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  1. I've come into this too late. I don't want to read 7 pages although I'm sure most of them will be very similar
  2. Plus, although it is a good side and there might be a chance they beat the top teams, I don't think they'll steamroll them as they've also got quality forwards
  3. So will these players be eligible to represent France as French nationals?
  4. Might open up a whole new market and as you say provide another option for French players. French Polynesia could also be another good place for recruitment
  5. If this is going to go ahead regardless of RLEF then I think a compromise should be found to work together and incorporate into RLEF structures. Giving clubs a higher and more prestigious level of competition could be a big marketing tool to help with the development of RL in Europe. This EuroXIIIs structure is the start and will probably need tweaking and adjusting to find the most suitable structure for this level of competition. The biggest focus of the RLEF should be to strengthen and expand the domestic leagues and increase participation in individual nations. Any additional income and raising of the profile of RL should be used to help achieve this
  6. Thanks. I hope he plays. I'm interested to see how he goes
  7. When is Luke Thompson due to make his debut? Could it be this weekend?
  8. I hope this venture succeeds and expands and applaud anyone who puts time, effort and money into helping RL grow. I'm just wondering where a successful EuroXIIIs will fit in to existing structures. Obviously it is starting as a development competition but if it becomes a more permanent structured competition what level will it be? Will it sit above the existing domestic leagues of the participants with qualification like the Champion's League in football and will there be a more tiered structure with regional leagues inbetween domestic leagues and EuroXIII such as the Balkan's Super League? At what level would qualification be open to clubs in England and France who already have a stronger set up? Would it be no higher than Southern Conference level and the regional leagues below Elite 2 in France? Will it be tiered in a different way with a top division, second division etc with p and r between them? Instead of qualifying for EuroXIII will it just be application based like this year with any club able to apply regardless of their place in their own domestic set up? If it is application based will these be from regional clubs drawing players from their domestic clubs a bit like a rep team or existing/new clubs who fancy a different challenge? If it is existing or new clubs will they still be expected to enter a team in their own domestic competition? Will there be a requirement for clubs to focus on junior development and also have their own junior pathways? Lots of questions but i'm looking forward to seeing how it develops
  9. I definitely think a Challenge Cup Semi-final should be played there as a double header as well as internationals
  10. I think they're missing a danger man in the outside backs and a dynamic forward
  11. Isn't there also teams in the Hull and District which could be counted?
  12. Does this include the Southern conference? Also, isn't there a Welsh league?
  13. I'm just trying to figure out if he's actually picked up the accent or he just uses it for TV so he can be understood a bit easier
  14. Just been watching the NRL and listening to Sam Burgess at half time. He seems to have picked up a bit of an Aussie accent. Doesn't seem right coming out of a Yorkshireman
  15. It might succeed and grow or only run for a season or two. If it raised awareness in some of the town's and cities or encouraged 1 or 2 more domestic clubs to set up in some of the countries then it will have had a positive effect on the game
  16. I agree we need lots of young home grown players in SL. However, I like the fact that the English contingent in the NRL is growing and the clubs are getting transfer fees. If SL clubs and the RFL can increase their investment into grassroots and advertise the opportunities both here and in the NRL that are on offer then it could hopefully increase the amount of homegrown players. Good quality British players playing both NRL and Super League has to be the aim
  17. I agree. This could be spun as a big positive for young players taking up the game. The chance to play for your hometown or favourite English club or the option to go to France or even Canada. Now young players are getting the chance to go to Australia and play in the NRL and earn good money. It's a bit like British basketball players getting offered the chance to go to the NBA
  18. One thing Wigan seem to be doing at the moment is producing good quality forwards. They seem to have a few coming through at the same time
  19. Yeah that's the thing. Most sports focus on certain aspects relating to that sport. I don't think many other sports require such all round physical attributes and training
  20. Hits like this plus the speed, footwork, skill and fitness of the players puts the game above it's rivals. If someone would throw a load of money at the game to develop and market it worldwide it would explode
  21. 3 Brits. Doesn't Victor Radley have English parentage?
  22. I posted on this topic on the International Forum before I realised it was on here. I believe if it does run that instead of one big European competition there should be a few regionalised leagues. Balkan Super League Western Med for Spanish, Italian etc Scandinavia A league involving Dutch, Belgian, German clubs which I think happened briefly Maybe one in Eastern Europe. I'm not saying start with this many leagues but the first two could be the start then if other nations apply they could be grouped accordingly
  23. I like the idea of European nations collaborating to grow the game. I'd like to it split into 2 or 3 conferences. The Balkan Super League could be one conference and Italian, Spanish and French clubs could form another. If enough teams from further north such as Belgium, Holland and Scandanavia apply then they could potentially form another. Hopefully these countries would all run domestic competitions as well
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