mom Sykes Att Not announced
  3. graham fisher


    From what I’ve seen on another site,we voted against.
  4. Looks like Bradford are there for the taking, no Rhinos players on Sunday.
  5. He was at a wedding on best man duties.
  6. Totally agree with you,hopefully we’ll be fully recovered and firing on all cylinders once again after the tough game we had against Widnes. It was very clear to me against Hunslet that we’d had only a short turnaround and Hunslet had two weeks off,but credit to the players they hung in there. No disrespect to Cornwall but we should be putting a score on them and treat it as we’re playing one of the top sides. The game also gives us the opportunity to maybe make one or two changes,bring Callium Jordan back? I’ll make the first prediction. Rams 56 Cornwall 6 Fts Whiteley Mom Butterworth Att not a lot
  7. To go through the season unbeaten and lift the 1895 cup
  8. Apparently a lot of talk coming out of the Hunslet camp.
  9. Id rather us have both,a cup win tomorrow against Widnes and especially promotion out of championship 1 because we need to back into the championship otherwise I reckon we’ll be cast adrift with all the changes that are coming.
  10. Apparently Keep The Faith was first to the bar,no better highlight than that surely
  11. This will be another tough test as we found out in the challenge cup,but we are stronger for this game than we were for the cup game. We need to keep this winning streak going and I think we will. Rochdale 10 Rams 26 Fts Whiteley Mom Turner Att 545
  12. They don’t get a fee,same with Via Play who screen the championship games.
  13. Broken his thumb,out between 6 and 12 weeks Louis Collison
  14. Game to be played Sunday 2nd April with a 3pm kick off.
  15. Yes you will. If our lights are worse than yours,how come we can stage the game but Batley can’t?
  16. Watched the game on Sportsman I had the benefit of seeing replays. Town should have had a try as the ball was on the line but unfortunately the ref was unsure so he looked to his touch judge who must have been the same as it wasn’t given. As for the appeals for a knock on which led to a try for us,for me the Workington player ripped the ball out,my opinion of course. I honestly thought the referee got most of the calls right,I was a bit baffled by his six again calls against us though,did we do anything different to you?
  17. I remember in the 70’s I think it was we had a backlog of fixtures,it felt we had a game every other day.
  18. They will be a few Rams fans in attendance unfortunately I won’t be among them which is a shame as I love a away day at Workington. One or two players back in squad that didn’t feature last week so we should be at full strength. Watched the highlights of your game against Doncaster and I thought you were very unlucky. We are going to have to match you physically in the forwards to give us a chance of coming away with the win. Everyone seems to think we are the favourites to come straight back up but I don’t think theirs anything between us,Workington,Oldham,Doncaster and Hunslet. Think we might have a better idea come tomorrow teatime. It’s makings of a great game so I hope it is. Good luck for the season,apart from the two games against us of course.
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