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  1. I think Wentworthville Magpies in Sydney where Lewis Jones captain coached may have played out of Wentworth Park greyhound stadium. I had a good night at the dogs there 15 years ago and between races could admire the goal posts
  2. Death in the East by Amir Mukherjee. A rather bland and generic title but a good book. This is the fourth in a series set in British ruled India just after the first world war. Previously the series has mainly been set in Calcutta, but this volume alternates between Assam and flashbacks to the opium addicted protagonist Captain Sam Wyndham's first experience of policing some years before the war in London's east end. The main murder doesn't take place until well into the book, but is an interesting version of a locked room mystery. There is a definite deepening of the main characters and themes in the book and an interesting juxtaposition of the colonialists' attitudes and the treatment of Jewish immigrants in the East End. Highly recommended.
  3. They played out of the football club, but I have no idea who owned them. They had been Kent Invicta previously
  4. I went to every Southend Invicta home game
  5. Enjoyed Trackers on Sky Atlantic last night based on the novel of the same name by the excellent Afrikaans writer Deon Meyer. Rather surprisingly it was developed by Meyer with Robert Thorogood, the creator of Death in Paradise. There were a few minor changes from the book and I guess it would always be difficult to portray the author's portrayal of the complexities of life in the new South Africa, but it was still a cracking watch
  6. When sending a parcel to Thailand once I was asked by the lady behind the counter whether it was in Europe so it is a possibility
  7. The Offence. A tough watch but a brilliant performance from Connery. Has the 70s ever looked so bleak?
  8. A year or two ago I went into the excellent King's Arms on Roupell Street near Waterloo to find Watney's Red Barrel on (never been back). The idea seems to be to resurrect a famous name with brand awareness in a similar fashion to that done by Trumans (successfully) and Taylor Walker (less so) or even in the East Anglian wilds Lacons. I am not sure given how toxic the brand awareness of Watneys must be whether it is that good an idea.
  9. Bernard Trink, 89, night life columnist with the Bangkok Post for four decades. Ended every column with "And I don't give a hoot", which is probably as good an epitaph as any.
  10. It always interests me how often the line get rid of expansion club and spend the £75k on development in that area is now being trotted out. The likelihood of that ever happening is presently being shown in Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire
  11. Struggling to understand the concept of a nice afternoon drink in Romford. Only good pub in the centre from when I worked there has since been taken over by Greed Thing. Unless of course you were in the Gidea Park micropub, but certainly no TVs in there.
  12. That lad who headed the ball forward for Saints was tall. Harrison?
  13. Kaing Guev Eak better known as Comrade Duch, former chief jailer of the S-21 prison in Phnom Penh, from which only 14 detainees out of over 15,000 survived. I presume his Mother loved him
  14. Jerzy Szczakiel, first Polish speedway world champion
  15. I was always in two minds about the nuclear bombings until I visited Manila and was introduced to what was done by a few thousand Japanese hold outs in the Battle of Manila in 1945 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manila_massacre Their behavior on Okinawa was just as bad where the locals weren't seen as truly Japanese. Fighting up the mainland would have involved a horrendous loss of life.
  16. Enjoyed that game. Another cracker this weekend. Will be interesting to see if the Titans can begin to change their improved performances into wins
  17. Three fabulous games so far this round, but the last ten minutes of the Broncos Sharks game was particularly exciting. I was jumping around in my living room
  18. See two posts above! Otherwise Polish Speedway has already re-started and Swedish league is about to. British leagues are cancelled, but the speedway cup of nations is due to take place at Belle Vue in October
  19. Britain's Robert Lambert won both the fifth round of the European Speedway Championship at Torun and the competition itself
  20. On a positive front been out in Ipswich where I work at lunchtime and the mask wearing in shops seemed to be pretty close to 100% (even in Tescos Express on Norwich Road). A lot of people wearing them when walking around outside too. Incredible difference in attitude from my home town.
  21. A12. Perpetually full of idiots in high powered German cars. Even at the height of lockdown when I counted less then a dozen cars in 50 miles on it, a couple still managed to be of the wallywheels variety
  22. It seems to me to almost being run on a ###### for tat basis. My wife is flying in from Thailand on Sunday. Despite a very similar size of population and being the second country in the world to have a case, they have only had 58 deaths in total and not a single one in the last month. However, they are on the quarantine list whereas countries which have much higher infection rates are not.
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