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  1. Looks like a strong squad.Who do you leave out. Do you leave out Parata in favour of Holmes?? Leave out Beckett and Cooper play Ferguson ?? and Blackmore for Gale ?? Whod be Webster certainly not me.
  2. Well done Craig, richly deserved. Hopefully some more success on Saturday.
  3. A good way to finish an illustrious season with a win in the final. Lets hope the lads can join them in another final
  4. Toulouse kick off 4.15 us 5.30 I thought sky were showing all matches. . is there an hours difference in time zone in France as there is only 1.15 hours between matches. ?????
  5. Surprised Webster has not been nominated for coach of the year.
  6. Is 78 the highest plus score against semi pros in Fev s history. Over to you Phantom.?
  7. After that laugh of their first NO try . We woke up and blitzed them. Usually with 30+ up at half time we put the cue on the rack, not today.We just destroyed them after the break. and we never even saw Senior . Hopefully no injuries but no show Springer after the break and Brown went off with a muscle problem but 2 weeks to the play-offs hope all is well. Well done Bussey ran hard tackled well and lasted 80 mins all we could ask.
  8. Good luck in your retirement , you always gave your all for the club and your goalkicking was a joy to watch.
  9. Not like you to get anything wrong Phantom but they scored 5 tries. 4 converted equates to 28 points.
  10. Jones with a hat trick. must be man of the match/ It seems from the final score 48-28 that our defence went to sleep. We must tighten that up for the knock outs.
  11. I notice that SL & RFL are setting up a realignment idea to look at the whole Rugby League set up. But WHY no reps from the Championship & League 1. What we need is an independent set of directors that has sod all to do with Super League to negotiate on behalf of all the clubs, deal with sky and any other TV company to get the best for the whole of the sport. Get some decent sponsorship and , advertise the big games and get some much needed press coverage. All clubs in each league should have the same amount of cash to spend, and keep these journeyman Aussies to an absolute minimum. They come over here moan about the weather, get homesick, and plead to break their contracts because they cannot settle. Bring on the kids Welsby , Newman to name just two. There is some gems in the lower league and the community game
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