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  1. Hello I have around 6 spare tickets for this Saturdays rugby function taking place in the Washington Central. There is an incredible line up on show in particular Rugby League Royalty Ellery Hanley. This is a brilliant opportunity to listen to this legends stories from such a successful career. This will probably the last time or only time you will hear this legend speak at a dinner as he very very rarely does these. We also have Paul Sculthorpe & Shaun O'Laughlin in attendance to. Price per ticket is £45 inc food. Don't miss out on what will be a fanatics night of rugby league tales & stories. Please get in touch with me should you like to attend . Best regards Butch Admin i do hope im ok posting this.
  2. Hi Regarding club shop in Town i would imagine they BOD will have something in the centre based on previous years but ive not heard as yet. I only have the artwork as the tees are order only with payment up front. Cheers Butch
  3. I will be placing an order in just over a weeks time. Sizes from 1/2 years for infants up to 60" inch chest for adults. Cheers up the town.
  4. Thanks Scott. Just trying different things for the fans and each sale helps the club.
  5. Hi all. I will be taking orders for these festive Christmas tees. These will make an ideal gift and also when your sitting around the table having your Christmas dinner. At only £20 adults and £18 childs all monies raised once again will go direct to the club publically. You can pay via paypal or cash. Thank you Butch Up The Town.
  6. Thank you. Im expecting last batch this week and any spare i will contact those who want one. I can see a further order going into as they have become popular. It all helps the club we love. #upthetown #towelsontour
  7. Hi all. Apologies on the delay for the delivery. ( This was out of my hands ?) 1st batch of towels delivered yesterday and remainder sceduled for today ?. They look great, better than i expected. There is a few extra that will come available ??. Once all sorted i will post up the profit that will go direct to the club with the directors. Thanks to all that purchased it does help the club as we know. Cheers and enjoy the rest of your season ?? #upthetown
  8. If any spare il give you a shout Bear. Butch
  9. If their is any spare il give you a shout. Butch Hi Over 50 towels have been ordered. I t
  10. Hi Over 50 towels have been ordered. Cheers Butch
  11. Hi You can pay cash to me on a match day.
  12. Hi all (hope im ok posting) Im offering supporters etc the chance to own their very own exclusive Workington Town RLFC beach towel. They are priced at £20 each and all profits will go publicly direct to the club. If you would like one you can pay via paypal at butchupthetown@gmail.com or cash. Please mark payment as a gift if using paypal & leave your name. The dimensions of the towels are 1600 x 900 I will order in around 2 weeks time as a cut off so gives chance for you to pay. I have had approval by the chairman Garry ThomasMounsey to order these. Please share the more sold the more goes to the club.
  13. There is so many beautiful reasons to be happy today. Up The Town.
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