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  1. I know injury news isn't widely available but I thought Fergie was due back soon. Has he had a relapse ? Is Bussey definitely out for the season ? He seemed to be walking ok at Wembley ? (Although i know if he needs an op or whatever it doesnt mean he has to be hobbling about on crutches). Maybe the club should start a subscription injury news channel........
  2. Sadly we never saw anything like our full squad fit /available at the same time. Seems a long time ago that we were discussing our best 17 and Websters selection headaches. Anyway for what its worth I would have played Chizzy at prop rather than leave him out of the 17.
  3. 1. Lockwood 2. Davies 3. Doyle. Lets have a whip-round for some driving lessons and a cheap runaround for him. This kids got some potential. That shimmy is John Ferguson 1985 ish
  4. Our desperation to hear of Welham's availability / whereabouts shows how dire the injury situation is given that we'd written him off recently and what with rumours of him leaving the club etc. That said - due to his time away I'm not convinced he should be coming straight back in - in place of some of the younger lads. Anyway I would miss the weekly 'Where's Welly' thing........
  5. I feel for those that may lose their hard earned money but if we can't raise a team so be it - irrespective of anyones views on covid. Not sure if the suggestions of borrowing players are serious or not ? But surely we have maintain a degree of professionalism and ffs let's not give Cas even more reason to take the p*ss.
  6. Thanks. I thought it must be this but it doesn't recognise the number when registering for Rovers TV. There is a blank strip at the bottom - I thought maybe they'd forgotten to write it in....
  7. Can anyone please tell me how I find out my membership number. Cheers.
  8. We have Robin ! I don't want to get into that now but we're probably not as far apart in the 'every decision is against Fev' and 'the RL love Fev' spectrum as as you might think. There is something in the middle. Anyway I'm glad someone else picked up the dodgy tackling. I was at the game alone yesterday and as a result I probably noticed a lot more than I usually would. I am sure that London were repeatedly tackling illegally (often the same couple of players) Re the forward pass thing I generally agree that refs should be given a directive of 'if in doubt just let it go' rather than blowing the whistle for anything. However it's a fine line and it has to stay professional / consistent . We don't want to become like RU where anything goes and an anything goes approach may be hard to take if we lose a million pound game with a late try from a forward pass.
  9. I reckon Hall has scored 86 pts in 3 games. That must be a record......
  10. 1. Chisholm - I think this was his best all round performance this season. It seemed like his first touch of the ball was the 40/20. I may be wrong but it wouldn't surprise me. 2. Hall - Looks like making a break every time he touches the ball at the moment 3. Brown - Getting better each week for me. Really shows his quality when he makes a break - always looks for and finds the support with a pinpoint pass. We're back to square one with the best half back partnership debate... A great team performance though. Jones and Dagger outstanding.....
  11. No worries - I knew Minns went off but just thought I must have missed something before Moors substitution What is it with us and injuries ? We go a couple of games without one then two more come along - a bit like Bussey's....sorry I mean buses. But seriously I'm gutted for both the injured lads today.
  12. I noticed that not long into the game Sammut kept shouting ''Bussey" to his team mates and was even pointing to him as if they were targetting him. I may have got the wrong end of the stick but doesn't look good given what followed. I thought some of Londons tackling after that was questionable as well. I agree that the officials were terrible. How they dont see blatant forward passes is beyond me. (and I'm talking about both sides btw)
  13. Yep they made plenty of noise and not a word of offensive language (which is hard for geordies). Shame about conceding 12 points. Does that mean we go below Batley !........
  14. If it was Samoa it wouldn't have seemed so bad. What odds on another injury being picked up....
  15. A strange one today for many reasons. Before the game we were on about injuries and how it couldn't get worse only to find out Locky (does he ever miss a game) and Jones were out. Ok we are still just about managing to put out a 17 who are arguably man for man better than the opposition but I reckon scoring 68 points away from home against a team who always give us a good game made this our best win of the season. I thought Dewsbury gave it a real go in the first half. I was behind the sticks and I wouldn't have complained if either of the disallowed tries had been given. they could easily and maybe deservedly been leading at HT. That said once we got on top I was disappointed with Dewsburys reaction. We scored some cracking tries but it was a bit like a training session at times. At least we got a look at what Toulouse face each week (when they have a game)
  16. 1. Parata 2. Gale 3. Hall Moors and Davies on any other day could have been mom but for the attacking threat those 3 were outstanding today. 36 points for Hall - where does that stand in the record books ??
  17. I realise that there may be an element of kidology with the selection each week - maybe for the benefit of the opposition but Andy Currier way as well be in the 21 every week.
  18. Minns hobbled off the pitch last week. He didn't look right for most of today's game after taking an early knock (even though he had a good game) I think we're doing something wrong on the injury front.
  19. really ? For me Lussick looked uninterested and I wouldn't compare his efforts to Koppy's. However I'm happy to be wrong about Dagger. Looked a different player to the 2019 version.
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