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  1. We noticed at Skolars that if we beat a heartland team invariably their coach would be a goner by the following weekend
  2. Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Sharks 220 3 home Wins Sea Eagles most points
  3. Storm, Warriors, Panthers, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Cowboys, Broncos, Rabbitohs 432 points 3 away wins Highest score: Tigers v Rabbitohs
  4. Rabbitohs, Sharks, Panthers, Warriors, Raiders, Storm. Eels, Sea Eagles 432 3 home wins Panthers v. Roosters
  5. Thoroughly deserved and well done too to whoever made the nomination
  6. Sea Eagles, Panthers, Roosters, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Storm, Eels, Dragons 288 points 4 away teams 3 within 10
  7. The bloke is a complete boof head. Never understood why they signed him. He has produced nothing on the pitch to make the aggravation off it tolerable.
  8. From the early super league years, Scott Roskell, although originally a centre, was great on the wing for Broncos. Frank Napoli, however, is probably best not remembered
  9. And there was me hoping this might be a thread about Gus Mackay
  10. Storms, Cowboys, Tigers, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Sharks, Sea Eagles 384 points 2 away wins Closest game - Rabbitohs v Eels
  11. Cowboys, Warriors, Sharks, Titans, Roosters, Storm, Panthers, Eels 288 points 7 away games Upset - Sharks over Dragons
  12. Spotted some crispy pancakes in Farm Foods last weekend. Loved them in my pre-diabetes days
  13. Had no idea he was still alive. Doesn't seem that long since Pops died but must have been if Pervis was 85. His nightclub had a very unfortunate name
  14. I mentioned him in the people who are alive but you thought was dead thread. He would be great just for "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", but he lived an extraordinary life
  15. Longtime Lakeside Hammers and Eastbourne Eagles Manager and Promoter Jon Cook
  16. Storm, Panthers, Eels, Raiders, Tigers, Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Dragons 288 7 home wins 2 to score 30
  17. There is an excellent version by Ella Fitzgerald as well
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